Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

The ability to read, understand, process, and recall what was just read. Increase the enjoyment and effectiveness of reading by learning how to understand word meanings, draw inferences, identify main ideas, differentiate fact and opinion, recognize writer's purpose/point of view and more.   

Contemporary Reading Basics Series
428.4 Con

Four level series includes Instructors Guide with lesson plans, workplace activities and assessments (with answer keys) for each unit. Leveled Student Readers provide language development activities using nonfiction articles. Series provides instruction for improving word analysis, fluency, and vocabulary skills, using workplace style documents and situations.

Painless Reading Comprehension

Jones, Darolyn
428.43 Jon

Learn about: your personal reading attitudes and patterns and about pre-reading skills, using reading organizers, decoding, and different kinds of reading. Lots of practice with strategies for improving comprehension, including unit quizzes (with answers).

Paired Passages
372.47 Pai
Series: Paired Passages

Five level series, each lesson presents two passages from literature, social studies, and science. Comprehension questions require readers to read closely and compare and contrast varied fiction and nonfiction writings. (Beginning to Intermediate Levels) 

SRA Specific Skill Series for Reading.  Levels D - H
372.47 Sra
Series: SRA specific skill series for reading

5 level series (D-H) with individual titles providing instruction for understanding and identifying: Main Idea, Details, Comparing & Contrasting, Cause & Effect, Fact & Opinion, Drawing Conclusions, Sequencing and Making Inferences, and Using Phonics/Using Word Study. Teacher's Manual and Assessment Book (Intermediate to Advanced levels) supplies teaching techniques, answer keys, reproducible worksheets, placement charts and primary, intermediate, and advanced level tests. 


Common Core Skills & Strategies for Reading
372.4 Com

This series offers a progressive development of reading comprehension skills so that students advancing through the levels are able to gain more from whatever they read. (Beginning, Intermediate)

Document-Based Questions for Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking
372.47 Hou

Series offers reading selections from primary source documents including maps, charts, graphs, photographs, news stories, and more. Practice visual literacy and reading comprehension skills. (Beginning and Intermediate levels)

Reading in Context
428.43 Rea
Series: Reading In Context

This six book series introduces concepts of literary analysis and reading comprehension for fiction, nonfiction, and practical reading texts. Includes vocabulary, grammar, and language usage activities. (Intermediate) Book + CD

Rigorous Reading: In-Depth Guide for Any Novel
372.4 Mcr

Applies graphic organizers and activities to explore literary elements, make inferences and predictions and detail the novel’s events. Series includes 2 levels. (Intermediate)

Skill-Based Reading Anthology
374.0124 Adv

High interest fiction and nonfiction stories with comprehension and critical thinking skills activities. History and Literature series reinforces reading skills and strategies. Teachers guides include lesson plans and answer key. (Advanced)

Timed Readings
428.43 Ti

Series of short reading selections in literature, social studies, and science that includes tips for improving reading speed and comprehension. Answer key included. (Advanced)

Using Multiple Reading Sources
372.4 Mcr

Activities to locate and integrate information from a variety of sources, practice drawing conclusions and using higher order thinking skills. Series has multiple levels. (Intermediate)