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Whale Done by Gibbs, Stuart author.
Date added:
Jan 26, 2023
Whale Done

After an escaped kangaroo starts a fire that burns down his house, Teddy Fitzroy accepts an invitation to go to Malibu with his girlfriend, Summer, and her mother, Kandace. He's hoping to spend some time relaxing on the beach, but wherever Teddy goes, trouble isn't far behind. First, a massive dead whale has washed up on the beach, and before anyone can determine what killed it, it explodes. Doc, the head vet from FunJungle, suspects something fishy is going on and ropes Teddy and Summer into

Valentina Salazar is Not a Monster Hunter

It takes a special person to end up in detention on the last day of school. It takes a REALLY special person to accidentally burn down the schoolyard while chasing a fire-breathing chipmunk. But nothing about Valentina Salazar has ever been "normal." The Salazars are protectors, tasked with rescuing the magical creatures who sometimes wander into our world, from grumpy unicorns to chupacabras… to the occasional fire-breathing chipmunk.

Spilling Ink by Mazer, Anne author.
Date added:
Jan 26, 2023
Spilling Ink

Responding to constant pleas from young fans for writing advice, Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter created a witty guidebook, which is packed with practical advice, and delivered with a personal touch.

Rhinos at Recess

Jack and Annie are on the playground at recess when they feel the magic tree house calling them. They sneak away and are whisked off on an adventure in South Africa, where a majestic rhino needs saving! There is a swooping helicopter, strict park rangers, and, most terrifying of all, poachers. How do you hide one of the largest land mammals in the flat terrain of the African savanna? Jack and Annie are going to need a little bit of magic for this mission!

The Memory Thief

Twelve-year-old Rosie Singer's mom is missing whatever it is that makes mothers love their daughters. All her life, Rosie has known this...and turned to stories for comfort. Then, on the night Rosie decides to throw her stories away forever, an invisible ally helps her discover the Witch Hunter's Guide to the Universe, a book that claims that all of the evil in the world stems from thirteen witches who are unseen, but also unstoppable. One of these witches, the Memory Thief, holds an insidious p

Magic Tree House Merlin Missions Collection- Books 9-16

Includes Dragon of the Red Dawn; Monday with a Mad Genius; Dark Day in the Deep Sea; Eve of the Emperor Penguin; Moonlight on the Magic Flute; A Good Night for Ghosts; Leprechaun in Late Winter; and A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time.

Magic Tree House Merlin Missions Collection- Books 1-8

Includes: Christmas in Camelot; Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve; Summer of the Sea Serpent; Winter of the Ice Wizard; Carnival at Candlelight; Season of the Sandstorm; Night of the New Magicians; and Blizzard of the Blue Moon.

Magic Tree House Merlin Missions Collection- Books 17-24

In each adventure, Merlin the magician sends Jack and Annie on an adventure in the magic tree house. Includes: A Crazy Day with Cobras; Dogs in the Dead of Night; Abe Lincoln at Last!; A Perfect Time for Pandas; Stallion by Starlight; Hurry Up, Houdini!; High Time for Heroes; and Soccer on Sunday.

Amelia Bedelia Audio Collection

Children will delight in these five classic stories of a literal-minded housekeeper and her misadventures. This collection includes Amelia Bedelia; Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower; Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia; Thank You, Amelia Bedelia; and Come Back, Amelia Bedelia.

Hide and Seek

When Nory's magic first appeared, her father wanted her to go to fancy, selective Sage Academy, where he is the headmaster. But Nory's magic went upside-down at the worst possible moment, and she was sent to Dunwiddle Middle School instead! The good news? Nory loves Dunwiddle, and her best friends have upside-down magic, too! The bad news? When a flood wrecks Dunwiddle, Nory and her UDM friends are forced to relocate to Sage Academy! Sure, there's a magical skunk garden, a school-wide Hide and S

The Call of the Wild

Forced into the harsh conditions of the Klondike region, a dog finds the strength to survive.--The Call of the Wild tells the story of Buck, a domesticated dog ripped from a comfortable life when he is stolen from his home on a California ranch. Sold to a pair of men in Canada, Buck is trained as a sled dog in the Klondike region. However, Buck's ordeal has only begun, as he is forced to learn how to overcome both the brutal conditions and the primal social forces as a member of a sled pack.

The Big Shrink

Marigold Ramos can magically make things small, sometimes very, very small. The only problem? She can't figure out how to make them big again. Maybe a new tutor can help Marigold manage her magic. And maybe her magic will come in handy as she and her friends in the Upside-Down Magic class band together to protest a new rule by their principal, a super unfair rule that bans them from bringing their amazing new toy dragons to school. But when Marigold starts shrinking her friends and the class bun

Bamboo Kingdom #3- Journey to the Dragon Mountain

The triplets of the Bamboo Kingdom are ready to step into their roles as Dragon Speakers. But in order to fulfill their destiny, they first need to find each other. With Ghost stuck performing as wicked Sunset's right-hand man and Rain and Leaf separated across far-flung corners of the land, a reunion feels impossible. Sunset's plans to rule the Bamboo Kingdom are only becoming more nefarious. If the siblings are going to make it all the way across the Bamboo Kingdom to the Dragon Mountain, they

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

The Amazing Maurice runs the perfect Pied Piper scam. This streetwise alley cat knows the value of cold, hard cash and can talk his way into and out of anything. But when Maurice and his cohorts decide to con the town of Bad Blinitz, it will take more than fast talking to survive the danger that waits. For this is a town where food is scarce and rats are hated, where cellars are lined with deadly traps, and where a terrifying evil lurks beneath the hunger-stricken streets.