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A bag of marbles by Kris, 1972-

A bag of marbles

In 1941 in occupied Paris, brothers Maurice and Joseph play a last game of marbles before running home to their father's barbershop. This is the day that will change their lives forever. With the German occupation threatening their family's safety, the boys' parents decide Maurice and Joseph must disguise themselves and flee to their older brothers in the free zone. Surviving the long journey will take every scrap of ingenuity and courage they can muster. And if they hope to elude the Nazis, the

Jun 18, 2018
A girl in the Himalayas by Vignolli, David Jesus, author, illustrator.

A girl in the Himalayas

A young girl's presence threatens the peace of a magical sanctuary high in the Himalayas. Beyond the peaks and valleys of the Himalaya Mountains lies a magical sanctuary. Protected from the chaos of man, it is home to immortal beings and mystical creatures. When Vijaya, a young human girl, is brought to the sanctuary for her protection, the immortals welcome her, but fear she will lead to their ruin. As mankind draws closer to the sanctuary's borders, Vijaya must protect her new friends and prov

Jun 17, 2018
A hole new world by Julianelle, Patrick, author.

A hole new world

An accidental trip into the underworld sends Pat and Jen on an adventure, but their attempts to flee puts them face-to-face with the most evil villain of all, Evil Jen.

Jun 22, 2018
Aaaa! - a FoxTrot kids edition by Amend, Bill.

Aaaa! - a FoxTrot kids edition

Aaaa! That's the sound heard often from the Fox siblings as only sister Paige discovers Quincy the iguana has eaten her homework, older brother Peter applies permanent marker on his face drawing a fake goatee, and younger brother and expert video gamer Jason loses to Paige.

Jun 17, 2018
Abe Sapien. Volume 9, Lost lives and other stories by Mignola, Michael, author.

Abe Sapien. Volume 9, Lost lives and other stories

Abe Sapien confronts South American vampires, a lake serpent, and a disembodied Lovecraftian tentacle, while uncovering the secrets of a 19th century necromancer who still walks the earth, and a frozen merman that may prove to be the missing link between himself and mankind. These five stories trace the history and pre-history of Abe Sapien's adventures, from his earliest days in the Bureau with Hellboy (as drawn by Kevin Nowlan) through the frog war, featuring an appearance by deceased homuncul

Jun 18, 2018
Accell- pop quiz. Volume 2, issue 5-9 by Casey, Joe.

Accell- pop quiz. Volume 2, issue 5-9

Running faster than the speed of sound and beating up bad guys on the weekends sounded like the high life, right? That's what Daniel Dos Santos first thought when he put on the costume. Now Daniel is finding out things aren't so simple. Not with an array of colorfully costumed baddies coming out of the woodwork every other day. Not when you have to balance paying bills, a girlfriend, a friendly ghost, and one very upset abuela who just wants you to call, on top of said baddies. With new faces sh

Jun 18, 2018
Adventure Time - 100 project by

Adventure Time - 100 project

The Hero Initiative Project, which helps fund struggling comic creators with medical bills and financial needs, gave blank Adventure Time cover variants to 100 popular comic artists to be illustrated and sold at auction. This represents the collection of the 100 cover variants.

Jun 21, 2018
Adventure Time x Regular Show by

Adventure Time x Regular Show

Finn and Jake find themselves traveling across different worlds in search of The Power -- turns out that Mordecai and Rigby might be able to help out...or make things worse. It's a crossover for the ages in this mash-up of two of our favorite Cartoon Network shows! When a powerful new villain threatens to conquer Adventure Time's Ooo, Princess Bubblegum sends Finn and Jake on a desperate quest to find The Power that can save the land--a power that Skips from Regular Show just happens to be hidi

Jun 17, 2018
Adventure time. 12, Thunder road by Sorese, Jeremy, author.

Adventure time. 12, Thunder road

Feeling restless, Marceline sets off with a motorcycle gang, but when her new friend's pranks go too far she reaches out to Princess Bubblegum for help.

Jun 19, 2018
Akame ga kill! Zero. 7 by Takahiro, 1981- author.

Akame ga kill! Zero. 7

Mera's carefully guided tour of the Empire has opened Akame's eyes to the suffering of its people. However, the Oarburghs' loose alleigance to whoever pays them is an even less-palatable philosophy than that of the Rebel Army. Up until now, Akame has resisted Mera's advances--professional and intimate--but with her captor's patience running thin and her sword out of reach, Akame will have to rely on a whole new set of skills if she wants to survive!

Jun 21, 2018
All the answers by Kupperman, Michael, 1966- author.

All the answers

"In this moving graphic memoir, Eisner Award-winning writer and artist Michael Kupperman traces the life of his reclusive father--the once-world-famous Joel Kupperman, Quiz Kid. That his father is slipping into dementia--seems to embrace it, really--means that the past he would never talk about might be erased forever. Joel Kupperman became one of the most famous children in America during World War II as one of the young geniuses on the series Quiz Kids. With the uncanny ability to perform comp

Jun 17, 2018
Alpha King. Issue 1-5 by Azzarello, Brian, author.

Alpha King. Issue 1-5

BRIAN AZZARELLO, SIMON BISLEY and NICK FLOYD unite for a shocking fantasy epic that expands the world of 3 Floyds Brewing Co. into the bloodiest and most beer-soaked comic on the shelves.

Jun 18, 2018
Angelic- Heirs & Gaces. Volume 1, issue 1-6 by Spurrier, Simon.

Angelic- Heirs & Gaces. Volume 1, issue 1-6

Centuries after humanity disappeared, the Earth belongs to our leftovers: the animals, genetically modified for a war they don't remember, guarding a world they don't understand. But for one young winged monkey, the repressive tribal routines are unbearable. Her name is QORA. She yearns to explore, to fly free. Eisner nominee SIMON SPURRIER (CRY HAVOC, The Spire, X-Men Legacy) and star artist CASPAR WIJNGAARD (LIMBO, Dark Souls, Assassin's Creed) unite for an all-ages-friendly fabl

Jun 18, 2018
Anne Frank by Agrimbau, Diego, author.

Anne Frank

When she turned thirteen years old, Anne received a gift that would change her life: a personal diary. In it, she expressed her desires, fears and hopes while living in confinement with her family during World War II. After the war, despite her early death, her diary became a shocking testimony about the persecution of Jewish people, and an invaluable contribution to the fight for human rights.

Jun 21, 2018
Aquaman - the legend of Aquaman by Giffen, Keith, writer, artist.

Aquaman - the legend of Aquaman

Discover the beginnings of the legendary Aquaman in this classic graphic novel from creators Keith Giffen (Justice League 3001), Robert Loren Fleming (Eclipso), Curt Swan (Superman: The Man of Steel), Al Vey (New Titans) and others. Before he was Arthur Curry, before he was King of Atlantis, before he was Aquaman, he was a baby abandoned and left to die. Raised by the seas and adopted by an old fisherman, the yet-to-be Aquaman learned the ways of the surface world before returning to the ocean i

Jun 18, 2018
Archie 1,000 page mega comics digest by

Archie 1,000 page mega comics digest

There's always room for more merriment from Archie and his pals 'n' gals! Get ready for 1000 more mega-pages of hijinx and hilarity! For over seven decades, Archie and his friends have been making everyone laugh, with their dating hijinx and misadventures at Riverdale High School!

Jun 18, 2018
Archie 1000 page comics treasury by

Archie 1000 page comics treasury

"This volume collects 1000 pages of iconic Archie comic stories, featuring the same mix of wild humor, awkward charm and genuine relatability that has kept Archie and the gang popular with kids and families for over 75 years."

Jun 17, 2018
Archie and me comics digest- foot fallout. Issue 5 by

Archie and me comics digest- foot fallout. Issue 5

BRAND NEW LEAD STORY: "Foot Fallout." When Archie sustains an injury at Lodge Manor, Veronica rolls out the red carpet to nurse his wounds-but Mr. Lodge is less than eager to accommodate the new houseguest!

Jun 18, 2018
Archie and me comics digest- wendy, be warned!. Issue 6 by

Archie and me comics digest- wendy, be warned!. Issue 6

BRAND NEW LEAD STORY: "Wendy, Be Warned!" Mr. Weatherbee's niece, Wendy, is visiting town. She wants to go to the spring dance, and it's up to Mr. Weatherbee to play matchmaker for her!

Jun 18, 2018
Archie's big book vol.3 "r&r". Volume 0 by

Archie's big book vol.3  "r&r". Volume 0

This third volume of the ARCHIE BIG BOOK series features some of the best of The Archies, Josie and the Pussycats and more touring all over the world. Don't miss this listing of the greatest hits!

Jun 18, 2018