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Title Date added
20,000 robots under the sea by Bolts, Russ, author. 20,000 robots under the sea

Robots Joe and Rob visit an underwater beach, follow a treasure map, and run into space sharks and pirates.

Jun 20, 2019
A Daisy at the beach by Anna, Holly, author. A Daisy at the beach

While spending the day at the beach, Daisy's imaginary friend Posey turns her into a mermaid and they help a lost octopus reunite with her friends.

Jul 8, 2019
A ghost in the castle by Quinn, Jordan, author. A ghost in the castle

Prince Lucas and his best friend Clara discover a ghost haunting Wrenly Castle.

Jul 8, 2019
Basil and the royal dare by Titus, Eve, creator. Basil and the royal dare

"With Sherlock Holmes away on a case, Basil and Doctor Dawson find themselves at loose ends until an urgent message arrives: Basil's services are required by the noblemice of Marlborough House! Marlborough House is the home of Edward, the Prince of Wales (second child and eldest son of Queen Victoria) who lives there with various children and family members. Unbeknownst to the human royals, there is a corresponding clan of noblemice living there as well. At the moment, the human royal family is

Jul 8, 2019
Quest for clean water by Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta, author. Quest for clean water

Purrmaids Coral, Shelly, and Angel help clean up the ocean as a school project and rescue the brother of their mermicorn friend, Sirena, who is trapped by plastic soda rings.

Jul 8, 2019
The battle for Perodia by Charman, Katrina, author. The battle for Perodia

The evil vulture Thorn and his army are on the outskirts of Valor Wood, and Tag the owl, Skyla the squirrel, and Blaze the firehawk, and all the other creatures of Valor are preparing for the final battle -- the three friends have recovered the ember stone, but Blaze must still learn how to unlock its powers, or the whole wood will fall to the spreading darkness.

Jun 21, 2019
The magic mirror / A Branches Book by Staniszewski, Anna, author. The magic mirror / A Branches Book

The Ice Princess's magic mirror is broken, one piece is missing, and without it the Enchanted Kingdom is locked in a terrible, unseasonable, heat wave (even the palace is melting); two children, Kara and Zed, are determined to help, but first they must figure out whether the break is the result of the sibling rivalry between the Ice Princess and her sister the Sun Princess--or did the monkey do it?

Jul 10, 2019
The narwhal problem by Dadey, Debbie, author. The narwhal problem

Kiki and her friends learn about coding as they compete to be the escort for young narwhal who will visit Trident Academy with her famous parents. Includes glossary, key to the codes used, and information about safeguarding narwhals' habitats.

Jul 8, 2019
To the future, Ben Franklin! by Osborne, Mary Pope, author. To the future, Ben Franklin!

"Jack and Annie are whisked back in time by the magic tree house to meet Benjamin Franklin in Old Philadelphia"--

Jul 8, 2019