African Culture
 Elizabeti's Doll

S. A. Bodeen
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej St)

When a young Tanzanian girl gets a new baby brother, she finds a rock, which she names Eva, and makes it her baby doll.

Mama Panya's Pancakes : A Village Tale from Kenya

Mary Chamberlin
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Cha)

Mama Panya has just enough money to buy ingredients for a few pancakes, so when her son Adika invites all their friends to join them, she is sure there will not be enough to go around.

African American Culture
 Freedom in Congo Square

Carole Boston Weatherford
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 973.0496 Wea)

This poetic, nonfiction story about a little-known piece of African American history captures a human’s capacity to find hope and joy in difficult circumstances and demonstrates how New Orleans' Congo Square was truly freedom’s heart.

Bronzeville Boys and Girls

Gwendolyn Brooks
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 811.54 Bro)

This classic picture book from Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Gwendolyn Brooks, paired with full-color illustrations by Caldecott Honor artist Faith Ringgold, explores the lives and dreams of the children who live together in an urban neighborhood.

Fishing Day

Andrea Davis Pinkney
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Pi)

When Reenie and her mother, who are African Americans, go fishing, Reenie decides to share the secret of their success with their needy White neighbors.

Let's Clap, Jump, Sing & Shout; Dance, Spin & Turn It Out!

Pat McKissack
- Collected by
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 305.896 Mck)

A Newbery Honor-winning author and a two-time Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator present a collection of classic, culturally inspired hand clap games, circle games, songs and poems, including "Eenie, Meenie Sassafreeny," "Little Sally Walker" and "Amazing Grace."

The People Could Fly

Virginia Hamilton
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 People Could Ham)

In this retelling of a folktale, a group of slaves, unable to bear their sadness and starvation any longer, calls upon the African magic that allows them to fly away.

This is the Rope : A Story from the Great Migration

Jacqueline Woodson
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Woo)

A rope passed down through the generations frames an African American family's story as they journey north during the time of the Great Migration.

Chinese Culture
Little White Duck: A Childhood in China

Andrés Vera Martínez
(Juvenile Graphic Novels - J Martine)

A young girl describes her experiences growing up in China, beginning with the death of Chairman Mao in 1976.

Long-Long's New Year : a Story About the Chinese Spring Festival

Catherine Gower
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Go)

A little Chinese boy named Long-Long accompanies his grandfather into the city to sell cabbages in order to buy food and decorations for the New Year.

Laurence Yep
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.208 Ye)

A collection of twenty Chinese folk tales that were passed on by word of mouth for generations, as told by some oldtimers newly settled in the United States.

Hispanic Culture
Speak English for Us, Marisol!

Karen English
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej En)

Marisol, who is bilingual, is sometimes overwhelmed when her Spanish-speaking family members and neighbors need her to translate for them.

Yes! We are Latinos

Alma Flor Ada, F. Isabel Campoy
(Juvenile Fiction - J Ada)

A collection of stories about young Latino's immigrant experiences in the United States.

Indian Culture
 Same, Same, But Different

Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Kos)

Pen pals Elliott and Kailash discover that even though they live in different countries--America and India--they both love to climb trees, own pets, and ride school buses.

Islamic Culture
Deep in the Sahara

Kelly Cunnane
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Cun)

An Arab girl of the Sahara who wants to wear a malafa, the veiled dress worn by her mother and older sister, learns that the garment represents beauty, mystery, tradition, belonging, and faith.

Muslim Child: Understanding Islam through Stories and Poems

Rukhsana Khan
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 297 Kh)

A collection of stories and poems about Muslim children from a variety of backgrounds, focusing on the celebration of holidays and practices of Islam.

Japanese Culture
Fish for Jimmy

Katie Yamasaki
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Yam)

When brothers Taro and Jimmy and their mother are forced to move from their home in California to a Japanese internment camp in the wake of the 1941 Pearl Harbor bombing, Taro daringly escapes the camp to find fresh fish for his grieving brother.

Grandfather’s Journey

Allen Say
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Sa)

A Japanese American man recounts his grandfather's journey to America which he later also undertakes, and the feelings of being torn by a love for two different countries.

Jewish Culture
The Barefoot Book of Jewish Tales

Shoshana Boyd Gelfand
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.208 Gel)

This collection includes eight delightful tales from the Jewish tradition. Each story has been chosen for its appeal to families and each has a simple yet powerful, message.

The Keeping Quilt

Patricia Polacco
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Pol)

A homemade quilt ties together the lives of four generations of an immigrant Jewish family, remaining a symbol of their enduring love and faith.

Molly’s Pilgrim

Barbara Cohen
(Juvenile Fiction - J Co)

Told to make a Pilgrim doll for the Thanksgiving display at school, Molly is embarassed when her mother tries to help her out by creating a doll dressed as she herself was dressed before leaving Russia to seek religious freedom.

Korean Culture
Bee-bim Bop!

Linda Sue Park
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Pa)

A child, eager for a favorite meal, helps with the shopping, food preparation, and table setting.

Behind the Mask

Yangsook Choi
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Cho)

Kimin, a young Korean-American boy, has trouble deciding on a Halloween costume, but as he looks through an old trunk of his grandfather's things, he suddenly unlocks a childhood mystery.

Native American Culture

Joseph Bruchac
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 Gluskab Bru)

Four Abenaki men set out on a difficult journey to ask the great hero Gluskabe to grant each his fondest wish.

Thunder Boy Jr.

Sherman Alexie
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ale)

Thunder Boy Jr. wants a normal name ... one that's all his own. Dad is known as Big Thunder, but Little Thunder doesn't want to share a name.

Trickster : Native American Tales : A Graphic Collection

Matt Dembicki
(Juvenile Graphic Novels - J Trickst)

Collects over twenty trickster stories, in graphic novel format, from various Native American traditions, including tales about coyotes, rabbits, ravens, and other crafty creatures and their mischievous activities.