VITAL: Winner of the 2018 Tom Zupancic Literacy in Libraries Award 

Tom Zupancic Literacy in Libraries Award

The ILF Tom Zupancic Literacy in Libraries Award recognizes community advocacy for literacy by an individual or organization in cooperation with a library. VITAL received this accolade for promoting the importance of literacy and adult education at the library. Since VITAL’s inception in 1977, our program has helped over 6,500 learners achieve their personal learning goals.

Community partners and individuals offered their support of VITAL stating:

“VITAL has not only created a learning place for adults -tutors and learners - but a community of trust and acceptance. Because of this community, learners feel able to ask for help with day to day problems.” – Antonia Matthews, VITAL tutor

“I have found VITAL to be a valuable community partner. Since our adult education program conducts instruction in groups, I refer our students who need individual tutoring to VITAL in addition to, or in place of, our classes. Likewise, VITAL refers its customers to us when they are ready for whole-class instruction that would lead to passing the high school equivalency tests, enhancing their English language skills with a larger peer group, etc.” – Rob Moore, Director of Adult Education at Monroe County Community Schools

“VITAL and MCPL have opened their doors to our community making us feel a part of the public library's community. For many Spanish speakers it is difficult not only to learn English but to be able to help their children to do well in school. Our work in conjunction with VITAL addresses this issue.” – Daniel Soto, La Escuelita Para Todos Principal

“I have found the VITAL Office to be a very safe and respectful environment to visit with adult Spanish-speaking English language learners interested in identifying English as a New Language conversation groups and tutoring resources in the community.  …the VITAL program is an essential library and community resource for literacy and English language acquisition that consistently goes the extra mile in advocating for and serving the residents of Monroe County, including recent migrants from Spanish-speaking countries” – Jane Walter, Health Projects Coordinator/Executive Director El Centro Comunal Latino

Learners are always welcome, and tutors are always needed.