Writing and Composition

At the basic level learn grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and usage while developing sentences. At intermediate and advance levels progress from organizing a draft through proof reading and editing to final revision. Gain understanding of writing types: narrative, persuasive, informative and opinion.

Beginning Writing

Saddleback Educational Publishing
372.6 Beg

Two book series introduces writing topics including parts of speech, developing sentences and paragraphs, practical writing, creative writing, proofreading, and more, with answer keys. (Beginning and Intermediate levels) Book + CD

Building Writing Skills

Noreen Conte
372.623 Con

Learn the 5-step process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing for narrative, persuasive, informative and opinion writing activities. Series includes 2 levels. (Grades 3-5 and 6-7)

Painless Writing

Jeffrey Strausser
Series: 808.042 Str

Short articles that teach writers to express themselves more clearly, avoid passive voice, and create more interesting writings, with short quizzes, (Advanced)

Writing Skills Curriculum Library

Jack Umstatter
808.042 Ums

Practice and reinforce skills with this series of 6 sequential units including writing sentences, paragraphs, outlines and organization and revision. (Intermediate and Advanced)

Writing Instruction

10 Essential Writing Lessons: A Mentor Teacher Shares Classroom-tested Strategies and More than 40 Mini-lessons that Help Students Become Skillful Writers, and Meet the Common Core Standards

Megan Sloan
372.6 Slo

Teaching manual with complete writing lessons for creating a writer's notebook, writing for purpose: narrative, information pieces, literary essay, research report, poetry. Appendices for assessment, graphic organizers for planning various writing topics, recording evidence and character traits, and keeping research notes  (Advanced Level)

Don't Forget to Write for the Secondary Grades: 50 Enthralling and Effective Writing Lessons (Ages 11 and Up)
808.042 Don

Two book series (for elementary grades, for secondary grades) offers complete writing lesson plans, employing graphic organizers, questionnaires, and a variety of stimuli to encourage imaginative writing, with self-assessment forms (Intermediate and Advanced levels)

Real-World Writing

Bonnye Wier Cavazos
808.042 Cav

Two book series offers lesson plans, and exercises using real-life style materials: ads, email, schedules, calendars, reports, and contracts, with banking, employment and application forms to teach writing skills. Includes instruction for various types of letter writing, with suggested extension activities and unit assessments.  (Intermediate Level)

Teaching evidence-based writing. Nonfiction : texts and lessons for spot-on writing about reading, with 100 best-the-test tips

Leslie Blauman.
372.6 Bla
Series: Corwin literacy

Two book series on using fiction and non-fiction, offers instructional techniques, ready to use lessons, primary document examples, graphic organizers, and access to online teaching videos to teach: evidence, relationships, themes, main idea, writer's point of view and purpose, illustration use, as well as composition structure (Intermediate to Advanced levels)

Writers read better: narrative

Maria Colleen Cruz
808.042 Cru
Series: Corwin literacy

Two book series (narrative/non-fiction titles) each offers 50 paired writing/reading lessons: generating ideas/stories, drafting, plotting, revising for meaning and clarity, understanding purpose, interpreting, analyzing, critique and preparing for publication, (Advanced)

Writing Prompts

The amazing story generator : mix-and-match creative writing prompts
808.3 Ama

Pages split into thirds allowing three story elements: setting, character, conflict, to be selected independently or randomly for creative writing ideas.  

Rip the page!: Adventures in creative writing

Karen Benke.
808.042 Ben

Exercises and ideas to inspire creative writing, with index for definitions, story starters, word lists and tips. (Intermediate level)

Unjournaling : daily writing challenges that are not introspective, not personal, not boring

Dawn DiPrince
428.34 Cam

Two hundred writing exercises from the simple to challenging, sometimes silly but always interesting.  (Intermediate to Advanced level)

The writing prompts workbook, grades 9-10 : story starters for journals, assignments and more

Bryan Cohen
Series: 808.4 Coh

Workbook present story starters for inspiring creativity and imagination with situations and questions that inspire. (Intermediate to Advanced levels)

Grammar Instruction

Language Builder

McGraw-Hill Companies
- Publisher
VITAL 808.42 Lan
Series: Language Builder Series

Four book series offers 4 page lessons with instruction and practice in grammar usage, sentence formation, paragraph development, writing conventions, and more. (Introductory to Advanced levels)

Success in Writing: Grammar skills for writers
808 Suc
Series: Success in Writing

Part of 5 book series: Writing to Describe, Writing to Explain, Writing to Persuade, Writing to Tell a Story, Grammar Skill for Writers: Titles present a variety of writing exercises to improve mechanics of writing: grammar, parts of speech, sentence structure, revising and editing writing - to writing for different purposes, with glossaries. (Intermediate to Advance levels)