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Adventures of the super zeros by Bolts, Russ, author. Adventures of the super zeros

Joe and Rob have just made a huge discovery...they have superpowers! Joe can fly! And Rob can...well, Rob is still figuring out what his superpower is, but still! Clearly this means they must become superheroes and save the day. But when they discover that their powers are kind of ordinary in the Bot world, can they be heroes without being super?

Sep 2, 2020
Best buds forever by Maker, Martha, author. Best buds forever

"Emily Adams learns that an empty dirt lot in town used to be a beautiful garden but now it's about to be paved over. So, she decides to take action. Emily and her three crafty friends, Maddie, Bella, and Sam decide the best way to save the old garden is to create a new one! But first they have to get the neighborhood on board. They research why gardens are great for the environment and the community, and they present the information to their friends, family, and neighbors. The last person they

Sep 2, 2020
Bips and Roses by Citro, Asia/ Lindsay, Marion (ILT) Bips and Roses

Aug 28, 2020
Brain trouble by Griffith, Theanne, author. Brain trouble

"Visiting a Brain Fair is fun, but Violet and her friends get to learn even more amazing facts about the brain when they enter the magical Maker Maze" --

Sep 2, 2020
Cassie and Charm by McKain, Kelly, author. Cassie and Charm

Cassie is so excited to be at Pony Camp! She just wishes her old pony, Apple, was there with her. Still, she's going to do her best because there's a chance to ride cross country, and she really wants to try it!

Sep 4, 2020
Den of wolves by Quinn, Jordan, author. Den of wolves

"Dire wolves are among the rarest creatures in the Kingdom of Wrenly. The only proof that these beasts exist is what they leave behind: giant paw prints and haunting howls that echo on the wind. So when Prince Lucas and Lady Clara find a lost dire wolf pup, they must use all their skills to find the hidden den of wolves."--Jacket.

Sep 4, 2020
Emily and Emerald by McKain, Kelly, author. Emily and Emerald

Emily can't wait to have a pony of her own for the week, but she's feeling shy and nervous about joining in the fun at Pony Camp. Still, she hopes she can make some new friends and find a pony that's just right for her!

Sep 2, 2020
Fluffy & Freckles by Miles, Ellen, author. Fluffy & Freckles

Spending spring break in a Vermont cabin, Charles helps his father foster a stray puppy rescued from the snowy trail and an undersized newborn lamb that befriends the puppy, creating unexpected work for the Peterson family.

Sep 17, 2020
Grumplets and pests by Citro, Asia, author. Grumplets and pests

Intending to enjoy their summer with their magical friends, Zoey and Sassafras get a hint that something is wrong when everyone seems grumpy.

Aug 28, 2020
Henry Heckelbeck and the haunted hideout by Coven, Wanda, author. Henry Heckelbeck and the haunted hideout

Using his newfound magic to create a fort hideout where he can avoid his sister and friend, Henry is dismayed by unusual phenomena that cause him to suspect that his new fort is haunted.

Aug 28, 2020
Henry Heckelbeck Spells Trouble by Coven, Wanda/ Burris, Priscilla (ILT) Henry Heckelbeck Spells Trouble

Aug 28, 2020
How to test a friendship by Griffith, Theanne, author. How to test a friendship

With the help of a fun, odd scientist, third graders Violet, Pablo, and Deepak embark on an adventure in the Maker Maze, a magical laboratory full of robots, an antigravity chamber, 3D printers, and more.

Sep 2, 2020
I am Bella, star of the show by Stier, Catherine, author. I am Bella, star of the show

Bella the Jack Russell terrier loves being in the spotlight, and is very good at acting, but her dog brother, Chewy the German shepherd, always seems to get the big roles. Includes information about the breed and the role of the working dog.

Aug 28, 2020
I am Sammy, trusted guide by Stier, Catherine, author. I am Sammy, trusted guide

Sammy, a golden retriever, becomes a guide dog for Jessie, a college freshman who is blind, and constantly watches their big-city surroundings to keep her safe. Includes back matter about the breed and the role of the working dog.

Aug 28, 2020
Icing on the Snowflake by Soontornvat, Christina/ Szucs, Barbara Szepesi (ILT) Icing on the Snowflake

Sep 22, 2020
Lauren and Lucky by McKain, Kelly, author. Lauren and Lucky

Lauren loves learning dressage to music at Pony Camp -- it's just like dancing with her pony! But can she come up with a special routine for the display on Friday?

Sep 4, 2020
Library buddy by Kim, Carol, author. Library buddy

"Shawn and Kat Choi try to find a new activity that a goldendoodle with failing eyesight will love"--

Sep 2, 2020
Megan and Mischief by McKain, Kelly, author. Megan and Mischief

"Saddle up for a week in pony paradise! At Sunnyside Stables, each girl gets her own pony to look after and ride for a week. It's me, Megan! Jody, who runs Sunnyside Stables, gave me a fab diary to write down my adventures. I'm so excited about getting my own pony ... and I'm feeling a bit anxious too, because I've asked for a really fast pony! This is a big wow because at my local stables I always get stuck with plodders. But I'm ready for a challenge now, and Pony Camp is it ... I just hope I

Sep 2, 2020
Mia Mayhem Steals the Show! by West, Kara/ Hernandez, Leeza (ILT) Mia Mayhem Steals the Show!

Aug 28, 2020
Most valuable puppy by Kim, Carol, author. Most valuable puppy

"Shawn and Kat Choi must find a way to keep an energetic Jack Russell terrier calm before he's the first, and last, Doggie Daycare customer"--

Sep 4, 2020