Teaching Intermediate English

These resources provide a structure for sequential skill building for intermediate English language learners. Visit VITAL’s Tutor Resources for more tools, tips, and training.

Compiled by:
Audra L.


21st Century Reading 3: Creative Thinking and Reading with TEDTALKS

Laurie Blass
428.4 Bla

21st Century Reading provides the ideal forum for English learners to make connections with topics ranging from science to business to global issues. Using TED Talks as the springboard to share ideas, this new four-level reading series shows learners how to understand and respond to ideas and content in English.

Elizabeth Claire
428.24 Cla
Series: American Manners and Customs

All sorts of American manners and customers are explained in simple English for immigrants and English language learners at a high intermediate level for age 12 and up.

David Kehe, Peggy Dustin Kehe
428.34 Keh

Basic Conversation Strategies explores the power of conversation by training students to be good listeners through more than 67 audio-based exercises.

- Prolingua publisher
428.24 Proling

Dictations for Discussion is an intermediate to advanced level text intended to improve the listening and speaking skills of ESL students. Reading and writing are also reinforced, along with progressions in vocabulary and grammar.

English Conversation

Jean Yates
428.34 Yat

English Conversation gives helpful instruction on correct pronunciation, grammar, syntax, and word usage, keeping in mind the typical issues non-native English speakers may experience. 

English for Everyone
428.24 Eng
Series: English for Everyone

Practice the vocabulary and grammar learned in previous practice books, as well as new material, with hundreds of exercises, activities, and accompanying audio.


Steven J. Molinsky
428.24 Mol
Series: ExpressWays

This new, all-color edition of a classic ESL text, the first level of a four-part series, integrates life skill topics, functions, and grammar to help people learn English in practical contexts.

Get Together

David McKeegan
428.34 Mck
Series: Get Together

Get Together teaches English as a foreign language using stories and exercises geared towards young students.

Life Goes On

Ann Gianola
428.24 Gia
Series: Life Goes On

Life Goes On is intended to help ESL learners build basic language and reading skills. 15 stories portray diverse characters in interesting, often familiar, and sometimes amusing situations.

Mastering the American Accent

Lisa Mojsin
428.34 Moj

Speech expert Lisa Mojsin gives an abundance of advice and instruction, along with specific exercises that will help students perfect their accents. Learn how to pronounce vowel sounds, including problematic consonants such as TH, V, W, the American R and L, and more.

Side By Side

Steven J. Molinsky
428.34 Mol
Series: Life Goes On

Side by Side integrates conversation practice, reading, writing, and listening in a light-hearted, fun, and easy-to-use format that has been embraced by students and teachers across the globe.

Speaking of Values: Conversation and Listening

Irene Schoenberg
428.34 Sch

Speaking of Values stimulates conversations about cultural and personal beliefs. Step by step, students build confidence in their ability to express themselves in English while developing vocabulary, pronunciation, and critical thinking skills.


I Speak English

Ruth J. Colvin
428.24 Col

I Speak English is an ESL resource guide that introduces new teachers to basic techniques and strategies for teaching adults with little to no English experience. The text includes tips for getting started, planning your first meeting, assessing language skills, sample lesson plans, and more.

New Readers Press
- publisher
374.012 Tea

This go-to guide for ESL instructors covers the basics of the English language and American culture learning. The step-by-step format provides instruction for teaching adult English language learners in both group and one-on-one settings. It also includes more than 50 ready-to-use activities for teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.