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Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales by Andersen, Hans Christian. Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales

Recognizing the literary merit of Andersen's own simple colloquial language, which Victorian translators and their imitators very often altered to sentimentalize or vulgarize, translator Erik Haugaard has remained faithful to the original text. Listeners will rediscover Hans Christian Andersen's best-known fairy tales, and find new favorites, all brought to life by a full cast.

Mar 9, 2020
Hardy Boys #7, The - Secret of the Caves by Dixon, Franklin W.. Hardy Boys #7, The - Secret of the Caves

Triggered by the disappearance of a brilliant young professor, the Hardy Boys take their first trip to Kenworthy College, where they find a puzzling message on an examination paper. But then their pal Chet Morton and buddy Biff Hooper turn up a clue that sends the young detectives in another direction: to the Honeycomb Caves. After many dangerous encounters, Frank and Joe discover a powerful searchlight on one of the craggy caverns along the seacoast.

Mar 9, 2020
How to Train Your Dragon by Cowell, Cressida. How to Train Your Dragon

Warrior chieftain, awesome sword-fighter, and amateur naturalist, he was known throughout Vikingdom as 'the Dragon Whisperer' on account of his amazing power over these terrifying beasts.

Mar 9, 2020