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The wish that got away

When a wish escapes the Library and starts creating havoc at school, can Raven and Luca take what they have learned about wishes--and about themselves--to save their classmates?

Whiz kid

When Miles teams up with his friends to enter a citywide science competition, his cousin Cam, who made it to regionals the year before, offers to help, but while everyone else is rocking the project, Miles feels like the weak link.

Welcome to the island

Eight-year-old Isla Verde loves living on the ever-adventurous island of Sol with her best friend, a gecko named Fitz, but when a new girl moves next door, Isla has a hard time keeping her big secret--that she can talk to animals!

Welcome to Sparklegrove

Bo Tinseltail and friends welcome a jackalope family to Sparklegrove Forest, and when they learn the family is being chased by centaurs everyone bands together to help the jackalopes live in peace.

A troll lot of trouble

While working on a school science project in the forest, Andres and Desmond discover a bridge guarded by a lonely, riddle-loving troll.

Too small Tola gets tough

"When a new virus separates her family and her Grandmommy can no longer go out to work, Tola goes instead and works for the Diamond family where she makes new friends among the household staff and discovers that the wealthy have problems, too"--

Together forever

Can a magical wish make Raven and Luca best friends again after they quarrel over their double act in the school talent show?

Sweet dreams! by Anna, Holly, author.
Date added:
Mar 21, 2023
Sweet dreams!

"Daisy just woke up from the wildest dream ever. It's the kind she wanted to tell everyone about. But when she looks for Posey, he's nowhere to be found. Was her imaginary friend really imaginary the whole time?"--

Too cool for school

"The dreaded day has come--Freddy's parents have finally made him start going to school! Freddy feels bored there and misses inventing stuff and spending time with F.M., but Riya loves it and has made many new friends. However, while Freddy and Riya are away at school, the powerful Monkey King is drawn to the palace and takes it for his new home over the objections of F.M. and his mom and dad (while Igor loves having another monkey in the palace)"--

Stupendously Samson

"Ever since Maddie and her sister, Evie, moved with their family from the big city to a farm called Horsetail Hollow, it's been one magical adventure after another. A mixed-up wish has been bringing horses from fairy tale worlds to their farm--and the sisters are the only ones who can help them save their happily-ever-afters! In this must-have fourth book in the Horsetail Hollow series, Maddie and Evie make new friends and uncover new magical secrets about their home"--

Stroke of midnight

After a witch-in-training accidentally makes Prince Lucas and Lady Clara switch lives, the three kids must find a way to change Prince Lucas and Lady Clara back before the stroke of midnight.

Stink, superhero superfan

"Thanks to a trove of vintage comic books and a few forensic tips, Stink becomes a super sleuth in this episode honoring classic superheroes and mystery-solving"--

Space race

Abby and her classmate Dmitry, both eager to win the Space Race virtual reality obstacle, neglect to pay close attention to the rules, so when they accidentally get stuck in the simulation, they realize they will have to work together if they want to finda way out.

The shadow returns

Skull, the Shadow, and a few of the rat army escaped into Perodia, and now Tag and the other defenders must locate them, and also find their friend, Bod, who is still trapped in the Underland with the rest of the rat army.

The secret valentine

The Major Eights enter a competition at Center Stage Cafae but Scarlet is distracted, both by a mean new singer in a rival band and by an unsigned valentine.

The Secret Explorers and the desert disappearance

Filled with both facts and adventure, this nature-themed story follows biology explorer Leah and marine expert Connor as they set off into the Mexican desert where they must rescue a pack of wolf cubs while steering clear of dust storms.

The secret cabana

While on vacation at her family cabana, eight-year-old Isla Verde along with best friend Tora and gecko Fitz, search for the mysterious Canto Coast namesake--a mermaid.


Baron von Bubbles (Bub) the pug, Duchess the cat, and their human, Bella, are going to the countryside to visit Bella's grandmother for a few days, where they expect to have fun building forts and dressing up in the attic--but the attic seems to be haunted, and neither Bub nor Duchess can summon up the courage to face the ghost.

Rickshaw to horror - a Miss Mallard mystery

"When Miss Mallard visits Hong Kong, she encounters Marshall Gadwall, a retired English military duck, who seems to have the power to predict disasters. His predictions always come true, but as Miss Mallard examines the evidence, she finds someone's storydoesn't add up"--

Rica Baptista - llamas, iguanas, and my very best friend

With her best friend moving away, Rica Baptista needs a pet so she won't get lonely, but her parents are against it until an act of kindness and courage proves she is ready for the pet of her dreams.

Rhinos at recess

"The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie to Africa where they must use magic to save a rhino and her baby from poachers"--

Rainbow fairies 5-7 ; + Bonus pet fairy #1

Collects four stories featuring the Rainbow and Pet fairies, including "Sky the Blue Fairy," in which a little crab leads Rachel and Kirsty to a tide pool where Sky, the blue fairy, is trapped in a bubble, and Jack Frost's evil goblins attempt to thwart the rescue mission.

Rainbow fairies 1-4 / Ruby the Red Fairy / Amber the Orange Fairy / Sunny the Yellow Fairy / Fern the Green Fairy

Collects four stories featuring the Rainbow fairies, including "Ruby the Red Fairy," in which Ruby the Red Fairy tells Rachel and Kirsty that something terrible has happened and takes them to meet the Queen of the Fairies.

Pug's sleepover

Bub the pug and his human Bella plan a pirate-themed sleepover with their friends and discover that even as the best-laid plans go awry they can still have fun.

Principal for a day

While Raven is away, Luca breaks his promise to her and returns to the Wish Library, asking to be in charge at school, but being principal for a day is not all fun and games.

The pet parade

Through a series of letters, Simon, a grumpy and jealous cat, and good-natured Baxter, his boy's dog, discuss the upcoming parade in which Baxter will participate for the first time.

Our principal is a scaredy-cat!

"PS 88's beloved principal hears loud voices, but doesn't know where they are coming from. Could there be an invisible man on the loose? Or even a ghost in the halls of PS 88?"--

New shark in town

"It's Harvey Hammer's first day at Kelpmentary School. Harvey dreams of being just like King Krusher, his comic book hero, but as the new shark in town, he worries he'll sink before he swims with the rest of the kids"--

The new bandmate

Just before a big show, Jasmine breaks her arm causing the Major Eights to ask Leslie to stand in, but Jasmine worries the band will like Leslie better.

Mystery at Mermaid Cove

Itty must figure out why the mermaids of Lollyland have stopped singing.


Miles and his friend Jada both plan on inviting their grandparents to help in science class, and with Valentine's Day approaching, they realize Miles's Nana and Jada's Pop Pop might be a perfect match.

The marvelous museum

Harris, Roxy, and Zeke have one more adventure at a marvelous alien museum before heading back to Earth.

Lyra and Misty

Lyra is excited to start school at Unicorn Academy with her unicorn, Misty, but when she and her friends find a piece of a treasure map, they must solve the clues to find the next piece--and the hidden treasure--before someone else does.

Lost and found

"Sparkle, Glitter, Twinkle, and Flash are going on a field trip to Hopalong Haven, home of the bunnies! What kind of adventures will they have there?"--

Kittens are monsters!

Despite being warned that kittens are monsters, Ember the Chihuahua (who still aims for world domination) agrees to babysit a family of kittens for three days after the mother cat offers him an army in return.

King of the ice

"When his friend RJ bets that Miles will wipe out at the ice rink, he is determined to prove him wrong."--

Keeper of the gems

The gnomes of the Stone Forest are in trouble when all the gems in the forest lose their shine, so Prince Lucas and Lady Clara help the gnomes before their home changes forever.

Karen's prize

"Karen loves to spell words. She is very good at it, too. First she wins the spelling bee in her class. Then Karen wins another spelling contest. And another . . . and another! Soon Karen might be the best junior speller in the state of Connecticut. She'seven going to be on TV! Karen thinks that is so great. But her friends don't. They think Karen is a show-off!"-

Isadora Moon gets in trouble

Half-vampire, half-fairy Isadora Moon is excited about a visit from her older cousin, Mirabelle, who is half-fairy, half-witch, but when Mirabelle persuades Isadora to take a dragon to school, big trouble is in store.

I hate reading - how to read when you'd rather not

A irreverent guide to avoiding the mandated twenty minutes of reading per day.

I am Tucker, detection expert

Told from a canine perspective, an account of a day in the life of a detection dog finds Tucker the beagle joining a specially trained "beagle brigade" to sniff out environmentally unsafe items that may be passing through an airport.

I am Skye, finder of the lost

Border collie Skye, a trained therapy dog now learning search and rescue in a national park in California, has her first opportunity to help when a sixteen-year-old boy goes missing. Includes information about border collies and working dogs.


It has been a busy summer of makerspace projects at the library and monster hunting for the three members of the Super Secret Monster Patrol, and the puddles that are appearing all over town are a clue to the identity of another monster--an angry hydra water monster who is obsessed with cleaning up (literally) the town of Stermont, even if it means drowning all the messy children who live there.

Henry Heckelbeck chills out

On a snowy day in Brewster, Henry keeps warm with a little magic while competing against his friends in a series of winter contests.

Henry Heckelbeck and the great frog escape

When Henry accidentally brings a frog home from Brewster Creek he plans to return it the next day, but things quickly turn chaotic when the frog escapes, and now Henry must try everything, even magic, to catch the energetic amphibian.

Heidi Heckelbeck sunshine magic

When Heidi and her family take a trip to Castle Spell Cove, she befriends an unusual girl named Sunny who has a magical secret that will change Heidi's life forever.

Have a slice day

On a trip to school, a chick and duckling learn about fractions, tally marks, and pizza, and share what they have learned back at the coop. Includes recipe for pizza muffin treats.

The giants' farm

A big-hearted group of giants living on a farm have many hilarious adventures as they work together to call Fe-Fi-Fo Farm home sweet home.

Ghoulia and the mysterious visitor

Auntie Departed invited all of Ghoulia's friends, and a grouchy cousin she had never met, to a surprise dinner party, but the biggest surprise is that Auntie is missing. Includes instructions on how to write an invitation and how to plant a garden.

Ghoulia and the ghost with no name

Unless Ghoulia can discover the name of a young ghost, who arrived at Crumbling Manor just before the "Dead but Not Departed" New Year's Eve Party, he will vanish forever.

Ghoulia and the doomed manor

Ghoulia and cousin Dilbert come up with a plan--and a potion--to prevent the town planner from seizing Auntie Witch's Fancy Manor as abandoned property. Includes a recipe for Back-to-Life potion.

Game day by Penney, Shannon, author.
Date added:
Mar 21, 2023
Game day

"It's time for some pawsome fun at Cutiecorn Academy! The pups will get to race, dress up in wacky fur, and best of in the first ever CutieBowl. Sparkle, Glitter, and Twinkle are having a barking great time, but Flash's magic isn't working theway she wants it to. Can she figure out why before game day?"--

The Frost Festival

Itty and her best friend Luna Unicorn enjoy all the snowy activities at the Frost Festival, but before Itty can judge the ice sculpture competition, an ice pick goes missing and one sculptor blames another for stealing, so Itty must find the missing carving tool and find a way to settle the argument.

Flamenco to mischief

While on holiday in Spain, world-famous duck detective Miss Mallard and her nephew Willard Widgeon search for a stolen painting.

Fight with the freeze-ray fowls

"Cousins Malia, Dante, and Ivan must face off against the evil queen of 13th Street. But she has lots of monsters on her side, including birds that can freeze you with a look! Can the cousins defeat her and shut down 13th Street once and for all? Each story in this hilarious and safely spooky series from award-winning author David Bowles is designed to set independent readers up for success."--

Extraordinary Warren saves the day

When Egg disappears while learning to fly, Warren sets out to find his new friend.

Evie and Sunshine

Even though Evie and her unicorn Sunshine may be a bit clumsy, they can still help their friends look for a hidden treasure, but when strange accidents begin happening at the school, they wonder if someone else is out to find the treasure too.

Don't go near the water!

"Asim's class field trip to the Salish Sea starts another whirlwind adventure for him and his friends, but this time the mystery lives underwater"--

Doggo and Pupper search for cozy

"When Cat announces that the Humans have given her a surprise present, Doggo and Pupper are all ears. But when they find out that Cat has a new bed and misses her old one, they set out to help her search for cozy"--

Deep in the rain forest

Isla, her best gecko friend, Fitz, and a few new animal friends, investigate the mysterious sounds coming from the rainforest.

Daisy's defining day

Loving language and resolving to shed herself of a mean-spirited nickname given to her by a teasing peer, Daisy, who has learned about alliteration in school, searches for "D" words that describe her, in hopes of finding a better nickname.

Curse of the shadow dragon

The Dragon Masters discover that a Shadow Dragon named Chaya and his Dragon Master Aruna are responsible for a huge shadow stretching across the sky, but how do they have so much power and why are other wizards around the world losing theirs?

The book no one wants to read

"A lonely book makes a deal with its reader: 'You keep turning my pages, and I'll make it fun.' If you think reading is boring, then you can pretend to read this book! All you have to do is sit here and turn the pages. Everyone will think you're reading"--

Catching the velociraptor

"Meet Jamie, a member of the Dinosaur Club. They are a network of kids around the world who love to share dinosaur knowledge, help identify fossils, post dino discoveries, and chat about all things prehistoric. Jamie has just moved to Ammonite Bay, a stretch of coastline famous for its fossils. He is busy exploring when he discovers some dinosaur footprints and is transported back to the time of the dinosaurs! It sounds like Jamie needs some help from the Dinosaur Club when he comes across a sne

Blast off!

It is Abby Baxter's first day of third grade on the OASIS International Space Station and she is determined not to make any mistakes, but getting used to microgravity, watching her little brother, Nico, and meeting her new classmates, causes her to almostmess up Mami' big experiment.

Best friends forever

The friendship of tall Gollie and short Bink is tested by Gollie's queenly airs, a lack of pancakes, and their shared profile in a book of record holders.

Barkley by Miles, Ellen, author.
Date added:
Mar 21, 2023

"Barkley takes Lizzies breath away... literally! Barkley, the Great Pyrenees, is a ball of energy, and far too big for the apartment he has been living in. Lizzie does her best to teach him manners, but she can't make him smaller! Then Lizzie stumbles onwhat just might be the perfect place for this protective, patient pup. Can Lizzie help Barkley get settled in his dream home?"--

Bad Kitty. Super Cat

When her owners decide it's time for Kitty to have a play date with her friend Strange Kitty, they go on a scavenger hunt to recover the Orbs of Destiny as Super Cat and Captain Fantasticat and encounter Dr. Lagomorph, who is plotting to turn the ninety-two universes into cheese.

Amy and the emerald snake

Amy is excited for her step-sister to visit, but when everyone, including the snake the Critter Club is watching, seems to love Chloe, Amy starts to wonder if they all like Chloe more than they like her.

The amazing odorous adventures of Stinky Dog

Under a deadline from his editor, Howie the wire-haired dachshund creates a story featuring a superhero whose ability to stink enables him and his sidekick, a sparrow named Little D, to fight crime in Central City.

All you need is mud

Bo and his pig pal Zonk play in the mud together, but when Zonk's pet rock Rocky gets chipped and Zonk is upset, Bo must learn how to be a good, supportive friend to Zonk.

Owl tree by Montgomery, R. A.
Date added:
Mar 6, 2023
Owl tree

"Have you ever read a book that's about you? This book is! You and your friend Sally like to hike together in the forest near your neighborhood. One afternoon you discover a beautiful tree that is the home to many different types of owls. Why do all these birds live together in the same old tree? They seem to have magical powers. You can ask them questions about the future, or ask them to take you on a magical journey to a far-away kingdom. Sally is a great friend and you both love adventures. Y

Monsters of the deep

Your brother and sister are deep-sea explorers that have discovered the ancient Lost City of Atlantis. Now you get to explore the mysteries of the sea, and you have 8 possible endings to your story.