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Wiggly Worms by Emminizer, Theresa
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Wiggly Worms

Who is Katie Ledecky?

"Katie Ledecky began swimming competitively at age six after watching her mother and brother in the pool. By age fifteen, she was setting records and winning gold medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics. And with each year, Katie improved her skills and her times in the water! The Summer 2024 Olympics in Paris will be Katie's fourth, and the world will be watching. With over seven Olympic gold medals, nineteen world championship gold medals, and twenty-two overall medals at the World Aquatics Champio

Wat takes his shot - the life & legacy of basketball hero Wataru Misaka

"The biography of Japanese American basketball star Wataru Misaka, the first person of color to play for the National Basketball Association"--

Who is Bad Bunny?

"Bad Bunny, born Benito Antonio Marti´nez Ocasio, is one of today's most popular artists. He made his start posting his music on SoundCloud, and in 2016, his song "Diles" got him signed to a major record label. Since then, Bad Bunny has performed at Coachella and collaborated with superstars like Cardi B, J Balvin, and Drake. Breaking language barriers, Bad Bunny is now one of the top streamed artists internationally on Spotify. Bad Bunny is just getting started with his music takeover, having w

The magical science of feelings / Train Your Amazing Brain to Quiet Anger, Soothe Sadness, Calm Worry, and Share Joy

"Clinical social worker Jen Daily helps kids understand the science behind feelings, taking them on a lively tour of the brain to see where anger, anxiety, sadness, and joy start, and offering activities for calming emotions"--

Lessons from our ancestors / Uncovering Ancient World Wisdom

"Rediscover the ancient world as you've never seen it before and meet: The women and children who painted the world's oldest-known cave art Black pharaohs, forgotten from Ancient Egypt's history; the Indus civilization who built a sustainable city; femalewarriors who led battles in Ancient China; workers who migrated to Machu Picchu; peaceful Viking traders; the African engineers behind Great Zimbabwe; Indigenous peoples of North America who built cosmopolitan cities and lived in harmony with na

Leopard by Julie/ Lavender, David
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024

I am Jesse Owens

"A biography of the Olympic medal-winning track and field hero Jesse Owens"--

How my vote counts - what does it mean to be a citizen

"Explore what it means to be a citizen of the United States while learning how history has shaped our modern lives and values"--