English Pronounciation

Pronouncing words correctly can be one of the hardest parts of learning English. The best way to learn is by listening and practicing! Gain confidence in your speaking skills—from ordering a cup of coffee to making a presentation. Check out the popular “ESL Lab” and other online resources at VITAL Online Learning.

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Bethany T.
The American Accent Guide

Beverly A. Lujan
VITAL 421.54 Luj

Develop English communication skills for professional advancement and social situations. This comprehensive guide provides interactive exercises using everyday language. Includes guidance for speakers of these specific languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, German, Iranian, and Indian. Book and CD.

American Accent Training

Ann Cook
VITAL 428.34 Coo

Pronunciation exercises cover all vowel sounds, consonants, blends, and diphthongs. A detailed nationality guide provides resources for these 10 languages and accent variations: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Korean, Arabic, and the U.S. Southern accent. Book and CD.

Clear Speech from the Start

Judy B. Gilbert
VITAL 428.34 Gil

Beginning level students learn the basics of American English pronunciation and listening comprehension. Practice exercises and instruction, including rhythm, stress, intonation, and speech sounds for basic English vocabulary. Book and CD.

Clear Speech: Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension

Judy B. Gilbert
VITAL 428.34 Gil

Intermediate level students practice and improve speech production and listening comprehension. Practice activities emphasize vowels, minimal pairs, word stress, and emphasis for clearer speech. A teacher’s guide is also available. Book and CD.

English Pronunciation Made Simple

Paulette Dale
VITAL 428.34 Dal

Learn and practice English pronunciation and sound patterns with listening, reading, and participating in conversation activities. Practical tips and illustrations provide clear instruction for classroom use or self-study. Book and CD.

Focus on Pronunciation 1

Linda Lane
VITAL 428.34 Lan

For beginning to high-beginning students of English. Includes focused practice with vowels, consonants, and stress, rhythm, and intonation. Includes explanations and diagrams, activities, games, dialogues, and listening and speaking tasks. Part of the Focus on Pronunciation series (three levels). Book and CD.

The Lost Secret of Speaking Perfect English: the Moving Mouth Dictionary

Peter F. Bulmer
VITAL 423 Bul

The "Moving Mouth Dictionary" technique provides a very simple approach to perfecting English speaking and pronunciation. It is geared to help students and business people speak naturally clear English, taking much of the guessing out of pronunciation and spelling; English will become more of a physical activity, rather than a cerebral academic subject. 

Mastering the American Accent

Lisa Mojsin
VITAL 428.34 Moj

Provides detailed instruction for speaking with a standard American accent, covering problem consonants, syllable stress, and intonation. Correct lip and tongue positions for all sounds are discussed in detail. The audio download is also available.

Perfecting Your English Pronunciation

Susan Cameron
VITAL 428.34 Cam

Improve English pronunciation by retraining articulation muscles, and practicing sounds of English and stress in words and sentences. Text accompanies instructional video. The audio is available at mhlanguagelab.com.

Pronounce it Perfectly in English

Jean Yates
VITAL 428.813 Yat

These pronunciation exercises emphasize speaking, sound discrimination, and standard intonation patterns in American-style English. Recognition of these patterns is essential to fluent speech and listening comprehension. Book and CD.

Pronunciation Pairs

Ann Baker
VITAL 421.54 Bak

This text introduces all the speech sounds of American English, as well as spelling, intonation, and stress. Practice exercises include listening tasks, dialogues, games, puzzles, and guided conversations. A teacher’s guide is available. Book and CD.

Pronunciation Practice: the Sounds of North American English

Carol Burrill
VITAL 428.3 Bur

Each lesson first presents one of the sounds of English in various word positions. The second part of each lesson is a conversation using vocabulary from the first part. Students get to hear natural, conversational English and practice it.

Well Said Intro: Pronunciation for Clear Communication

Linda Grant, Eve Einselen Yu
VITAL 428.25 Gra
Series: Well Said

This guide is designed to improve the pronunciation and communication skills of students from all language backgrounds, from beginning to low-intermediate levels.