Zines on display in People's Park

Want to learn a new skill? Maybe a zine is the answer! There are lots of zines that can teach you a thing or two about making stuff and doing things.

Zines embody the very essence of do-it-yourself culture, most zines are made by a single person doing all of the work, from writing and drafting, to art and illustration, all the way through publishing and distribution. It is no wonder that zinesters carry that DIY spirit with them into other aspects of their lives. Sometimes, they write about their other passions and hobbies, so that you to can do it yourself and make something wonderful with your own two hands.

Here is a sampling of some of the DIY zines that the Library has in its collection:


Easy-To-Build Birdhouses & Easy-To-Build Birdbaths

Easy To Build Birdbaths Easy To Build Birdbaths

Love birds and want to help them? Consider building them a house or bath! In Easy-To-Build Birdhouses and Easy-To-Build Birdbaths Mary Twitchell teaches you how to construct finely crafted baths and house built in reliable, traditional ways. Different types of birds require different types of houses, so depending on the type of birds you have and they type you want in your yard, you would want to build them different types of houses.


Guerrilla Graywater Girls Guide to Water

Guerrilla Graywater Girls Guide to water

This comprehensive zine includes information on different water systems, the full water cycle, water use/reuse, plumbing basics, and even how to build your own pedal-powered washer. Helpful for those starting to learn water basics, or those interested in learning more, this DIY zine will not disappoint!


Growing Things: A Guide For Beginning Gardeners

Growing Things

Whether starting in pots or straight into the dirt, this zine will direct you on how to care for your herbs, flowers, and medicinal plants. Includes seasonal guides on when best to plant and water, as well as nutritional facts and helpful hints for weeding and taking care of pests.


Zine Scene

Zine Scene

Have a passion and want to share it too? Consider making a zine of your own. Zine Scene is a comprehensive guide to making your own zine! This in-depth guide covers all of the different aspects of zine making with copious examples of many different genres included. (If you do end up making a zine, consider donating a copy to the Library’s collection!)


How to Make Radio (and a little bit about how to make beer)

How To Make Radio

Julie Sabatier has been making radio for 15 years, but when she was first getting started she put together this zine about how to record and produce radio for people who had never done it before. She covers the kinds of equipment that you would want to buy as a beginner, and covers how you write and edit a compelling story. If you’re interested in radio, you should come down to Level Up, the Library’s digital creativity area!



If you are interested in more DIY crafts, check out these upcoming programs:
June 13 - Guided Crafts - Paper Mosaics
July 11 - Guided Crafts - Air Dry Clay Sculptures
July 24 - Examining Light in the Universe - Build Your Own Spectroscope
August 8 - Guided Crafts - Felt Succulent Frames
August 21 - Tech Meets Crafts - Light Up Flower Crowns
August 24 - Essential Oils DIY - Household Cleaners and Sprays


The Library’s zine collection covers a wide and diverse range of voices and topics from cooking and crafts, to psychology and politics. You can find it in The Commons on the second floor of the Downtown Library. Interested in having your zine added to the collection? Submit a copy for consideration at any information desk or email Annise Blanchard at ablancha [at] monroe.lib.in.us