Kerrily Sapet
J 685.31 Sap

People call them All Stars, Chuck Taylors, Chucks, and Cons. Converse sneakers go by many names. For more than 100 years, they have been some of the most popular sneakers in the world. Everyone from kids to actors wear Converse sneakers to show their personality and style. Recommended ages 8-12.

How Fashion Designers Use Math

John C Bertoletti
J 746.92 Ber

There's more to being a fashion designer than being creative. To buy the correct amounts of fabric, get the measurements just right on anew shirt, plan a successful fashion show, or figure out how much ot charge for the clothes they make, fashion designers use math every day. Recommended ages 7-10

Industrial Design

Carla Mooney
J 745.2 Moo

Explore the engineering design process from its earliest beginnings, to today. Using inquiry-based STEM activities, kids ages 10 to 15 read all about good design, which combines the right materials, colors, details, and form to make a person want to buy and use a product. Recommended ages 10-12.

Leaps and Creeps: How Animals Move to Survive

Robin Koontz
J 591.479 Koo

From hiking boots to high heels, different shoes serve different purposes.  This is a mimicking of the many means of locomotion in the animal world - learn how different animals bodies are suited to their environment, and apply this knowledge to shoe design.  Recommended ages 8-12.

Maker Projects for Kids Who Love Fashion

Sarah Levete
J 746.92 Lev

In this highly visual title, readers will find out where fashion trends originate, learn about cutting-edge technologies such as digital prints and smart clothing, and discover how to use up-cycling to create original fashion statements. The book includes several imaginative Maker projects to inspire readers to create works of fashion art. Recommended ages 8-10.

Running Wild: Awesome Animals in Motion

Galadriel Watson
J 591.479 Wat

Creatures sprint, slither, and soar in this STEM-driven dive into the extraordinary, everyday ways animals move! A squid jets through the ocean like a rocket.  Whether on the hunt for something to eat, on the run from being eaten, or in search of a mate or a safe place to live, their lives depend on marvelous motion. In this fascinating introduction to biomechanics, this book draws on biology, physics, and other sciences to show readers the incredible ways a variety of creatures move to meet their everyday needs--and overcome the physical forces working against them. Recommended ages 8-12. 


Wendy Blaxland
J 685.3 Bla

Discover more about the many processes that go into the commercial manufacturing of sneakers, from the acquisition of raw materials all the way until the shoes hit the store shelf. Recommended ages 8-12.

So, You Want to Work in Fashion?: How to Break Into the World of Fashion and Design

Patricia Wooster
J 746.9202 Woo

A guide to landing a dream job in fashion and design profiles industry career opportunities, from clothing design and fashion photography to models and colorists, sharing inspiring true stories, activity suggestions, and helpful resources. Recommended ages 9-12.