You don’t need much to practice yoga–just a mat, maybe a strap and a couple of yoga blocks, and some yoga books and DVDs from our collection to guide you.

Here’s a sampling in celebration of International Yoga Day June 21. Namaste!

Compiled by:
Jane R.
Adult Movies & Music – 613.7046 Dyn

Teaches the foundational elements for Buti yoga.

Adult Movies & Music – 613.7046 Eas

A gentle program to improve strength and balance.

Adult Movies & Music – 613.7046 Gio

Three dynamic yoga practices to heat up the body with or without a heated room.

Children's Movies J 613.7046 Kid

Three separate classes–beginner, intermediate, and advanced—with more than 100 poses. Ideal for ages 6–14.

Yoga for Your Week: Feel Great, Lose Weight & Increase Flexibility in Just 20 Minutes a Day
Adult Movies & Music – 613.7046 Yog

Five different yoga practices bringing five different benefits: focus, energy, flexibility, strength, and relaxation.

Adult Movies & Music 613.7046 Yog

Designed to stretch and strengthen your body, mind and soul.

For Beginners
Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body

​​​​​​​ Jessamyn Stanley
Adult Nonfiction – 613.7046 Sta

Easy-to-follow directions for 50 basic yoga poses and ten sequences to practice at home, all photographed in full color.

Yoga All-In-One for Dummies

Larry Payne
Adult Nonfiction – 613.7046 Pay

A compendium of six separate titles on improving your health and peace of mind with yoga.

Yoga for Beginners: 35 Simple Yoga Poses to Calm Your Mind and Strengthen Your Body

Cory Martin
Adult Nonfiction – 613.7046 Mar

Tips on nutrition to complement your yoga practice, along with 35 essential poses and five restorative meditations.

Types of Yoga
The Art of Vinyasa: Awakening Body and Mind through the Practice of Ashtanga Yoga

Richard Freeman
Adult Nonfiction – 613.7046 Fre

A unique look at Ashtanga yoga as meditation in motion that produces profound inner change.

Essential Kundalini Yoga: An Invitation to Radiant Health, Unconditional Love, and the Awakening of Your Energetic Potential

Karena Virginia
Adult Nonfiction – 204.36 Vir

For new and experienced students, practical guidance in kundalini yoga for happiness, health, and fulfillment.

Iyengar Yoga: Classic Yoga Postures For Mind, Body And Spirit

Judy Smith
Adult Nonfiction – 613.7046 Smi

Clear instruction and sequences in a practical guide for both beginners and intermediate practitioners.

Pick Your Yoga Practice: Exploring and Understanding Different Styles of Yoga

Meagan McCrary
Adult Nonfiction – 613.7046 Mcc

Eight of the most prominent yoga approaches, plus ten "best of the rest," explained in terms of what a class is like, level of physical exertion, and philosophical and spiritual underpinnings

Restorative Yoga: Reduce Stress, Gain Energy, and Find Balance

Ulrica Norberg
Adult Nonfiction – 613.7046 Nor

Simple poses to release anxiety, promote digestion, relieve headaches, recover from injuries and more.

Yin Yoga: An Individualized Approach to Balance, Health, and Whole Self Well-Being

Ulrica Norberg
Adult Nonfiction – 613.7046 Nor

Poses designed to improve the flow of qi, the subtle life force essential to organ health, immunity, and emotional well-being.

Yoga at Any Age
Relax into Yoga for Seniors: A Six-Week Program for Strength, Balance, Flexibility, and Pain Relief

Kimberly Carson
Adult Nonfiction – 613.7046 Car

A step-by-step guide combining modern, evidence-based medicine with the ancient wisdom, experience and tradition of yogic teachings.

Yoga for Kids: Simple Animal Poses for Any Age

Lorena Pajalunga
Children's Area – J 613.7046 Paj

A little boy begins taking yoga lessons at the zoo, where he learns he can mimic the animals there with simple poses.

Yoga for Teens

Shawna Schenk
Adult Nonfiction – 613.7046 Sch

Teaches middle school and high school kids how to use yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditations and writing exercises to find peace.