A new Little Free Library has been installed in Will Detmer Park! 

According to children’s librarian, Ginny Hosler, “a Little Free Library is a free-standing book-sharing box. Each Little Free Library has a steward, the person who sponsored and built the library, and each one is super unique to the neighborhood it lives in.” Find more information on the nonprofit organization behind the movement at littlefreelibrary.org.

Little Free Libraries are typically placed in locations where access to books is scarce. “We wanted to install the new library in a spot that would be utilized and helpful to the people who lived around it. Will Detmer Park was a great choice because it’s not near any of the Library’s branches or Bookmobile stops and is in a community park where people frequently go to play, walk, and garden,” Ginny said.

A partnership with the Monroe County Parks and Recreation made the Will Detmer Park library possible. Ginny said “their assistant director, John Robertson, helped us throughout this process by agreeing to and helping us focus our vision, brainstorming suitable spots, advising us on how to install the little free library and much more”.

lfl_2.jpgThe installation at Will Detmer Park is just one part of an ongoing Library project to support local Little Free Libraries. Through December, Library staff will stock local Little Free Libraries with books, dignity objects, and creativity kits. The project is funded by the Friends of the Monroe County Public Library

During the 2020 summer reading games, the Library donated hundreds of books to Little Free Libraries throughout Monroe County. In addition to purchasing new books, the Friends of the Library Bookstore donated used books to supplement collections at the new and existing locations. 

“We try to put a mixture of genres and age levels in the Little Free Library so that anyone can find something that works for them,” Ginny said.

Little Free Libraries contain more than just books. Since July, Library staff have stocked local libraries with human dignity kits and creativity kits. Dignity kits contain personal hygiene items such as soap, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes. They are available to anyone who needs them. 

Creativity kits are full of the materials and instructions you’ll need to complete a small creative project. “With the pandemic, I think many of us have missed library programming and the emphasis we put on creating and building skills together. While we can’t all be together in person at the Library for these crafts and projects, creativity kits are a way to bring these experiences out into the community. We hope people will find a little joy in using them!” Ginny said. Learn about the Library’s virtual programs.

The official Little Free Library motto is “take a book, share a book,” and that’s what Ginny hopes will happen with the Will Detmer Park library. 

“The amazing thing about Little Free Libraries is that anyone can contribute! You can take a book when you want to read something new or you can donate books that you’ve already enjoyed! The community is able to curate this library with donations of books and dignity items, and connect with others by taking care of it.” 

Want to find a Little Free Library near you? Find one with our Little Free Library map! Know of a location that's not on the map? Submit it here!