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A catered cat wedding - a mystery with recipes by Crawford, Isis, author. A catered cat wedding - a mystery with recipes

"Susie Katz, the crazy cat lady of Longely, New York, hires the Simmons sisters to cater a cat wedding. Chaos erupts when a wedding gift is unwrapped and mice jump out of the box. Three hours later, the cats have been caught, but their owner has been murdered and the Simmons sisters try to sniff out the killer"--

Mar 7, 2019
A justified murder by Deveraux, Jude, author. A justified murder

"The small town of Lachlan, Florida, was rocked last year when two bodies were uncovered in the roots of a fallen tree. Despite their lack of investigative experience, Sara Medlar; her niece, Kate; and Jack Wyatt found themselves at the center of the mystery, working together to reveal the truth behind a decades-old secret in the sleepy town. After a narrow escape, they vowed to never again involve themselves in something so dangerous--until Janet Beeson is murdered. When Janet's body is discove

Mar 8, 2019
A wrench in the works - a fixer-upper mystery by Carlisle, Kate, 1951- author. A wrench in the works - a fixer-upper mystery

Shannon Hammer's younger sister Chloe left Lighthouse Cove after high school to make it big in Hollywood. And she did it! For several years now, Chloe has been the co-host of a popular home repair show on the Do-It-Yourself Network. Now, after ten years, Chloe returns to Lighthouse Cove with her crew and co-host to film several shows featuring her sister Shannon, along with some special mini-segments on Victorian style and design. But Shannon realizes quickly that things are not exactly blissful

Feb 25, 2019
All the wrong places by Fielding, Joy, author. All the wrong places

Feb 25, 2019
American prison - a reporter's undercover journey into the business of punishment by Bauer, Shane, author. American prison - a reporter's undercover journey into the business of punishment

"A ground-breaking and brave inside reckoning with the nexus of prison and profit in America: in one Louisiana prison and over the course of our country's history. In 2014, Shane Bauer was hired for $9 an hour to work as an entry-level prison guard at a private prison in Winnfield, Louisiana. An award-winning investigative journalist, he used his real name; there was no meaningful background check. Four months later, his employment came to an abrupt end. But he had seen enough, and in short orde

Feb 25, 2019
An absolutely remarkable thing by Green, Hank, author. An absolutely remarkable thing

"In his much-anticipated debut novel, Hank Green--cocreator of Crash Course, Vlogbrothers, and SciShow--spins a sweeping, cinematic tale about a young woman who becomes an overnight celebrity before realizing she's part of something bigger, and stranger, than anyone could have possibly imagined. The Carls just appeared. Coming home from work at three a.m., twenty-three-year-old April May stumbles across a giant sculpture. Delighted by its appearance and craftsmanship--like a ten-foot-tall Transf

Mar 5, 2019
An uncommon honeymoon by Mann, Susan (Romance fiction writer), author. An uncommon honeymoon

"Shelve under: Spies, Russian, Librarian Spies, Conspiracies. Librarian and rookie CIA covert operative Quinn Ellington revises her honeymoon plans when she and her brand-new spy husband uncover a drug trafficking ring stretching from the Caribbean to St. Petersburg. Turquoise waters, white sand, and intra-agency relations provide a lush backdrop for raiding enemy strongholds, tailing movie stars, and dodging more than a few bullets. Meanwhile, Quinn's unique skills prove indispensable in luring

Feb 25, 2019
Before she knew him - a novel by Swanson, Peter, 1968- author. Before she knew him - a novel

From the hugely talented author of The Kind Worth Killing--the hair-raising tale of a young suburban wife who believes a killer is living right next door. And fears only the next murder, maybe her own, will make everyone believe her.

Mar 1, 2019
Bird, bath, & beyond by Copperman, E. J., 1957- author. Bird, bath, & beyond

"Kay Powell, theatrical agent to non-human animals, is babysitting--that is, birdsitting--her client, a parrot named Barney, on the set of his new TV show, Dead City. When the show's charismatic star is shot in his trailer between scenes, the only eyewitness to the crime is--you guessed it--Barney. And even though Kay keeps explaining that even a "talking" parrot doesn't actually converse with people, the investigators insist on interrogating the bird for information he clearly can't communicate

Feb 25, 2019
Broken bone China by Childs, Laura, author. Broken bone China

"Theodosia Browning serves tea and solves crimes in Charleston, a city steeped in tradition and treachery in the latest Tea Shop Mystery from New York Times bestselling author Laura Childs. It is Sunday afternoon, and Theodosia and Drayton are catering a formal tea at a hot-air balloon rally. The view aloft is not only stunning, they are also surrounded by a dozen other colorful hot-air balloons. But as the sky turns gray and the clouds start to boil up, a strange object zooms out of nowhere. It

Mar 8, 2019
Burned - a story of murder and the crime that wasn't by Humes, Edward, author. Burned - a story of murder and the crime that wasn't

"On an April night in 1989, three small children perished in a Los Angeles apartment fire. Their young mother, Jo Ann Parks, escaped unharmed. Based on forensic evidence, Parks was later convicted, sentenced to life in prison without parole. Now a young lawyer with the California Innocence Project is challenging the conviction and the so-called "science" behind it"--

Mar 7, 2019
California girls by Mallery, Susan, author. California girls

Mria's Synopsis: The California sunshine's not quite so bright for three sisters who get dumped in the same week... Finola, a popular LA morning-show host, is famously upbeat until she's blindsided on live TV by the news that her husband is sleeping with a young pop sensation who has set their affair to music. While avoiding the tabloids and pretending she's just fine, she's crumbling inside, desperate for him to come to his senses and for life to go back to normal. Zennie's breakup is no big lo

Mar 8, 2019
Cat Chase the Moon - A Joe Grey Mystery by Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Chase the Moon - A Joe Grey Mystery

Feb 21, 2019
Catch me if yukon - a passport to peril mystery by Hunter, Maddy, author. Catch me if yukon - a passport to peril mystery

As tour escort Emily Miceli leads her globetrotting band of Iowa seniors into the wilds of Alaska, she discovers that, in the land of the midnight sun, whales aren't the only killers on the prowl. When a tour member turns up dead on a mountainous hiking trail, Emily blames herself for the mishap--until she learns that something far hairier might be to blame. One of the seniors snaps a photo of what looks to be Bigfoot, raising many questions about what happened to the victim. But the illusive sa

Feb 25, 2019
Cemetery Road - a novel by Iles, Greg, author. Cemetery Road - a novel

"The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Natchez Burning trilogy returns with an electrifying tale of friendship, betrayal, and shattering secrets that threaten to destroy a small Mississippi town.When Marshall McEwan left his hometown at age eighteen, he vowed never to return. The trauma that drove him away ultimately spurred him to become one of the most successful journalists in Washington D.C. But just as the political chaos in the nation's capital lifts him to new heights, Marshall

Mar 1, 2019
Chocolate cream pie murder by Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author. Chocolate cream pie murder

"Not even Lake Eden's nosiest residents suspected Hannah Swensen would go from idealistic newlywed to betrayed wife in a matter of weeks. But as a deadly mystery unfolds in town, the proof is in the pudding. When The Cookie Jar becomes the setting of a star-studded TV special about movies filmed in Minnesota, Hannah hopes to shine the spotlight on her bakery--not the unsavory scandal swirling around her personal life. But that's practically impossible with a disturbing visit from the shifty char

Mar 8, 2019
Collusion by Gingrich, Newt/ Earley, Pete Collusion

Feb 27, 2019
Courting Mr. Emerson by Carlson, Melody, author. Courting Mr. Emerson

"When the fun-loving and spontaneous artist Willow West meets buttoned-up, retired English teacher George Emerson, it's not exactly love at first sight. Though she does find the obsessive-compulsive man intriguing. Making it her mission to get him to loosen up and embrace life, she embarks on what seems like a lost cause--and finds herself falling for him in the process. A confirmed bachelor, George vacillates between irritation and attraction whenever Willow is around--which to him seems like a

Mar 8, 2019
Cowboy charm school by Brownley, Margaret, author. Cowboy charm school

"Texas Ranger Brett Tucker hates to break up a wedding, but the groom--notorious criminal Frank Foster--is a danger to any woman. So he busts into the church, guns blazing...only to find he has the wrong Frank Foster. Bride-to-be Kate Denver is appalled by her fiance´'s over-the-top reaction and calls off the whole wedding. Guilt-ridden, Brett is desperate to get them back on track--but the more time he spends with Kate, the harder he falls...and the more he wants to convince her that he's her t

Feb 25, 2019
Cruising to Murder by McCrum, Mark Cruising to Murder

Feb 27, 2019