What is an English Language Group?

In English language groups, adult learners enjoy friendly conversation while practicing everyday language skills in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Topics include conversation, reading short stories, practicing pronunciation, and more. Learners explore daily life in the U.S., gain confidence, and meet people from around the world.


Intermediate English Skills Suggested

Beginning Language Skills

  •   Level 0: Understands little to no spoken English or print communication and may not respond verbally.
  •   Level 1: Understands frequently used words in context and responds with one-word answers or short phrases.

Intermediate Language Skills

  •   Level 2: Understands simple phrases, can express basic needs and ideas, and uses basic grammar.
  •   Level 3: Engages in basic conversational English with increased grammar control.
  •   Level 4: Can communicate extensively on many subjects, but lacks control over complex grammar structures.

Not sure what your level is? VITAL staff can provide an informal language assessment and recommend learning resources.  We suggest one-to-one tutoring for learners with Beginner Language Skills.

Interested in Attending?

We would love to meet you! If you are new and attending for the first time, please stop by the VITAL office to fill out a short intake form and meet the VITAL staff. If you can't stop in before your first group, please arrive about 15 minutes early, or stop by the desk before you leave.


Upcoming English Language Groups

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