Community Access Television Services (CATS) Governmental Meeting Coverage Guidelines

In the interest of providing consistent, neutral, and transparent coverage of live and recorded government meetings, the following guidelines are set forth:

  1. CATS will provide coverage of any public meeting in accordance with the definitions established in Indiana code IC 5-14-1.5. Public Meetings (Open Door Law). Though CATS has contractual obligations to cover specific government meetings, CATS will endeavor to cover other public meetings upon request from local individuals or organizations.
  2. In an effort to provide viewers with the best possible sense of proceedings in the room or chamber, CATS will employ an establishing wide shot at the beginning, ending, and for all recesses during public meetings.
  3. CATS crew members will avoid the practice of taking reaction shots unless there is an active dialogue taking place. Similarly, tight close-ups will not be employed, as they could represent an element of visual editorializing, and hence the perception of a departure from neutrality.
  4. Whenever possible, CATS will employ the use of lower-third graphic superimpositions (name supers) to identify officials, name of meeting, and date. When technically possible, CATS will also provide a live “bug”, which will be removed for replay of the meeting.
  5. Whenever possible, CATS will present meetings, boards, and councils via live telecast on its designated cable channels, as well as via its website. CATS will also work to ensure that all meetings will be available on its website by 9 AM the following day.
  6. As neutrality of CATS governmental coverage is an essential function of its network and is a vital component of local democracy, CATS reserves the right to refuse suggestions from any individual, group, or organization to turn off the cameras, alter established protocols for shot composition, or to limit the public comments of any person speaking during a public meeting. Any public discussions or demonstrations which occur when meetings are adjourned or in recess will not be televised.
  7. CATS will feature royalty-free music in the background during wide shots, before and after meetings, and during all recesses.
  8. To ensure the integrity and neutrality of all meetings appearing on CATS government channels, CATS will only telecast, stream, and archive government meetings produced by CATS. Customers or organizations wishing to share their noncommercial programming or meetings may do so via the CATS Public Access Channel, upon the submission of a written request. 

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees July 17, 2019