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Animal rescue center. [11], The lucky rabbit by Nolan, Tina, author. Animal rescue center. [11], The lucky rabbit

"Fern is the softest, sweetest rabbit ever, and her young owner, Mia, is completely devoted to her. But when Fern gets sick, no one at Animal Magic can understand why. Will Ella and the team be able to figure out how to help the adorable bunny before it's too late?"

Nov 4, 2019
Cable car to catastrophe by Quackenbush, Robert, 1929- author. Cable car to catastrophe

World-famous duck-tective Miss Mallard’s ski vacation is a bust when she finds herself on the tail of a bundled-up bandit in this engaging Aladdin QUIX mystery.

Nov 4, 2019
Deep dive! by Eliopulos, Nick, author. Deep dive!

"The adventures continue as Ash, Morgan, and three of their fellow Minecraft players, who can actually enter the game, take a deep dive into the Aquatic biome in this third book in the Woodsword Chronicles. A treasure map promises adventure and the opportunity to explore--but it could also be a trap set by the mysterious Evoker King"--

Nov 13, 2019
Dogsled to dread by Quackenbush, Robert, 1929- author, illustrator. Dogsled to dread

When Miss Mallard, the famous ducktective, is invited to Alaska to see the start of the famous dog sled race, her skills are challenged by the dognapping of a prize husky.

Oct 30, 2019
Dr. Floss is the boss! by Gutman, Dan, author. Dr. Floss is the boss!

When Ella Mentry School invites a local dentist to speak on National Dessert Day, A.J. and his friends uncover the dentist's secret plot to promote cavities for more business.

Oct 30, 2019
Dragon trouble by Koller, Jackie French, author. Dragon trouble

After Darek escapes from Krad, he can't remember anything about it, but with the help of his dragon friend Zantor, he realizes that his father is in terrible danger there and that he must return.

Oct 30, 2019
Geronimo Stilton. 72, The missing movie by Stilton, Geronimo, author. Geronimo Stilton. 72, The missing movie

When director Mousen Scorsese's newest film goes missing at New Mouse City's first film festival, Hercule and Geronimo spring into action to solve the case.

Nov 8, 2019
Gotta warn the unicorns! by Krulik, Nancy E., author. Gotta warn the unicorns!

"Princess Pulverizer and her pals are well on their way to completing her Quest of Kindness. But they know they can't continue it until they help Fortune--the unicorn they recently rescued--find his family. So when a fearful king orders his knights to capture all the unicorns they can, it's up to the princess and her friends to warn the unicorns before it's too late!" --

Oct 30, 2019
Into the game! by Eliopulos, Nick, author. Into the game!

"Five young Minecraft players in the real world find themselves transported inside the game they love. But now it's not a game--and they will have to use everything they know to explore, build, and survive!"--

Nov 13, 2019
Isadora Moon saves the carnival by Muncaster, Harriet, author, illustrator. Isadora Moon saves the carnival

When a young girl, her vampire father, and fairy mother use a little magic to help a run-down carnival attract customers, what could possibly go wrong?

Oct 30, 2019
Kitty and the moonlight rescue by Harrison, Paula, author. Kitty and the moonlight rescue

Kitty wants to be a superhero like her mother, once she gets over her fear of the dark, but when Figaro the cat needs help she springs into action.

Nov 4, 2019
Kitty and the tiger treasure by Harrison, Paula, author. Kitty and the tiger treasure

As a superhero with catlike powers, Kitty and her cat Pumpkin must recover a stolen golden tiger statue and return it to the local museum.

Nov 4, 2019
Land of the spring dragon by West, Tracey, 1965- author. Land of the spring dragon

The Dragon Masters have defeated the evil wizard Maldred, but not before the Kingdom of Bracken was devastated by Naga, the earthquake dragon; now Drake and his dragon, Worm, must appeal to the spring dragon, Fallyn, who is their only hope of restoring Bracken before its people starve--but Fallyn lives deep inside a secret fairy world, and Drake must pass a series of tricky tests before he can even make his appeal.

Oct 30, 2019
Lost at sea by Soderberg, Erin, author. Lost at sea

When Wally and the puppy pirates receive a cry for help from fellow sailors, they rush to help them--even though it means going into the Bermuda Triangle.

Oct 30, 2019
Magic Christmas - three books in one by Bentley, Sue, 1951- author. Magic Christmas - three books in one

Oct 30, 2019
Mia Mayhem stops time! by West, Kara, author. Mia Mayhem stops time!

"When Mia first learned she had superpowers, there was one ability that always came rather naturally: freezing time and people! So, when she finally learns the secret to controlling it, she's excited to put her new skills to the test. But when she ends up accidentally freezing the entire town, will she find a way to make the clock start ticking again?"--

Nov 4, 2019
Monster notebook by Cummings, Troy, author, illustrator. Monster notebook

Alexander Bopp's Monster Notebook features information about monsters from The Notebook of Doom series.

Nov 4, 2019
Night of the bats! by Eliopulos, Nick, author. Night of the bats!

"The adventures continue in the Woodsword Chronicles as five young Minecraft players find themselves transported inside the game they love--and now bats have invaded their school! Are creatures from the game leaking into their world? Needing to learn more, the players agree to leave their Minecraft castle and travel farther into the world they're visiting"--

Nov 13, 2019
Our principal breaks a spell! by Calmenson, Stephanie, author. Our principal breaks a spell!

After the principal of P.S. 88 gets caught up in a messy spell by one of his students, the other kids rally to help him out.

Oct 30, 2019
Our principal is a wolf! by Calmenson, Stephanie, author. Our principal is a wolf!

"Big bad Mr. Bundy? Mr. Bundy is the principal at PS 88. And it may be hard to believe, but he once came nose-to-nose with the big bad wolf, who gobbled him up in one bite! "Gulp!" One thing all the kids at PS 88 know for sure is that their favorite principal is never far from zany (mis)adventures"--Jacket flap.

Oct 30, 2019