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Vilest things by Gong, Chloe, author.
Date added:
Jul 15, 2024
Vilest things

"Chloe Gong returns with power plays, spilled blood, and lethal romance in the thrilling fantasy sequel to New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller Immortal Longings, inspired by Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra"--

The Games Gods Play by Owen, Abigail
Date added:
Jul 15, 2024
The Games Gods Play

This Will Be Fun by Asher, E. B.
Date added:
Jul 12, 2024
This Will Be Fun

A Fire in the Sky by Jordan, Sophie
Date added:
Jul 12, 2024
A Fire in the Sky

The Fallen Fruit

A dark and drowning tide - a novel

"A sharp-tongued folklorist must pair up with her academic rival to solve their mentor's murder in this lush and enthralling sapphic fantasy romance from the New York Times bestselling author of A Far Wilder Magic"--

Buried deep and other stories

"A thrilling anthology of thirteen short stories that span the wide-ranging imagination of the New York Times bestselling author of the Scholomance Trilogy, including a sneak peek at the world where her next novel will be set"--

Space oddity

"Return to the greatest contest in the galaxy in the sequel to the hilarious USA TODAY bestseller Space Opera from New York Times bestselling author and finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, and Ursula K. Le Guin awards.The Metagalactic Grand Prix-part gladiatorial contest, part beauty pageant, part concert extravaganza, and part continuation of the wars of the past returns and the fate of the Earth is once again threatened. The civilizations opposed to humanity have been plotting and wa

A song of ash and moonlight

"The Ashbournes' war with the Bask family is over. Kilraith's curse has been broken. But Lord Gideon Ashbourne doesn't want peace; he wants revenge. And the only thing standing in his way is his eldest daughter: the unflappable, tireless Farrin. But Farrin's composure masks a seething sorrow. Since her mother abandoned the family, Farrin's been their rock-managing her father's temper, running the estate, looking after her sisters. She isolates herself from anything that could distract or hurt he

Phantasma by Smith, Kaylie, author.
Date added:
Jul 12, 2024

"In this spellbinding romantic fantasy, a young witch partners with a powerful ghost to save her sister-but when the competition turns deadly, his help may very well damn her instead. Phantasma only has two rules. Don't fall in love within its walls-and stay alive. When Ophelia and her sister find their mother brutally murdered, Ophelia has no time to grieve: not only has she inherited her family's magic but she is now responsible for her mother's debt. If the siblings don't come up with the mon

Bringer of dust

"In this highly anticipated second book in the Talents Trilogy, the world of the dead is closer than you think. Agrigento, Sicily, 1883. With the orsine destroyed, Cairndale lies in ruins, and Marlowe has vanished. His only hope of rescue lies in a fabledsecond orsine-long-hidden, thought lost-which might not even exist. But when a body is discovered in the shadow of Cairndale, a body wreathed in the corrupted dust of the drughr, Charlie and the Talents realize there is even more at stake than t

An academy for liars

"Lennon Carter's life is falling apart. Then she gets a mysterious phone call inviting her to take the entrance exam for Drayton College, a school of magic hidden in a secret pocket of Savannah. Lennon has been chosen because-like everyone else at the school-she has the innate gift of persuasion, the ability to wield her will like a weapon, using it to control others and, in rare cases, matter itself. After passing the test, Lennon begins to learn how to master her devastating and unsettling pow

Unbroken Bonds by Bree, J.
Date added:
Jul 11, 2024
Unbroken Bonds

Tragic Bonds by Bree, J.
Date added:
Jul 11, 2024
Tragic Bonds

To Ashes and Dust by Laurier, Luna
Date added:
Jul 11, 2024
To Ashes and Dust

The throne of honor and blood

In this epic fantasy romance, Prince Soren Celestial, the rightful heir to the throne of the Southern Lands, faces a world torn apart by war and famine. With silver-eyed witches, broken treaties, and a Fates-blessed mate, the stakes are high. However, be warned: this book ends on a cliffhanger and contains material that may be difficult for some readers.

Star wars. Allegiance

Luke Skywalker is learning about the Force while Han Solo struggles with the decision to join the Rebel Alliance, Leia helps run the rebellion while dealing with her feelings for Han, and Mara Jade is doing the Emperor's dirty work.

Star Trek Explorer, the official magazine - presents the short story collection.

"A thrilling anthology of 11 exclusive short stories from Star Trek Magazine tying into the Star Trek online game. Featuring tales by Christine Thompson, Jesse Heinig, Tyler Nagata, Katherine Bankson, Jaddua Ross, Sean McCann, and Paul Reed. This incredible collection features 19 illustrated stories exclusively written for the Star Trek Magazine. It features action-packed tales starring iconic characters such as Data, Tuvok, and Scotty, plus fan-favourite alien enemies including the Klingons and

Star Trek Explorer presents Star Trek - "Q and false" and other stories

"[Fourteen] short stories (some illustrated) feature characters and situations from across the Star Trek universe, including Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space nine, and Star Trek Voyager."