Imagine you’re wearing your favorite shirt. You love this shirt because it makes you feel great! The material is just the right softness, the cut is perfectly loose and comfortable, and when you wear it, you are certain you are taller and more confident. This is a cool shirt! 

Then all of a sudden, you look down and notice the hem is coming loose! What do you do? Is your favorite shirt ruined? No way, you just need to stitch it up!

But how? Well, you’ll need to learn to sew!


Why Sew?

Beyond the ability to repair favorite pieces of clothing or beloved plushies, there are many benefits to learning to sew. When you learn to sew, you're learning a skill which you’ll be able to use your whole life. Additionally you’ll be practicing patience, fine motor skills, and creativity!


What Should you Sew?

There are many great projects to begin with when learning to sew. Try starting with something small and fun, like a plushie or stitching on a patch. 

You can try creating the Love Monster Plushie featured in our virtual program video. This is a great project to start with because it is small and teaches you the very useful whip stitch as well the more decorative chain stitch. Here's a pattern for this plushie.

If you don’t like the Love Monster Plushie design, try drawing your own monster shape! 

Don’t forget, with sewing, just like any other skill, you may be frustrated at first, but if you keep going you will learn from your mistakes!