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Comet's big win by Sunshine, Daisy, author. Comet's big win

At Unicorn University, Comet prefers making kitchen creations in the baking club to playing on the hoofball team, but she tries to do both for the sake of her friendship with Sapphire, however upcoming baking and hoofball competitions may prove to be toomuch for Comet.

Oct 12, 2021
Disney Encanto - The Junior Novelization by Cervantes, Angela (ADP) Disney Encanto - The Junior Novelization

Oct 12, 2021
Donut by Miles, Ellen, author. Donut

While at her Aunt Amanda's sleepaway doggy training camp, Lizzie Peterson must use her new training skills to help a dog named Donut get ready for her new home.

Oct 22, 2021
Edward by Miles, Ellen, author. Edward

This puppy is quite a handful. He doesn't listen, he's obsessed with his toy sheep, and he can't ride in the car sick. Has Lizzie met her match, or will she be able to train this pugnacious pug?

Oct 22, 2021
Eva's new pet by Elliott, Rebecca, author, illustrator. Eva's new pet

Eva is excited because her parents have agreed to let her get a new pet, but she is not sure what kind of pet to get--or how Baxter, her bat, will react to a new member of the family.

Oct 12, 2021
Heidi Heckelbeck and the snow day surprise by Coven, Wanda, author. Heidi Heckelbeck and the snow day surprise

After a week of non-stop rain, Heidi Heckelbeck and her friends' dreams of building snowmen and ice skating in the park are quickly washing away, until Heidi uses a little magic to help Mother Nature.

Oct 12, 2021
Henry Heckelbeck spy vs. spy / Spy Vs. Spy by Coven, Wanda, author. Henry Heckelbeck spy vs. spy / Spy Vs. Spy

"Henry enters into a spying contest with one of his best friends, Max Maplethorpe"--

Oct 12, 2021
Hidden cottage by Green, Poppy, author. Hidden cottage

Sophie the mouse, Hattie the frog, and Owen the snake find a charming and apparently abandoned cottage hidden in the woods, and soon start spending all their free time there, cleaning and fixing it up for Mrs. Rabbit's family who are in need of a home--the project is going find until the owner shows up.

Oct 12, 2021
Ivy lost and found by Lord, Cynthia, author. Ivy lost and found

"A toy that can be checked out just like a book, Ivy is taken home by a little girl and together they embark on an adventure that helps both of them find confidence and belonging in their changing worlds"--

Oct 19, 2021
Judy Moody in a Monday mood by McDonald, Megan, author. Judy Moody in a Monday mood

When her teacher Mr. Todd makes Monday special by celebrating Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Judy Moody's frown is turned upside down, prompting her to come up with the perfect idea to make this the best week ever.

Sep 27, 2021
Life is good by Higgins, Cam, author. Life is good

Farm puppy Bo experiences snow for the first time.

Oct 12, 2021
Mrs. Barr has gone too far! by Gutman, Dan, author. Mrs. Barr has gone too far!

"After noticing that A.J. and his friends' geography knowledge could use some work, Mr. Cooper invites to class just the person to help. Globetrotter Mrs. Barr speaks seven languages and has visited nearly two hundred countries! But why does she carry a suitcase everywhere she goes? And why does she open a window whenever she walks into a room? Perhaps Mrs. Barr has something to hide!--

Oct 12, 2021
Someone is missing! by Butler, Dori Hillestad, author. Someone is missing!

Through a series of letters, snobby cat Simon and good-natured dog Baxter team up--sort of-- to find Andy's missing school pet Louie, the leopard gecko.

Sep 27, 2021
The final treasure by Butler, Dori Hillestad, author. The final treasure

After their shocking discoveries on Summer Island, Marly, Sai, and Isla have one final set of clues to follow before reaching the end of their search.

Oct 12, 2021
The forest fairy pony by KilBride, Sarah, author. The forest fairy pony

Princess Evie feels anxious about starting a new school, but she gains confidence after she visits an enchanted forest with her magical pony and helps a forest fairy named Holly welcome new forest fairy pupils on their first day of fairy school.

Sep 27, 2021
The haunted woods by Glass, Calliope, author. The haunted woods

"When Sparkleton finds out he can get wish-granting magic just by camping out in the haunted woods, he packs his tent! His best friends, Willow and Gabe, are ready for adventure. But can they fend off ghostly lights, twisted ankles, creepy noises, and thedreaded Whirlwind Unicorn long enough to make Sparkleton's dream come true? Or will their dream sleepover turn into a nightmare?"--

Oct 12, 2021