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Beastars. Volume 20 by Itagaki, Paru, 1993- author, artist. Beastars. Volume 20

"Gray wolf Legoshi trains and fasts in preparation for the monthly black market battles, where he plans to duel mixed-species psychopath Melon. What is red deer Louis willing to sacrifice this time to help Legoshi triumph? Regardless, it seems that Legoshi's soft heart may be his biggest obstacle because before he faces Melon, he must defeat a gang boss who reminds him of someone he loves..."--

Sep 23, 2022
Black clover. 30, Glad tidings by Tabata, Yūki, author, artist. Black clover. 30, Glad tidings

"The battle against the Dark Triad intensifies as Magna and Noelle join the fray. They'll need to use their most powerful spells to stand a chance against these vicious devil users. But is this fight just a prelude to even greater horrors...?"--

Sep 23, 2022
My hero academia vigilantes. 13 by Furuhashi, Hideyuki, 1971- author. My hero academia vigilantes. 13

"Number 6 has enacted his plan to bring Naruhata to its knees, releasing dozens of faceless anon drones into the streets. With Koichi still on the run from the authorities, he'll need to come to an understanding with Eraser Head in order to stay free. When Number 6 goes after Pop in the hospital, the police and Koichi's friends may not be able to stop him, and Koichi will have to face the deranged villain alone..."--

Sep 23, 2022
Run on your new legs. 2 by Midori, Wataru, author, artist. Run on your new legs. 2

"The race in Shibuya has given Kikuzato a taste of what running and competing on a blade could be, but it will take more than a new leg for him to truly be a contender the next time he races. Kikuzato needs to learn how to run, and Usami is only too happyto give him some pointers after school at track and field club. Kikuzato thought his days of training with a team were behind him, but with the club members' help, the path to becoming a runner opens before him--though not without a few hurdles

Sep 23, 2022
Solo leveling. 4 by Chugong, author, artist. Solo leveling. 4

"When Jinwoo sets about mentoring one of Jinho's recruits--who also happens to be his sister's good friend...a White Tiger Guild training operation seems like the perfect opportunity to show her what being a hunter really entails. But the moment he and Songyi enter the gate, Jinwoo realizes something is wrong. With a flash of red, the exit vanishes, stranding them and the White Tiger trainees in a frozen forest for what could be weeks--or until someone can defeat the dungeon's formidable boss"--

Sep 23, 2022
Solo leveling. 5 by Chugong, author, artist. Solo leveling. 5

"Jinwoo knows it won't be long before his true power fully comes to light and the guilds and association of Korea descend upon him, seeking his allegiance. Since his training has thus far been a solo endeavor, Jinwoo decides he ought to at least see whatan A-rank raid is really like. Joining the Hunters' excavation team is the perfect opportunity to assess a high-level guild in action, even if his role is limited to hauling and mining. That is, until a particularly nasty dungeon boss requires th

Sep 23, 2022