English Conversation Groups

English Conversation Groups

Have fun teaching English as a New Language. These resources have practical activities for teaching conversational English in a group setting. Help your students learn practical phrases, vocabulary, and conversation strategies to improve their communication skills.

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Audra L.
39 No-Prep/Low-Prep ESL Speaking Activities: for teenagers and adults

Jackie Bolen
VITAL 428.24 Bol

In 39 No-Prep/Low-Prep ESL Speaking Activities, you'll get over three-dozen ideas to use in your own classroom. The highly-detailed descriptions will show you exactly how to use the activities during your lessons.

50 Scatter Sheets: ESL activities and discussion questions to warm up the class, introduce a theme, activate vocabulary and improve fluency

VITAL 428.24 Fif

Use Scatter Sheets to bring vocabulary to life. This A4-sized book contains fifty themed Scatter Sheets, each accompanied by a worksheet and discussion questions to help cement your students' learning.

Activities, Games, and Assessment Strategies for the Foreign Language Classroom

Amy Buttner
VITAL 428.24 But

This book provides easy-to-use resources to help you write fun lesson plans. With over 100 activities and games, this book also includes rubrics, spreadsheets, materials lists, and templates.

English Brainstormers! Ready-to-use games and activities that make language skills fun to learn

Maureen Umstatter
VITAL 428.24 Ums

A unique collection of over 180 fun-filled, ready-to-use activities that help build the skills your students need for test-taking and overall academic success. These activities make learning enjoyable and stimulating while covering the entire English curriculum, including grammar, mechanics, vocabulary, creative writing, literature, research, and critical thinking.

Jim Witherspoon
VITAL 428.24 Wit

Do you like vigorous, quick-moving lessons with lots of classroom interaction? If so, you'll like English Comes Alive! Dr. Witherspoon opens with 60 favorite, wake-them-up activities. Then he writes about role playing, creative speaking, correcting slip-ups, acting out words and sentences, outdoor activities, and much more.

ESL Active Learning Lessons: 15 complete content-based units to reinforce language skills and concepts

Imogene Forte, Mary Ann Pangle
VITAL 428.24 For

Fifteen comprehensive units provide valuable practice of basic language instruction for English language learners. Each unit requires students to listen, speak, read, and write as they move through four levels of activities. Follow the clues in the cafeteria, manage money, master measurement, track transportation, understand the human body, and more with this helpful resource.

Penny Ur
VITAL 428.24 Ur

A collection of over 100 ideas for the foreign language classroom provides a convenient reference work for established activities and an introduction to a large number of new ones, all of which can be used effectively with little or no preparation.

Fun Class Activities for Teachers Book 1

Peter Watcyn-Jones
VITAL 428.24 Wat

Sixty-five games and activities ideal for teachers who wish to inject some laughter into their lessons.

Games for Language Learning

David Betteridge Wright, Michael Buckby
VITAL 428.24 Wri

Games provide meaningful and enjoyable language practice at all levels and for all age groups. They can be used to practice any of the skills- speaking, listening, reading and writing- at any stage of the learning process, from controlled repetition through guided practice to free expression. This revised edition has been restructured to enable busy teachers to navigate it with ease and select the activities most suitable for each of their classes.

Nigel M. Openshaw
VITAL 428.24 Ope

This book comes with three lessons that cover English conversation and discussion for Intermediate levels.

Language is Served: games, writing prompts, and other language arts activities on the yummy topic of food

Cheryl Miller Thurston
VITAL 428.0071 Thu

Includes word games, writing prompts, lessons, and writing activities that involve research, creativity, and application of skills studied in class. Activities include, Cheesy Rhymes, Appetizing Antonyms, Sizzling Synonyms, Dishing up the Internet, and Overstuffed Sentences. The author uses a sense of humor to teach serious writing skills and to engage students in playing with words and language-an important step in learning to use our language skillfully.

Ready, Set, English! 225 ready-to-use starter activities for grades 6-12

Sandra McTavish
VITAL 428.00712 Mac

This practical resource gives new and experienced English teachers over 225 reproducible one-page activities to build a wide range of skills across the English curriculum. The activities are presented in an exciting variety of formats and can be used in any order to supplement and enrich teaching/ learning.

Jill Bell
VITAL 428 Be

Contents include The Multilevel Class, Planning a Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation, Classroom Management, Activities for the Whole Class, Group Activities, Pair Work, Individual Self-Access Material, A Sample Lesson Sequence, and Useful Resources.

Hania Hassan
VITAL 427.09 Has

A complete advanced English as a second language (ESL) course in American slang, this book presents a story about four 20-something characters in 30 short dialogues. Each dialogue is followed by classroom-tested questions that help students master the new terms. The story aids in the recall of slang terms and their meanings, and provides usage examples appropriate to social contexts. The book includes a glossary, a dictionary of slang terms introduced, pronunciations, and sample sentences.