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10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)- Kids Praise! Company -

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)- Kids Praise! Company

The most popular praise and worship songs of today are sung by kids for kids in a collection that includes tracks from such acclaimed songwriters as Phil Wickham, Chris Tomlin, Reuben Morgan, and more.

Jul 2, 2020
Beethoven 4 Kids - Rangell, Andy.

Beethoven 4 Kids

A short program of vivid and varied piano pieces for listeners of all ages.

Jul 2, 2020
Coloreando & Coloreando Dos - Gomez, Marta.

Coloreando & Coloreando Dos

This two-album release features the 2014 Latin Grammy winner for Best Children’s Album alongside the 2018 follow-up album. Together, the albums feature 33 tracks of traditional Spanish children’s song performed by Colombian star Marta Gomez and friends.

Jul 2, 2020
Dinosaurs and Metaphors - Weinkauf, Danny.

Dinosaurs and Metaphors

A day in the life of a child, Mondays, haircuts, hiccups, perfect days, lazy days, and sometimes bugs on the toilet. Add to that dinosaurs, Halloween and a few other kid-favorite topics and you’ve got the new album by Danny Weinkauf. Best known as the bassist for multi-platinum band The Might Be Giants, Danny is a Grammy-winning songwriter who now adds his fifth album for kids and families to his catalog.

Jul 2, 2020
Fruit - Pears 4 Bears.


Sweet quirky indie music dunked in true friendship.

Jul 2, 2020
Fun and Games - Wiggles.

Fun and Games

It’s time to kick back and have some fun with The Wiggles on an album that features over 25 tracks, including Baby Shark; Skinnamarink; Mexican Hat Dance; and many more.

Jul 2, 2020
Hold the Phone - Forman, Jack.

Hold the Phone

Jack Forman returns after his acclaimed 2019 album, Office Hours, with twelve hysterical, kid-driven songs that will resonate equally with kids and their adult handlers. Jack is a founding member of Seattle's nationally lauded Recess Monkey and hosts Live From the Monkey House, the daily afternoon call-in show for family audiences, on SiriusXM's Kids Place Live. At once zany and earnest, Jack strikes a working balance between honoring and lampooning the universal themes of childhood!

Jul 2, 2020
I Am Kind - Munroe, Lindsay.

I Am Kind

Lindsay Munroe is a Massachusetts-based multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter whose engaging sing-alongs bring joy to kids and parents via her YouTube channel, Singalong with Lindsay. Children’s music pioneer Raffi became a fan and made her his first signing in 40 years. This is produced by Raffi and features his vocals on harmony and his skills on the guitar, ukulele, electric piano, and bongos.

Jul 2, 2020
John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch Original Soundtrack Recording - Mulaney, John.

John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch Original Soundtrack Recording

Emmy Award-winning comedian John Mulaney aims to recapture the magic of that bygone television era when children sang songs about their feelings with celebrity guests on funky outdoor sets, released on Netflix just in time for the holiday season 2019. The Sack Lunch Bunch is a group of children ages 8-13, joined by celebrity guests from the movie Zodiac.

Jul 2, 2020
Lucinda Y Las Flores De La Nochebuena - Mack, Evan.

Lucinda Y Las Flores De La Nochebuena

Jul 2, 2020
Military Wives -

Military Wives

With their partners away serving in Afghanistan, a group of women on the home front form a choir and quickly find themselves at the center of a media sensation and global movement.

Jun 26, 2020
Muevete!- Songs for a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body - Orozco, Jose-Luis.

Muevete!- Songs for a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Jose-Luis Orozco is an internationally acclaimed performer and composer of Spanish and English bilingual children’s music. Orozco’s humor and skills as a dynamic educator connect to his world of joy, discovery, and exuberant musical expression. Encouraging young children to move their bodies in joyous ways, he perfectly complements his Smithsonian Folkways Grammy-nominated album Come Bien! Eat Right!

Jul 2, 2020
The Curlytops Volume 1 - Curlytops.

The Curlytops Volume 1

Caitlin and Melinda Dahl of the Dahls provide a musical visit to the Curlytops Dollhouse by way of ten original and delightful songs crafted to entertain children as well as their parents.

Jul 2, 2020
Wiggles, The- Choo Choo Trains, Propeller Planes & Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car! - Wiggles.

Wiggles, The- Choo Choo Trains, Propeller Planes & Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car!

Jul 2, 2020