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Lola's first Day of the Dead

Lola and her family celebrate the Day of the Dead with a traditional Guatemalan dish that originated at a graveyard.

Lola and the tooth fairy mouse mystery

Lola and her cousin Luis, who is visiting from Guatemala, each have a loose tooth and come up with ideas to help el Rataon, the Guatemalan tooth fairy, find Luis and his tooth in Texas.

The wing spell

Ernest the wizard lizard's spell allows Princess Flash to join Princess Feather and Cressida on a trip to the Wing Realm but when the spell goes wrong, Cressida must find a way to get them home.

Undercover bookworms

Detective brothers Frank and Joe must catch a book thief to save their library.

Star's gaze by Bliss, Emily, author.
Date added:
Sep 8, 2023
Star's gaze

"It's Lucinda's birthday, and Princess Star has planned a spectacular surprise for the pegasus princesses' winged pet cat, but as soon as they start decorating, mooncat mayhem erupts. Will Clara and Star be able to save the party?"--

Starry, starry ghost

Isla is excited about her first-ever sleepover at Tora's, but the night takes a spooky turn when they hear strange fluttering sounds in the attic.

Snow's slide

Clara and the pegasus princesses are preparing for a day of ice sliding in the Sky Tundra, but when their guests accidentally melt all the snow and ice, Clara and her friends must find a way to restore the snowy fun.

Sienna and Sparkle

With the map complete and one riddle between them and the treasure, Sienna, her Unicorn Sparkle, and their friends must race to find the treasure, and Sparkle's magic, before the end of the year.

The Secret Explorers and the sunken treasure

"Connor and Kiki go in search of pirate treasure, but their plans change when they encounter a basking shark in need of help. Can they find the treasure as well as rescue the shark? Only time will tell!!"--

Seas the day! by Reef, Cora, author.
Date added:
Sep 8, 2023
Seas the day!

Simon learns his friend DeeDee is moving away from Coral Grove, and knows he will miss his friend, so he plans the best day ever, even if some have doubts.

Rosie's rhythm

"Clara arrives at Feather Palace and learns Rosie is preparing for the Garden Orchestra's annual concert, and she invites Clara to join the pegasus princesses' percussion section"--

The rise of the goldfish

To accomplish her evil plan to flood the town, Bubbles the goldfish has assembled an army of fish hiding in the town pipes, and it is up to Ember the Chihuahua to overcome his fear of water and rally the other pets to stop Bubbles.

The Moonbeams

Unicorn princesses Sunbeam and Moon start a show choir, inviting everyone in the enchanted Rainbow Realm to join, including human friend Cressida.

Mist's maze by Bliss, Emily, author.
Date added:
Sep 8, 2023
Mist's maze

After finding a magical feather in the woods, Clara Griffin is transported to the Winged Realm where she meets eight pegasus princesses and helps Princess Mist build a cloud maze.

Mia Mayhem and the wild garden

As part of her new mega-botany class at the Program for In-Training Superheroes, Mia Mayhem has to grow a plant from superseeds all on her own, but when her plant grows out of her control, she must find a way to stop the ensuing chaos.

Maddie and Mabel know they can

Adding lessons on perseverance and compassion to the themes of sisterhood and sibling relationships, this third book in the series follows Mabel, who has a risky big idea, and Maddie, who faces a big challenge, as they work together to succeed.

Ivy and Flame

"Ivy, Flame, and the rest of Ruby dorm must find the final piece of the treasure map, which will lead them to the Unicorn's Diamond, but someone else is determined to find it first"--

Goreball scrimmage

"When it comes to every monster's favorite game, Goreball, Zelli and the Danger Club are no match against the undefeated Waterdeep dragons. When all hope seems lost for the gang of misfits, an unlikely new friend steps up to teach them how to unlock theirhidden talents. Zelli and her friends will need to trust their new coach's advice if they plan to defeat the fearsome Waterdeep team. But it won't be easy--especially since their new coach is a dragon"--

Flip's fair by Bliss, Emily, author.
Date added:
Sep 8, 2023
Flip's fair

"Princess Flip and her sisters have invented the perfect potion to bring to the Wing Realm's annual potion fair, but when a potion mishap causes a caterpillar catastrophe, the Pegasus princesses will need all of Clara's creativity to save the day!"--