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Love to everyone

In 1902 England, Clarry and Peter struggle with the challenges of living with an indifferent father, but the summers they spend in Cornwall with their grandparents and cousin Rupert provide much needed comfort, and in the years that follow Clarry looks back on those leisurely days to help her cope with the trying times of World War I and its aftermath.

Willow Moss & the vanished kingdom

Attending school for the first time ever, young witch Willow Moss meets new friends who join her on her most urgent mission yet--to protect the children of Starfell from the source of all magic falling into the wrong hands.

Willow Moss & the magic thief

"Young witch Willow Moss, with the help of her friends and the guidance of her granny's old notebook, embarks on a treacherous journey to get her powers back so she can stop Silas from stealing all magic for himself"--

Tumble by Perez, Celia C.
Date added:
Jan 31, 2023

The Swifts - a dictionary of scoundrels

When someone gives Arch-Aunt Schadenfreude a deadly push down the stairs during the Swift Family Reunion, Shenanigan Swift, who has a penchant for mischief, decides to become a detective and solve this mysterious case.

Run for Your Life by Mitchell, Jane
Date added:
Jan 31, 2023
Run for Your Life

Opportunity knocks

"When a strange key opens a door to good fortune and to Opportunity, who will stay with her for seven serendipitous days, Lila soon discovers that the person who lost the key will do anything to get it back"--

Freewater by Luqmandawson, Amina
Date added:
Jan 31, 2023

Different - a story of the Spanish Civil War

"During the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath, siblings Soccoro and Paco must live with constant secrets while they wait to reunite with their father, who fled Spain due to political persecution"--

Cookie monsters

As twelve-year-old Brooklyn goes head-to-head against her rival to win her school's cookie-selling competition, her friends help her cope with the death of her mother and help her try to clinch the Cookie Queen title.

The worlds we leave behind

After an accident in the woods involving a young girl, eleven-year-old Hex meets a mysterious woman who offers him a deal to change his world, which sets off a ripple effect that Hex's best friend Tommo must rectify.

A Witch's Last Resort

The Tyrell show - season one

"A highly illustrated, funny, and heartwarming story from the point of view of a precocious 11-year-old boy, Tyrell, who copes with his day-to-day stress by hosting an imaginary real-time podcast in his head!"--

The treasure test

After eleven-year-old Gina Sparks and her fellow GEEKs, Edgar, Elena, and Kevin save thier otwn of Elmwood, New Hampshire, someone from the next town says the GEEKS are frauds, but the GEEKs are determined to prove thier-puzzle solving skills.

The tapestry of tales

Cia Anderson starts eighth grade desperate to fit in, but is drawn back into the world of magic and fairy tales when she discovers the Evil Queen's latest scheme and sets off on a cross-continental adventure.

The Tyrell show - season two

"Tyrell is finishing out his final year at Marcus Garvey Elementary. This time, without his best friend, Boogie. But they won't be apart for too much longer! The Tyrell Show is going on the road to visit Boogie in the Wild West. But when Tyrell shares thenews of his visit with his best friend, Boogie starts acting strangely. What's going on? Tyrell is determined to get to the bottom of it. As it turns out, Boogie has a bully! Well, that's not going to fly with Tyrell"--

Speculation by Shawl, Nisi
Date added:
Jan 24, 2023