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Creepy Cat 1 by Valent, Cotton Creepy Cat 1

Oct 15, 2021
Dead dead demon's dededede destruction. 10 by Asano, Inio, 1980- author, artist. Dead dead demon's dededede destruction. 10

Three years ago the aliens invaded Tokyo. Nothing was ever the same again. But after a while, even impending doom starts to feel ordinary. Huge chunks of the mother ship are starting to crash into Tokyo, leveling whole neighborhoods. The Japanese government is ready to nope out of the impending destruction, and the Americans are using the growing panic as an excuse to make their move. What's worse, the internet is down! With just days left before the end of humanity, at least the Occult Club is

Sep 29, 2021
Princess Jellyfish. 06 by Higashimura, Akiko, author, artist. Princess Jellyfish. 06

Oct 15, 2021
The way of the househusband. 6 by Oono, Kousuke, author, artist. The way of the househusband. 6

"All of Tatsu's hustling and networking since leaving the yakuza has earned him an offer he can't refuse--an invitation to run with the women's association, the movers and shakers of his neighborhood. But before he can be initiated, the Immortal Dragon must prove to the board's heavyweights that he truly can hack it as a homemaker. It will be the greatest test of his househusband's skills yet!"--Back cover.

Sep 27, 2021