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Too much trash - how litter is hurting animals

"Litter is not only an eyesore but a serious threat to animals and their habitats. We can all work together to keep the planet healthy and clean"--

Tokyo by Leaf, Christina, author.
Date added:
Feb 29, 2024

"Vibrant illustrations accompany information about the history of Tokyo. The narrative nonfiction text is intended for students in kindergarten through third grade." -Provided by publisher"--

Spiders - we're not scary, we're amazing!

''These little eight-legged creatures are often the stuff of people's nightmares, but spiders are amazing animals that are essential for our world. In this book, spiders set out to convince their human doubters that they really aren't out to scare or harmpeople. In fact, they are far too busy weaving beautiful silk structures, hunting, keeping insect pests under control, and raising their young to want to frighten humans. Meet some weird and wonderful spiders, including bat-eating spiders, scuba

Sometimes when I'm worried

"This picture book, written in the first person, is gentle, supportive, and straightforward. It describes a child's experience with worry and the many ways it can surface, as well as ways to cope with what can be a challenging emotion for young children.Back matter for adults offers more context and expands on the information in the book"--

Recipe road trip - cooking your way across the USA - 120+ delicious recipes and fun and surprising facts from every state

"Take kids on a road trip around America without leaving your kitchen. Did you know that Baked Alaska is not from Alaska? This recipe was created in Louisiana. The first Twinkie was made in Illinois, and Virginia was the first state to grow peanuts. Explore the geography, history, and regional charm of the United States as you help children prepare different dishes with this entertaining book. Food humor sprinkled throughout the book will have you laughing out loud. Kids can look at the map of t

Polar bears and arctic foxes team up!

"Polar bears and arctic foxes team up for a hunt in this photo-filled nonfiction book for young research writers and wildlife fans. One powerful polar bear + one sly arctic fox = a dream team! Discover how two vastly different animal species team up to find food. With super-smell and tremendous strength, polar bears are the Arctic's deadliest hunters. So much so, these big-time beasts often have leftovers. Cue the arctic foxes! These clever opportunists are game for any game and will clean up af

People myths - exploded by science

"Have you spotted a ghost? Do carrots help you see in the dark? The world is full of mysteries, but many things can be explained with science. Learn about the scientific method and how it can help you discover the truth. Get ready to blow up some totally-not-true stories about people"--

Pastry workshop - mastering buttery crusts & doughs

"This how-to book provides readers with information they need to get started on a career as a pastry chef. Included are the history and cultural significance of frosting and icing; kitchen tools, terms, and techniques; how to become a dessert decorator; and career paths as a pastry chef. Step-by-step recipes help readers practice cooking skills and apply what they've learned"--

If the rivers run free

"Over the centuries, cities were built over rivers, hoping to address pollution and flooding concerns. However, naturalists now advocate freeing buried rivers to manage urban water issues"

Loved ones with cancer

"Loved Ones With Cancer covers the basics of cancer, what people with cancer might experience, loving someone with cancer, and showing love for others and yourself. Loved Ones With explores what it's like to watch loved ones go through unique and often difficult circumstances. Written in kid-friendly language, this social-emotional learning series supports readers' empathetic understanding of these experiences not only for their loved ones, but also for themselves. Guided exploration of topics i

Gender identity for kids - a book about finding yourself, understanding others, and respecting everybody!

"This book introduces different terms for gender identity and expression, while also teaching children how to accept and respect others"--

Frozen in time - what ice cores can teach us about climate change

"An introduction to paleoclimatology and ice cores for kids, connecting the methods that scientists use to study our climate history with future climate change solutions"--

The Federalist Papers

"How do Americans state what they believe in, how their representative government works, and more? By writing it down! Investigate great documents that have shaped United States history, including the Federalist Papers. Find out who wrote the papers, whatthey say, and why they remain important today. Read all about these remarkable documents that helped form a nation"--

Extraordinary magic - the storytelling life of Virginia Hamilton

"A lyrical picture book biography that tells the story of one of America's most celebrated children's book authors, Virginia Hamilton, the first African American to win the Newbery Medal"--

Earth myths - exploded by science

"Earth is a large planet with many hidden things. We make new discoveries all the time. The world is full of mysteries, but some things can be explained with science. Learn about the scientific method and how it can help you discover the truth. Get readyto blow up some totally-not-true Earth myths"--

Different kinds of minds - a guide to your brain

"The author, with her knack for making science easy to understand, explains different types of thinkers and how all minds need to work together to create solutions to help solve real-world problems"--

Crow by Roger, Ellen, author.
Date added:
Feb 29, 2024

"The American crow is known for its sleek feathers, piercing caw, and vengeful memory! Professor Oddfeather offers bite-sized facts on the crow's habitat, how crows have adapted to living near humans, and who is in their family tree"--