I Never Saw That Coming

The Double Bind

Chris Bojhalien

Fact and fiction become indistinguishable in The Double Bind, a story centering on a young social worker who survived a near-rape. She stumbles across photographs taken by a former homeless client and tries to understand how a man who'd taken snapshots of celebrities in the 50s and 60s might have wound up on the streets. As she seeks answers to his past she also must face dark events from her own.  

The Getaway Man

Andrew Vachss
MYS Vachss

Eddie, the narrator, is a quiet, not-too-bright loner who loves to drive cars. Joyriding and a few stints in juvenile prisons lead him to hard time and hardened thugs who see potential in his single-minded loyalty--when Eddie's out front in the car, he waits until his partners come out, whether the cops are coming or not. He finds himself partnered with a tough ex-con planning the ultimate noir cliche: one last big score so they can all retire. Watch out for the big surprise!

Judas Child

Carol O'Connell
MYS Oconnel

When two fifth-graders are kidnapped from their school, two adults afflicted by their own tragedies are drawn into the investigation. The killer in a 15-year-old murder was supposedly caught, but similarities between that case and the current one raise doubts. In the earlier case, the killer used a note from one captured child (the Judas child) to lure a friend; the reader knows that this is again the pattern, just as we know, or think we know, where the girls are being held.

Nineteen Minutes

Jodi Picoult

An alienated teen brings weapons to his high school and opens fire, killing 10 people. Flashbacks reveal how bullying caused him to retreat into a world of violent computer games. The judge assigned to the case tries to maintain her objectivity as she struggles to understand her daughter who is one of the surviving witnesses.


Will Lavender

At a Midwestern university, students are taking Logic and Reasoning 204, taught by enigmatic Professor Williams. They quickly learn this is a course like no other. Their single assignment is to find a missing 18-year-old girl in six weeks time--or else, Williams asserts, she will be murdered. As the students begin investigating the assignment they unearth clues that seem all too real. Is this merely an academic exercise?

Presumed Innocent

Scott Turow

Rusty Sabich, family man and assistant county prosecutor, is handed an explosive case- the brutal murder of a woman who happens to be his former lover. A shocking turn of events suddenly transforms him from the accuser into the accused and plunges him into a nightmare world where nothing seems real and no one can be presumed innocent.

Shutter Island

Dennis Lehane

Lehane's novel carries an ending so shocking yet so faithful to the story that it is one of the greatest plot twists written. In summer 1954, two U.S. marshals arrive on Shutter Island to investigate the disappearance of a patient from the hospital for the criminally insane that dominates the island. As a major hurricane bears down on the island, inciting a riot among the insane and cutting off all access to the mainland, they begin to fear for their lives. There are mysteries within mysteries in this novel.

Southern Discomfort

Rita Mae Brown

A tale of two decades in Montgomery Alabama--a world where all is not what it seems. Hortensia Reedmuller Banastre is a beautiful woman entrenched in old money, white magnolia and a loveless marriage--until she meets an utterly gorgeous young prizefighter. Hortensia struggles to survive the emotions caused by her scandalous love. How she ultimately triumphs is a touching and beautiful human drama--an intense and exuberant affair of the heart.

The Thirteenth Tale

Diane Setterfield

Margaret Lea, a biographer, is contacted by renowned aging author Vida Winter, who finally wishes to tell her own, long-hidden, life story. Margaret travels to Yorkshire, where she interviews the dying writer, walks the remains of her estate at Angelfield and tries to verify the old woman's tale of a governess, a ghost and more than one abandoned baby.