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Learn the rules of grammar from capitalization, plurals, possessives, personal pronouns, and punctuation, to verb tenses and subject-verb agreement. Study grammar rules and learn to compose sentences and paragraphs for improved written and spoken communication. Find online resources for grammar at Perfect English Grammar and English Page.

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Grammar Instruction
60 Kinesthetic Grammar Activities

Alice Savage
VITAL 372.6 Sav

The benefits of kinesthetic language learning activities are many, including teaching gesture and non-verbal communication, activating our embodied mind, making grammar memorable, and many more. All of the activities require little to zero preparation, easy to adapt to your classroom, and flexible enough to work with a variety of target language points.

Basic English Grammar

Betty Schrampfer Azar
VITAL 428.24 Aza
Series: Azar Basic English Grammar

Student book, workbook, and teacher’s guide offer beginning level lessons with grammar chart examples, comprehensive reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises using real-life situations. Includes irregular verb appendix. Series includes Fundamentals of English Grammar (intermediate level) and Understanding and Using English Grammar (advanced level). Book and CD.


Focus on Grammar

Marjorie Fuchs
VITAL 428.24 Foc
Series: Focus on Grammar

Help students understand and practice English grammar through contextualized listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. The integrated skills approach combines controlled and communicative practice with critical thinking skills. Teacher's guide and CD.

Fun with Grammar: Communicative Activities for the Azar Grammar Series

Suzanne W. Woodward
VITAL 428.2 Woo

Designed for use with the Azar Grammar series, though many activities are standalone. Organized by topic (with appropriate level and estimated time allocation) and includes paired and group activities, as well as reproducible worksheets.

Grammar Sense

Susan Kesner Bland
VITAL 428.2 Gra
Series: Grammar Sense Series 1–4

Each level has student books, workbooks, and a teacher’s guide providing grammar definitions and use with extensive reading, writing, speaking, and listening practice using real-life situations. Book and CD.

Grammar Reference Guides
Correct Me if I'm Wrong: Getting Your Grammar, Punctuation, and Word Usage Right!

Arlene Miller
VITAL 428.2 Mil

This text provides a brief grammar review, answers to common grammar, word usage, and punctuation questions with a detailed comma usage section.

The Grammar Book

Diane Larsen-Freeman
VITAL 428.2 Lar

This comprehensive grammar reference and course book explains the form, meaning, and use of grammatical constructions, as well as information on identifying and addressing student challenges with teaching instructions and exercises.


Grammar Smart

Penguin Random House
- Publisher
VITAL 428.2 Gra

This second edition covers basic parts of speech, pronoun/verb agreement, and sentence diagrams; a grammar terms glossary is also provided. Also available as an eBook on Libby.

The Infographic Guide to Grammar: a Visual Reference for Everything You Need to Know

Jara Kern
VITAL 425 Ker

Mastering grammar is now easier than ever with this fully illustrated guide that covers the most important rules in grammar and punctuation—making even the most confusing rules easy to understand. This illustrated guide to English grammar gives you everything you need for a better understanding of how to write and punctuate correctly. 

Grammar Self-Study Guides
Basic American Grammar and Usage: An ESL/EFL Handbook

Marcel Danesi
VITAL 428.24 Dan

Short lessons with practice exercises on parts of speech, phrasal and idiomatic verbs, commonly confused words, miscellaneous expressions, basic conversation, written communication, and more. Includes irregular verb appendix.

Basic Grammar in Use: Workbook with Answers

William R. Smalzer
VITAL 428.24 Sma
Series: Grammar in Use

Short units provide introductory level grammar instruction with activities covering verb tenses, modals, imperatives, auxiliary and phrasal verbs, word order, conjunctions, clauses, determiners. Answer key included.

The Best Little Grammar Workbook Ever!

Arlene Miller
VITAL 428.2 Mil

Companion to The Best Little Grammar Book Ever! Speak and Write with Confidence/Avoid Common Mistakes. Parts of speech, sentence structure, clauses/phrases, frequently confused words, punctuation, agreement, redundancy, irregular verbs and more are presented with brief descriptions. There are a variety of exercises and a test at the end of each chapter.


Easy English Grammar Step-By-Step: Master High Frequency Skills for Grammar Proficiency - FAST!

Phyllis Dutwin
VITAL 428.2 Dut

You'll learn essential concepts and high-frequency skills in grammar proficiency first, allowing you to grasp the subject almost immediately. You'll then discover how these important concepts link together through clear explanations, level-appropriate exercises, and helpful worked-out problems.

English For Everyone. English Grammar Guide
VITAL 428.24 Eng
Series: English for Everyone

This is a grammar reference guide supplement to English for Everyone.

English Grammar [DVD]
Series: English Grammar

This 10-disk series presents examples and practice exercises using real-life situations to describe the parts of speech, parallel structure, agreement, sentence structure, and sentence compliments. Includes access to an online downloadable study guide. DVD.

English Grammar In Use, English Grammar In Use Intermediate

Raymond Murphy
VITAL 428.24 Mur
Series: Grammar in Use

Short units provide comprehensive intermediate level grammar instruction with a variety of activities covering verb forms, modals, passive voice, articles, relative clauses, phrasal verbs, includes irregular verbs, and more.

English in Context: Grammar and Usage
VITAL 425 Gra

This workbook provides short explanations followed by various practice exercises offering an introduction to grammar fundamentals and the rules of English with usage notes and hints for avoiding common errors.

Painless Grammar

Rebecca Elliott
VITAL 428.24 Ell

This new edition of Painless Grammar provides students with a lighthearted, step-by-step approach to understanding English grammar. Inside you'll find comprehensive coverage of English grammar, including parts of speech, punctuation, examples on constructing sentences by using grammar rules, and much more.

Word Smart + Grammar Smart

Adam Robinson
VITAL 428.1 Rob

This text reviews the basic parts of speech, sentence components, and common grammar errors. Book and CD.