Civics and Social Studies

Civics and Social Studies

Materials to familiarize the reader with human society including the civics, economics, geography, history, law, philosophy, and government.

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American Government: Congress

John Perritano
LIBERTY 328.73 Per

Congress has a specific role in U.S. government. But what is it? How does it work? And how can you get involved? This handbook illustrates all aspects of the lawmaking branch. (Intermediate level)

American Government: Foundations

John Perritano
LIBERTY 320.4 Per

Foundations explains the beginnings of the American political system, including historical background. Chapters introduce the concepts of a federal republic, with relevant and engaging and graphics. (Intermediate level)

American Government: Office of the President

John Perritano
LIBERTY 352.23 Per

This short handbook details the specific jobs of the president, including chief of state, chief executive, and commander-in-chief, plus the role of the president's cabinet and the limited powers of the office. (Intermediate level)

American Government: Political Parties

John Perritano
LIBERTY 324.273 Per

Political Parties are not mentioned in the Constitution. How did they come about? Why are they important? This handbook examines the two-party system in the U.S. and how it evolved. (Intermediate level)

American Government: Supreme Court

John Perritano
LIBERTY 347.7326 Per

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial court in the U.S. It has the final say on whether laws violate the Constitution. This handbook defines the role of the court and how it is essential to the rule of law. (Intermediate level)

American History 1: Discovery—1877

Saddleback Educational Publishing
VITAL 973 Ame

Discover early American history with this workbook that includes short reading passages, maps, graphics, and primary sources excerpts to explain historical facts, concepts and ideas. (Intermediate level) 2 Book Series

American History 2: 1870—The Obama Presidency

Saddleback Educational Publishing
VITAL 973 Ame

Explore American history with this workbook that includes short reading passages, maps, graphics, and primary sources excerpts to explain historical facts, concepts and ideas. (Intermediate Level) 2 Book Series

The Everything American Government Book: From the Constitution to Present-Day Elections, All You Need to Understand Our Democratic System

Nick Ragone
320.473 Rag

Learn about the U.S. democratic system, its laws, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Gain understanding of the functions of each government branch and how they work together while becoming more knowledgeable of public policy, decision-making, and ways to get involved. 

Everything You Need to Ace American History in One Big Fat Notebook: The Complete Middle School Study Guide

Lily Rothman
973.071 Rot
Series: Complete middle school study guide Big fat notebook

Notebook like format summarizes key concepts and highlights important points. Includes definitions, simple illustrations, mnemonic memory aids and end of chapter quizzes.

History of Our World: People, Places, and Ideas

Henry Billings
VITAL 320.473 Rag

Overview of world history from early societies to 21st century explained with charts, graphs, timelines and diagrams. Incudes atlas, glossary and index (intermediate level) Book  (Teacher's Edition and Classroom Resource Binder also in VITAL collection)

The Oxford Illustrated Social Studies Dictionary
300.3 Oxf

Social Studies vocabulary with illustrations provide more easily understood definitions of concepts. (high-beginning and intermediate)

Timed Readings Plus in Social Studies, Book 1: 25 Two-Part Lessons with Questions for Building Reading Speed and Comprehension
428.43 Ti
Series: Timed readings plus in social studies

400-word passages on a variety of Social Studies topics with literal and critical comprehension questions formatted like those found on standardized tests help increase reading stamina and fluency. Timed reading element can be used to build reading speed. 10 Book series (Intermediate to Advanced)

U.S. Government Through Infographics

Nadia Higgins
320.473 Hig
Series: Super social studies infographics

Comparisons of U.S. government to other governments and how the systems and laws change over time. Features charts, maps, and illustrations of key concepts in American government.

US Geography Through Infographics

Nadia Higgins
Series: Super social studies infographics

Learn about the 50 states, their landscapes and climates with charts, maps, and illustrations that provide a visual story of the geography of the U. S. A.

Using Google Earth: Bring the World into Your Classroom. Level 6-8

JoBea Holt
910 Hol

How to use Google Earth with step-by-step instructions, lessons, and activities that integrate it into social studies, as well as science, mathematics, and English language arts study. Included lessons are differentiated by learning styles with leveled activities, and suggestions for extension activities. Teacher Resource CD includes templates and directions. Book +CD

Social Studies

American History

Saddleback Educational Publishing
973 Ame

Series of 2 workbooks that explore American history from discovery to the Obama presidency. Includes short reading passages and comprehension questions, incorporates, maps, charts and graphs. (Intermediate)