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Jack K.
The Community Table: Effective Fundraising Through Events

Susan Cole Urano

A quick, comprehensive, and concise guide to fundraiser event planning. Urano uses an effective case study to guide the reader through problem solving the fundraising process, and includes various document templates, such as timelines and budgets.

Data Driven Nonprofits

Steve MacLaughlin

A guidebook for nonprofits that want to use data more efficiently in the strategic planning process. MacLaughlin is a data expert who eschews formulas and analytical prose for engaging storytelling that illustrates how nonprofits can implement more data driven strategies.

The Field Guide to Fundraising for Nonprofits: Fusing Creativity and New Best Practices

Sarah B. Lange

This is a beginner-friendly guide to fundraising, in which Lange discusses fundraising plans, grant writing, donor engagement, board development, strategic planning, and communications. A practical resource for anyone interested in these topics.

Futuregood: How to Use Futurism to Save the World

Trista Harris

Harris helps entrepreneurs and business professionals apply the concept of futurism to their sectors. Putting futurism into practice in this context involves working backward from an end goal based on what a sector will look like in the future, and finding collaborators to help realize that goal.

Gay, Inc.: the Nonprofitization of Queer Politics

Myrl Beam

Myrl Beam investigates the role of nonprofit structures in queer movement politics. David K. Seitz (Society + Space) says the book “offers a persuasive indictment of the nonprofit form, as well as a deeply felt meditation on how savvy grassroots organizers struggle with its constraints.”

Managing a Nonprofit Organization

Thomas Wolf

A foundational text for managing a nonprofit organization. This revised edition includes material that tackles the demands and challenges faced by nonprofits as a result of legislative and policy changes enacted after 9/11 and in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. In this way, Wolf explains how to cope with all the changes a nonprofit leader must in order to be successful.

The Nonprofit Workbook: Tips & Best Practices for Start-Ups Serving the Greater Common Good

R.V. Rodriguez

This workbook offers a set of specific tasks you can use to ensure your nonprofit project begins strong, gains momentum steadily, and reaches a place of sustainability as quickly as possible. The 27 exercises include finding the right organization structure, understanding boards and other governance structures, and examples from other social sector founders.

Responsive Fundraising: the Donor-Centric Framework Helping Today's Leading Nonprofits Grow Giving

Gabe Cooper, Bailey Mckenna

The authors provide a three-step framework for professional fundraisers to treat all donors like major donors, and provide tips like using automation in the personalization process. This book aids fundraisers in using to their advantage the wealth of information available on the internet.

The Smart Nonprofit: Staying Human-Centered in an Automated World

Beth Kanter, Allison H. Fine

Kanter and Fine are experts in using technology for social good, and in this book they discuss integrating “smart tech” like AI into nonprofit operations. They urge organizations to focus on operations that only people can accomplish, and utilize other technologies for rote tasks in order to free up time. 

Unicorns Unite: How Nonprofits & Foundations Can Build Epic Partnerships

Jessamyn Shams-lau, Jane Leu, Vu Le

Improving relationships necessary for driving progress is the focus of this book, in which the authors deconstruct the binary between grantmaker and grantseeker. A “unicorn” in this case is “a persistent, visionary, and dedicated nonprofit or foundation professional who shines with brilliance and practices humility.” There is a refreshing humor in this book, and it will aid those seeking more effective and equitable partnerships.