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A calf named Brian Higgins - an adventure in rural Kenya by Ball, Kristen, author. A calf named Brian Higgins - an adventure in rural Kenya

When Hannah, upset that she has to spend the summer with her mother and uncle in a remote Kenyan village, discovers that people there are suffering from hunger and preventable diseases, it only strengthens her desire to leave.

Dec 4, 2018
A horse's best friend by Mackall, Dandi Daley, author. A horse's best friend

Eight-year-old Winnie is torn between being a good friend to her old horse, Chief, and unpopular friend, Simon, and wrangling an invitation to mean girl Tamson's birthday sleepover.

Dec 10, 2018
A human at the hotel by Spinner, Cala, author. A human at the hotel

Count Dracula's daughter, Mavis, is a lot like any other teenager: She wants to be taken seriously! So when her father has to leave Hotel Transylvania--the monsters-only hotel he built as a safe haven free of humans--Mavis thinks it's her big chance to prove to him that she can run the hotel all by herself. How hard can it be? Unfortunately for Mavis, Drac calls his sister, Mavis's Aunt Lydia, to watch over Mavis and the hotel while he's gone. Worse, Mavis mistakenly lures a human to the hotel.

Dec 10, 2018
A mysterious Christmas on Orcas Island by Ellis, Tara, author. A mysterious Christmas on Orcas Island

"When Sam and Ally get a special Christmas invitation to Orcas Island, they have no idea that the small island has such big mysteries. Their friend, Sandy, begs them to help her solve a troubling situation, and they are drawn into a puzzle with layers of uncertainties. From secret meetings, to legendary ghosts, they explore the dramatic setting in an attempt to make sense of it all. But in the middle of their plight, a storm of the century bears down on them. Not ony do they end up battling the

Nov 26, 2018
A story like the wind by Lewis, Gill, author. A story like the wind

As a group of refugees huddles together in a rubber dinghy, one of them uses his violin to weave their stories together and give them hope for freedom in the future.

Nov 28, 2018
American Girl. Friends forever - Madison's new buddy by Velasquez, Crystal, author. American Girl. Friends forever - Madison's new buddy

"Madison is excited about a school project reading to dogs at the shelter, but she's also worried her friends will discover she's not a strong reader. Then Madison is paired with Buddy, a nervous golden retriever puppy. Buddy has to get over his fear of people if he's ever going to be adopted. Will Madison let her friends in on her secret so she can truly help Buddy?"--Back cover.

Dec 10, 2018
American girl. Nanea - Pearl Harbor by Swanson, Jennifer, author. American girl. Nanea - Pearl Harbor

"Pearl Harbor features real stories of that fateful Sunday morning in 1941 when Japanese planes executed a surprise attack on the American base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. American Girl Nanea Mitchell shares her own experiences adjusting to the drastic changes to everyday life in Hawaii following the attack"--Amazon.

Dec 10, 2018
Ana María Reyes does not live in a castle by Burgos, Hilda Eunice, author. Ana María Reyes does not live in a castle

"With a new sibling (her fourth) on the way and a big piano recital on the horizon, Dominican-American Ana Mari´a Reyes tries to win a scholarship to a New York City private school"--

Dec 10, 2018
Angel and Bavar by Wilson, Amy (Amy J.) Angel and Bavar

"After the death of her parents, Angel has a lot to get used to: a new home, a new family, a new school. The last thing she's interested in is making new friends. Until she meets Bavar--a strange boy who slips through the shadows, a boy who might understand her nightmares. But Bavar doesn't want to let anyone in. Everyone--and everything--in his enchanted house is already urging him to step up and protect the world from a magical rift and the fearsome monsters traveling through it, a responsibil

Nov 16, 2018
Anna, Banana, and the sleepover secret by Rissi, Anica Mrose, author. Anna, Banana, and the sleepover secret

"Anna and Sadie are excited to sleepover at Isabel's for the first time, but when a game of Truth or Dare goes wrong, they're left with a horrible secret"--

Nov 16, 2018
Another D for DeeDee by Belford, Bibi, author. Another D for DeeDee

Struggling with her father's disappearance and her diabetes diagnosis, DeeDee meets River, her new neighbor with cochlear implants who embraces life and teaches DeeDee to love both the differences of others and her own.

Nov 28, 2018
Anyone's game by Chiang, Sylv, author. Anyone's game

"What's up with Cali? Why does she keep changing her gamer tag? It's summertime, and even though his good friend Cali moved to another city, Jaden can connect with her online almost every day to play their favorite game, Cross Ups. His mom has loosened her rules on how often he can play, and he has an amazing new controller that will make him even better at tournaments. But then he gets roped into a dorky summer camp with his buddy Hugh, and Cali starts acting really weird ... So when a last-min

Dec 12, 2018
Aquaman - the deluxe junior novel by McCann, Jim, 1974- author. Aquaman - the deluxe junior novel

Arthur Curry, the reluctant heir of Atlantis, is recalled to the underwater kingdom when the king of Atlantis declares war on the surface world.

Nov 28, 2018
Are you ready to hatch an unusual chicken? by Jones, Kelly (Kelly Anne), 1976- author. Are you ready to hatch an unusual chicken?

Through a series of letters, Sophie Brown, age twelve, relates her adventures as two new unusual chickens come to the farm.

Nov 16, 2018
Astrid the unstoppable by Parr, Maria, 1981- author. Astrid the unstoppable

Astrid, who spends her days sledding down the hillside of her Norwegian mountain village to visit her curmudgeonly godfather, befriends a new family and a mysterious woman with an unexpected identity.

Dec 4, 2018
Bad hare day by Skye, Obert, author. Bad hare day

Perry returns to Bunny Island to attend their first ever Carrot Con, but freak microstorms are hitting the island, and Perry becomes convinced that the weather alone is not to blame for the destruction--and when Uncle Zeke is locked up for a crime he did not commit, it is up to Perry and his friends to prove his innocence, and save Bunny Island a second time around.

Dec 3, 2018
Begone the raggedy witches by Kiernan, Celine, author. Begone the raggedy witches

"On the night that Aunty dies, the raggedy witches come for Mup's family. Pale, cold, and relentless, the witches will do anything for the tyrannical queen who has outlawed most magic and enforces her laws with terror and cruelty -- and who happens to be Mup's grandmother. When witches carry off her dad, Mup and her mam leave the mundane world to rescue him. But everything is odd in the strange, glittering Witches Borough, even Mam. Even Mup herself. In a world of rhyming crows, talking cats, an

Dec 5, 2018
Better you than me by Brody, Jessica, author. Better you than me

Provided by Publisher.

Dec 5, 2018
Blended by Draper, Sharon M. (Sharon Mills), author. Blended

Piano-prodigy Isabella, eleven, whose black father and white mother struggle to share custody, never feels whole, especially as racial tensions affect her school, her parents both become engaged, and she and her stepbrother are stopped by police.

Nov 16, 2018
Caitlin in charge by Hutton, Clare, author. Caitlin in charge

With a talent for trivia, Caitlin believes she and her friends Emma, Zoe, and Natalia will be a shoe-in to win the school trivia contest, but she finds that being a team captain is more complicated than she thought.

Dec 12, 2018