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A Killer Clue by Gilbert, Victoria
Date added:
Jul 12, 2024
A Killer Clue

Den of Iniquity by Jance, J. A.
Date added:
Jul 12, 2024
Den of Iniquity

A grave in the woods

"Another entertaining and enlightening entry in the Bruno, Chief of Police series, featuring an archaeological dig in the French countryside that unearths World War II-era mysteries-all while Bruno dishes up more culinary magic When Abby, an American archaeologist, arrives in St. Denis on the heels of her divorce, she hopes to make a new life for herself as a specialist guide for visiting tourists. So when a local British couple discover a grave from World War II on their property, Abby is able

Furever after

"Librarian Kathleen Paulson is in for a spell of trouble when she finds a dead body, and only her reliable magical cats can help her tail a killer in the newest installment of this New York Times bestselling series. Kathleen is busy running the library and planning her upcoming wedding to detective Marcus Gordon, when she suddenly stumbles across a body in the library. She is surprised to learn that the deceased was in the middle of an unlikely heist-it seems like he was trying to steal one of t

A killing near Waterloo Station

"The British public are up in arms, due to the execution, by the Germans, of a British nurse, Edith Cavell, suspected of being a British spy. Sadly, this leads to riots in London, where shops and businesses with German names, are smashed and looted. Rigsby and Tollman find themselves rescuing a young woman, Mattie Grunwald from the ruins of her family's haberdashery shop, when Eastenders go on the rampage. Her father is interned as an enemy alien and she is running the business alone. Meanwhile,

The corpses at Waterloo

"LONDON, SEPTEMBER 1915 When Constable Billy Rigsby, along with his mother and aunt, goes to the London Necropolis Railway Station at Waterloo to attend the military funeral of a neighbour's son, proceedings are interrupted by the unexpected and brutal murder of a young woman. In a panic, Billy telephones Mayfair 100, to assemble the team, and they descend upon the station to find not only a murder to investigate, but also two empty coffins, plus another coffin containing a headless and heavily

The body in Berkeley Square

"London August 1915. The body of an unknown woman is discovered, stabbed, in a Mayfair square. She is expensively dressed and yet the autopsy reveals that she has been working in the munitions industry. The women of the Mayfair 100 team begin to try and uncover the woman's identity through her clothing, whilst their police colleagues investigate the harsh world of manufacturing munitions. What they become involved with is top level industrial espionage, as well as a murder investigation."

Dead Man's Ransom by Peters, Ellis
Date added:
Jul 8, 2024
Dead Man's Ransom

The year is 1141 and civil war continues to rage. When the sheriff of Shropshire is taken prisoner, arrangements are made to exchange him for Elis, a young Welshman. But when the sheriff is brought to the abbey, he is murdered. Suspicion falls on Elis, who has fallen in love with the sheriff's daughter. With nothing but his Welsh honor to protect him, Elis appeals to Brother Cadfael for help. And Brother Cadfael gives it, not knowing that the truth will be a trial for his own soul.

To Err Is Cumin by Budewitz, Leslie
Date added:
Jul 8, 2024
To Err Is Cumin

I need you to read this - a novel

"Years ago Alex Marks escaped to New York City for a fresh start. Now, aside from trips to her regular diner for coffee, she keeps to herself, gets her perfectly normal copywriting job done, and doesn't date. Her carefully cultivated world is upended whenher childhood hero, Francis Keen, is brutally murdered. Francis was the woman behind the famous advice column, Dear Constance, and her words helped Alex through some of her darkest times. When Alex sees an advertisement searching for her replace

A blood red morning

"In this unputdownable WWII series, Paris detective Henri Lefort, must solve a complex case when a man is murdered on the policeman's own doorstep. January 1941: It's cold and still dark when Paris Detective Henri Lefort wakes up to an empty apartment, irritated with his roommate for not even starting the coffee. Irritation turns to suspicion when he starts his walk to work and spots a large blood stain in front of the building. At the office his boss, chief of homicide, is incredulous that Henr

All the way gone

"The fourth installment in the beloved Detective Annalisa Vega series. Is there such a thing as a good sociopath? Newly minted private investigator Annalisa Vega is skeptical, but her first client, Mara Delaney, insists that some sociopaths are beneficialto society. Mara has even written a book titled The Good Sociopath centered around Chicago neurosurgeon Craig Canning. Dr. Canning has saved hundreds of lives so it shouldn't matter that he doesn't actually care about his patients, should it? Bu

The Rose Arbor by Bowen, Rhys
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
The Rose Arbor

The mistletoe mystery - a maid novella

"Molly the Maid has a whole new mystery to solve in this heartwarming novella from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Maid and The Mystery Guest"--

The river view

"Jules Clement is back in Blue Deer, working as an archaeologist and private investigator. He's a mostly happy man: he's a new father, and he and his wife Caroline are building their dream house on an idyllic patch of river bottomland. But everything thatcan go wrong will, in terms of money, love, and murder. The horrible neighbors enlist Jules to spy on each other. The county hires him to find out if a road runs over some misplaced bodies in a long-abandoned potter's field. A former priest with