Since 1977, VITAL has been home to one of the first library-based adult literacy programs in Indiana. Adults at VITAL improve their literacy skills in order to achieve their personal learning goals and dreams. 

Services: Free tutoring for adults, provided by VITAL-trained volunteers:

  • One-on-One Adult Literacy tutoring to improve reading, writing, comprehension, and basic math skills
  • One-on-One English as a New Language (ENL) tutoring for beginning ENL learners (more advanced ENL tutoring as available)
  • ENL Conversation Groups for ENL learners with intermediate or higher English conversation skills. Participants practice speaking and listening skills

About Our Learners

VITAL learners are adults of all ages, nationalities, and economic and social backgrounds, living in or near Monroe County.  We mainly serve two types of learners: adult literacy learners and English language (ENL) learners.

VITAL participantsAdult Literacy
Native English speakers may have difficulty identifying letters or words, reading a menu or sign, filling out a job application, or doing simple math. All levels of readers are welcome at VITAL—from beginning readers to those studying for a high school equivalency exam. Tutors focus their lessons on improving an adult learner’s reading, writing, spelling, and math skills in order to help them achieve their personal literacy goals. Learner and tutor meet for at least one and a half hours per week.

“I’ve never read a book before. Now I’ve read 3!” –A VITAL learnerImage

English as a New Language (ENL)
Some adult learners are experiencing English for the first time. Others have beginning reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, but struggle to communicate in everyday life. Tutors individualize lesson plans to help learners take more active roles in their community. This may include the ability to make appointments, get a job, help children with their homework, or other goals.

“The tutoring helped me pass my citizenship test. She explained everything to me with lots of examples. It made sense. She is so friendly and she encourages me.” –A VITAL Learner

Successful students are motivated to learn and have decided for themselves to participate in the VITAL program. Effective tutoring cannot be mandated by a third party.

About the VITAL Collection

Reading and instructional materials are provided for adult learners at a variety of reading levels. In addition to print resources, designated VITAL Resource Computers feature websites for interactive, self-paced learning in Reading and Math, English as a New Language, Computer Skills, and Test Preparation.  

Contact VITAL

For more information about VITAL call (812) 349-3173, email vital [at] mcpl.info, or visit the VITAL office on the second floor of the Main Library.

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