Compiled by:
Lizzie F.

Arthur Dorros
Español juvenil - ESPAÑOL Ej Do

–Tantos pájaros– dice Rosalva mientras les dan de comer–. ¿Y qué tal si los pájaros me alzaran y me llevaran volando por encima del parque? ¿Qué pasaría si yo volara?
¡Y claro que ella vuela! Y lleva consiguo a su abuela y nos narra, en español sazonado con algunas frases en inglés, este maravilloso viaje. Mucho de los lugares que visitan le recuerdan a la abuela el momento de su llegada a este país.

While riding on a bus with her grandmother, a little girl imagines that they are carried up into the sky and fly over the sights of New York City.
Suggested for ages 3-7

Book fiesta!: Celebrate Children's Day/Book Day = Celebremos El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros: A Bilingual Picture Book

Pat Mora
Español Juvenil - Ej Mor

Children read aloud in various settings to celebrate of El Día de los niños, or Children's Day, in this bilingual story. Includes facts about Mexico's annual celebration of children (April 30) and the book fiestas that are often included.

Los niños leen en voz alta en varias colocaciones para celebrar el Día de los niños, en esta historia bilingüe. Incluye datos sobre la celebración mexicana anual de nin̈os y las fiestas del libro que a menudo son incluídas.
Suggested for ages 3-9

Call Me Tree = Llámame Árbol

Maya Christina Gonzalez
Español Juvenil - Ej Gon

A bilingual poetic tale that follows one child/tree from the depths of Mami/Earth to the heights of the sky, telling a story about being free to grow and be who we are meant to be and honoring our relationship with the natural world. This book, written and illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez, manages the unique achievement of being gender neutral, and includes a metaphorical message that suggests all trees, like all people, belong in the world.
Suggested for ages 3-8

Gracias = Thanks

Pat Mora
Español Juvenil - Ej Mor

A young multiracial boy celebrates family, friendship, and fun by telling about some of the everyday things for which he is thankful.
Suggested for ages 3-8

Little Chanclas

José Lozano
Español juvenil - ESPAÑOL J Lozano

Lily Lujan is known as Little Chanclas because she wears her chanclas, or flip flops, wherever she goes, especially to parties, so when the chanclas come apart while she is dancing at a family barbecue and Chewcho the bulldog eats one, Lily is inconsolable until Granny Lola arrives with a solution.
Suggested for ages 4-8

Mango, Abuela, y Yo

Meg Medina
Español Juvenil - Ej Med

La abuela de Mia viene a vivir con Mia y sus padres. Cuando Mia comparte con ella su cuento favorito a la hora de dormir, descubre que la abuela no entiende inglés. Mia la ayuda con el inglés y a la vez ella aprende algunas palabras en español.

Mia's Abuela has left her sunny house with parrots and palm trees to live with Mia and her parents in the city. The night she arrives, Mia tries to share her favorite book with Abuela before they go to sleep and discovers that Abuela can't read the words inside. Mia helps Abuela learn English, and Mia learns some Spanish too
Suggested for ages 5-8

Maria Had a Little Llama = María Tenía una Llamita

Angela Dominguez
Español Juvenil - J Dominguez

In this bilingual version of the classic rhyme, Maria takes her llama to school one day.
Suggested for ages 3-7

Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match = Marisol McDonald No Combina

Monica Brown
Español Juvenil - J Brown

Marisol McDonald, a biracial, nonconformist, soccer-playing pirate-princess with brown skin and red hair, celebrates her uniqueness.
Suggested for ages 3-8

Mis colores, mi mundo = My Colors, My World

Maya Christina Gonzalez
Español juvenil - ESPAÑOL Ej Gon

Maya, who lives in the dusty desert, opens her eyes wide to find the colors in her world, from Papi's black hair and Mami's orange and purple flowers to Maya's red swing set and the fiery pink sunset.
Suggested for ages 3-6

My Way: A Margaret and Margarita story = A Mi Manera: Un Cuento de Margarita y Margaret

Lynn Reiser
Español Juvenil - E Rei

Parallel text in Spanish and English portrays Margaret and Margarita, who mirror one another as they fix their hair, greet their friends, and engage in other routine activities, each in her own special way.
Suggested for ages 3-7

Quinito, Day and Night = Quinito, Día y Noche

Ina Cumpiano
Español Juvenil - Ej Cum

Little Quinito and his family take the reader through a day filled with opposites, including short/tall, quiet/loud, and rainy/sunny.
Suggested for ages 3-8


Yuyi Morales
Español juvenil - ESPAÑOL J 921 Morales Mor

En 1994, Yuyi Morales dejó su hogar en Xalapa, México, para emigrar a Estados Unidos con su hijo pequeño. Aunque dejó atrás casi todas sus pertenencias, no llegó con las manos vacías. Trajo consigo su fortaleza, su trabajo, su pasión, sus esperanzas y sueños ... y sus historias. El nuevo y magnífico libro de Yuyi Morales, Soñadores, se centra en la búsqueda por encontrar un hogar en un nuevo lugar. El trayecto de Yuyi y su hijo Kelly no fue fácil, ya que ella no hablaba inglés en esa época. Pero, juntos, descubrieron un lugar desconocido e increíble: la biblioteca pública. Allí, libro a libro, descifraron la lengua de esta nueva tierra y formaron en ella su hogar. Soñadores es un homenaje a los migrantes y a todo lo que traen con ellos, y aportan, cuando dejan sus países. Es una historia de familia. Una historia que nos recuerda que todos somos soñadores que llevamos nuestros propios regalos donde quiera que vayamos. Bella y poderosa en todo momento, pero especialmente de una urgente premura hoy en día en que el futuro de los dreamers es incierto, esta es una historia actual y eterna.
Suggested for ages 4-8

Waiting for the Biblioburro = Esperando el Biblioburro

Monica Brown
Español Juvenil - Ej Bro

When a man brings to a remote village two burros, Alfa and Beto, loaded with books the children can borrow, Ana's excitement leads her to write a book of her own as she waits for the Biblioburro to return. Includes glossary of Spanish terms and a note on the true story of Columbia's Biblioburro and mobile libraries in other countries.
Suggested for ages 3-6

What Can You Do with a Paleta? = ¿Qué Puedes Hacer con una Paleta?

Carmen Tafolla
Español Juvenil - Ej Taf

A young Mexican American girl celebrates the paleta, an icy fruit popsicle, and the many roles it plays in her lively barrio.
Suggested for ages 3-6

Wiggling Pockets = Los Bolsillos Saltarines

Pat Mora
Español Juvenil - Ej Mor

At a family gathering, mischief ensues when Danny releases frogs from his wiggling pockets.
Suggested for ages 3-5

English Picture Books with Spanish Words
The Cazuela that the Farm Maiden Stirred

Samantha R. Vamos
Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Vam

A cumulative tale of a farm maiden who, aided by a group of animals, prepares "Arroz con Leche," or rice pudding. Includes recipe and glossary of the Spanish words that are woven throughout the text.
Suggested for ages 6-9

Conejito: A Folktale from Panama

Margaret MacDonald
Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 Conejito Mac

In this folktale from Panama, a little rabbit and his Tia Monica outwit a fox, a tiger, and a lion, all of whom want to eat him for lunch.
Suggested for ages 4-8

Dear Primo: A Letter to My Cousin

Duncan Tonatiuh
Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ton

Two cousins, one in Mexico and one in New York City, write to each other and learn that even though their daily lives differ, at heart the boys are very similar.
Suggested for ages 5-9

How Are You? = ¿Cómo Estás?

Angela Dominguez
Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Dom

Dos jirafas bebé se encuentran con un bebé avestruz y deben adivinar cómo se siente su nuevo amigo potencial.

Two baby giraffes meet a baby ostrich and must guess how their potential new friend is feeling.
Suggested for ages 2-4

I Love Saturdays y Domingos

Alma Flor Ada
Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ada

A young girl enjoys the similarities and the differences between her English-speaking and Spanish-speaking grandparents.
Suggested for ages 5-8

Marta! Big and Small

Jen Arena
Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Are

In this story that incorporates Spanish words, Marta explores the world of opposites and animals.
Suggested for ages 4-7

Niño Wrestles the World

Yuyi Morales
Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Mor

Lucha Libre champion Niño has no trouble fending off monstrous opponents, but when his little sisters awaken from their naps, he is in for a no-holds-barred wrestling match that will truly test his skills.
Suggested for ages 5-8

Round is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes

Roseanne Thong
Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Tho

A little girl discovers things that are round, square, and rectangular in her Hispanic American neighborhood.
Suggested for ages 3-8

Rubia and the Three Osos

Susan Middleton Elya
Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 Three Bears Ely

Retells the story of Goldilocks and the three bears in rhyming text interspersed with Spanish words, which are defined in a glossary.
Suggested for ages 3-6

Spike : The Mixed-up Monster

Susan Hood
Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Hoo

While Spike, a tiny axolotl salamander, practices being the monster he believes he is, other animals call him cute and funny, but when a gila monster arrives and the other creatures hide, Spike shows his true nature.
Suggested for ages 4-8