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The unknown soldier

"On a family trip to Washington, DC, Jack watches the soldier guarding the Tomb of the Unknowns and gains new understanding and respect for those who serve in the United States armed forces. Includes information about the Tomb and the soldiers who guard it"--Provided by publisher.

Total garbage / A Messy Dive into Trash, Waste, and Our World

"This narrative middle-grade nonfiction from Rebecca Donnelly dives into the scientific and cultural history of the waste humans produce, examining why we make so much trash, why we're so bad at handling it, and how we can stop it (that is, us) from ruining the planet"--

Tarsiers by Terp, Gail
Date added:
Jan 31, 2023

Star-Nosed Moles by Terp, Gail
Date added:
Jan 31, 2023
Star-Nosed Moles

The secret stream

"In this nonfiction picture book, a stream narrates its own natural history as it flows from its headwaters in the mountains to its mouth in the lowlands, introducing the plants and animals that line its banks and live in its waters"--

The real history of the transcontinental railroad

"There is more to the history of the transcontinental than connecting the United States. Most of the workers were of Chinese descent and were treated unfairly. Learn how workers protested for better treatment"--

The real history of the Gold Rush

"The Gold Rush was a major event in the US during the 1800s. This book explores what the Gold Rush was and the lesser-known people who participated in the event"--

Road trip! - camping with the four vagabonds - Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and John Burroughs

"After years of inventing things that other people needed, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford realized there was something they needed-a vacation! So, the famous inventors packed up Ford's Model T and invited their good friends Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs to join them as "the Four Vagabonds" hit America's back roads to enjoy the country's natural beauty, fireside chats, and frolicking fun with friends-all while inspiring future generations to invent camping adventures of their own"--

The real history of Angel Island

"People often learn about Ellis Island when they are taught the history of immigration in the US. However, many people also came through Angel Island. Discover the history of the Angel Island Immigration Station"--

Proboscis Monkeys by Terp, Gail
Date added:
Jan 31, 2023
Proboscis Monkeys

Only the best - the exceptional life and fashion of Ann Lowe

"Empowering and encouraging, this picture book biography of the first nationally known African American fashion designer, who dressed millionaires and movie stars, details her creative process as well as the obstacles she overcame to become the best"--

Nine Color Deer

Adapted from a traditional Buddhist tale, this story follows the legendary Nine Color Deer as she saves a drowning man's life and asks in return that he keep her whereabouts a secret despite the generous bounty offered by those seeking her magic.

Narwhals by Terp, Gail
Date added:
Jan 31, 2023

Hiders seekers finders keepers - how animals adapt in winter

Through expressive text supplemented with sidebars, this informational picture book explains how different animals survive winter, tackling such topics as hibernation, migration and adaptation.

Elephant Seals by Terp, Gail
Date added:
Jan 31, 2023
Elephant Seals