Why are there so many books on running a business? The sea of opportunity and obstacles are constantly moving, and so should you. Check out these titles to help you with your next big business idea.

Compiled by:
Christine F.

Ryan Levesque

For someone entrepreneurs excited about their industry, this book can re-wire your thinking about the traditional ways to close a deal. This book shows you how to be disruptive and entertaining by looking for the right time to ask or engage partners or clients.

Business Made Simple: Sixty Days to Master Leadership, Communication, Sales, and More

Donald Miller
650 Mil

For those overwhelmed by the concept of going into business, don't worry—people do it everyday. And so can you in as little as 60 days. This simple, modern guide provides a daily prescription to keep you from talking yourself out of working for yourself. 

DK Entrepreneurs Who Changed History
658.4009 Dk

This text is perfect for giving you stories of how these pioneers were at the sweet spot of timing—presenting skills and products right when the market was ready to give them predictable trade. These innovators want more than money—they want to see whole communities and culture prosper.

Essential Managers: SELLING

Eric Baron
658.85 Bar

Understanding the needs of the customer and their objections to your product or service is essential, but in order to have this, you must be conscientious and driven to connect and understand the customer's goals. This book reminds the reader that everyone sells, everyone buys, and anyone can improve in sales. 

Home Business Tax Deductions: Keep What You Earn

Stephen Fishman
343.7305 Fis

This book covers those slippery areas for expenses like travel, car expenses and depreciation, entertainment, and meals. The lists here will also assure you and your partners that you are in the right lane if or when that audit comes.

Knowing Isn't Doing: Build the Business and Life You Desire

Rod Santomassimo

The author presents business problems and shows how three different people would solve the problem. This approach helps to remind you that you have to take into account someone's backstory and literacy level before you engage with them.

Mapping Experiences: A Complete Guide to Customer Alignment Through Journeys, Blueprints & Diagrams

James Kalbach
658.812 Kal

Charting out the experience of the employees will lead to better customer experience. The author says, "The customer experience is the tip of the iceberg above the employee activity necessary to create that experience."

Pitch Like Hollywood: What you Can Learn from the High-Stakes Film Industry

Peter Desberg
658.85 Des

Could you persuade yourself to invest in your product or services? This book will teach you how to deal with variables and practice strategies like the pros.

Plays Well With Others

Eric Barker
158.2 Bar

This book claims to show that Dale Carnegie got it wrong when he explained how to win friends and influence people. As Carnegie made so many friends—and money—from his business courses, it behooves you to read this book to see if the author's claims are true. Even if you disagree, this book will show you some recent cultural shifts in the business world.

Sales 101

Wendy Connick
658.85 Con

To communicate the value of your sale, there are some basics you must nail down. Whether you're securing a loan or expanding with partners, this book will bolster your confidence with simple logic and a natural progression.

Work-From-Home Hacks

Aja Frost
658.312 Fro

Some ambitious people don't subscribe to the concept of work-life balance, but the ideas on balance are important to those who work from home. See how you can get motivated, improve, or gain assurance that you're striking the right balance between your professional and personal life.

The Young Entrepreneur: How to Start a Business While You're Still a Student

Swish Goswami

If you have a great start-up idea and know how to think like an entrepreneur, but you're still a student, this book will show you how to run your business without having to drop out.