Can someone write a funny book about a 12 year old with cancer?

Rob Harrell, the author of the Life with Zarf series, manages to do just that as he translates his own experience with a tumor that could have blinded him into a story about Ross, a 7th grader growing up right here in Bloomington, Indiana! Middle school is hard enough without being the "cancer kid" with an eye that won't stay open, goopy eye drops, hair loss, and ongoing radiation treatments. Ross just wants to be normal. With humor and compassion, the real story is built around the relationships in his life, good and bad, and the risks he takes to make his life worth living.

Despite the serious subject matter, this book will appeal to anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed or underwhelming but keeps trying anyway. Including comic panels and spot art, with chapters averaging 10 pages each, even reluctant readers will find this book engaging and enjoyable. Appropriate for ages 10+