Preparing for the High School Equivalency Test

Preparing for the High School Equivalency Test

The TASC (Test Assessing High Secondary Completion) is Indiana’s High School Equivalency test. These materials will help you prepare for the 5 subjects covered: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Resources are available for beginning, intermediate and advanced skill development. Visit for sample questions, study resources, and test information.

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Bethany T.


372.623 Con

Learn the 5-step process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing for narrative, persuasive, informative and opinion writing activities. Series includes 2 levels. (Intermediate and Advanced)

Common Core Skills & Strategies for Reading
372.4 Com

This series offers a progressive development of reading comprehension skills so that students advancing through the levels are able to gain more from whatever they read. (Beginning, Intermediate)

Document-Based Questions for Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking
372.47 Hou

This series offers reading selections from primary source documents including maps, charts, graphs, photographs, news stories, and more. Practice visual literacy and reading comprehension skills. (Beginning, Intermediate)

Reading in Context
428.43 Rea

This series introduces concepts of literary analysis and reading comprehension for various styles of fiction, non-fiction, and practical reading texts. Includes vocabulary, grammar, and language usage activities. (Intermediate)

372.4 Mcr

Applies graphic organizers and activities to explore literary elements, make inferences and predictions and detail the novel’s events. Series includes 2 levels. (Intermediate)

374.0124 Adv

High interest fiction and non-fiction stories with skill activities to improve comprehension and critical thinking. This history and literature series reinforces reading skills and strategies. Teachers guide includes lesson plans and answer key. (Advanced)

Timed Readings
428.43 Ti

This series includes short reading selections in literature, social studies, and science. Includes tips for improving reading speed and comprehension. Answer key included. (Advanced)

Using Multiple Reading Sources
372.4 Mcr

Activities to locate and integrate information from a variety of sources, practice drawing conclusions and using higher order thinking skills. This series includes several levels of reading comprehension. (Intermediate)



Saddleback Educational Publishing
570 Lif

Learn vocabulary and apply concepts with this 3 series of workbooks for Earth, Life, and Physical science. (Intermediate)

Wonders of Science
580 Got

Get familiar with basic science vocabulary and concepts with the series of 6 workbooks that explains the human body, land animals, plant life, water life, the earth and beyond, and matter, motions and machines. Series include teacher’s edition with answer key. (Intermediate)

Social Studies

American History

Saddleback Educational Publishing
973 Ame

Series of 2 workbooks that explore American history from discovery to the Obama presidency. Includes short reading passages and comprehension questions, incorporates, maps, charts and graphs. (Intermediate)

372.476 Mar

Apply reading comprehension strategies to short history passages. This series incorporates primary sources, vocabulary, writing, map, and graphic organization skills. (Intermediate)

Saddleback Handbook Series: American Government
328.73 Per

Series of 5 books that provide a short and engaging overview of the Foundations of Government, Office of the President, Supreme Court, Congress and Political Parties. (Intermediate)


Beginning Writing
372.6 Beg

Introduces writing topics including parts of speech, developing sentences and paragraphs, practical writing, creative writing, proofreading, and more. Series includes 2 levels with answer key. (Beginning and Intermediate)

808.042 Lan

Learn and improve basic grammar, usage, punctuation, sentence formation, paragraph development and writing conventions with this 4 level series. Includes pre-tests, lessons, and answer keys. (Beginning and Intermediate)

Writing Skills Curriculum Library
808.042 Ums

Practice and reinforce skills with this series of 6 sequential units including writing sentences, paragraphs, outlines and organization and revision. (Intermediate and Advanced)


510 Bre

Learn math skills in sequence with this 4 levels series that teaches whole numbers, word problems, decimals, fractions, algebra and geometry. Includes assessment and teacher’s guide with answer key. (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)

Number Power series
510 Con

Sequential math instruction using short lessons, real life examples, and practice activities. Topics range from basic numeracy to algebra. Includes pre-test and answer key materials. (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)

Number Sense
510 Sut

Explore number relationships to understand math operations, problem-solving strategies, and real-life applications. Lessons reinforce working with whole numbers, decimals, fractions, ratios, and percent. Series includes teacher’s guide with answer key. (Beginning, Intermediate)

General Review

Achieving TABE Success
374.126 Ach

This series provides self-directed lessons and skill based exercises for Reading, Language, and Math. Includes pre-tests and post-tests, and answer keys. (Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner)

McGraw- Hill Education
373.1262 Hig

This book series builds key skills, strategies, and content knowledge for the 5 subject areas. Includes pre-tests and post-tests, and answer keys. (Advanced)

Preparation for the TASC Test

Kathy A. Zahler
373.1262 Zah

Practice tests, sample questions, and explanations for the 5 subject areas. (Advanced)