Library History Bertha Ashby

Miss Bertha Ashby was a woman of many talents, especially in financial thrift, with an ability to get along with her Board. There had been no record reporting disagreement in the minutes. She served as a librarian in Monroe County for more than 40 years.

She was born in Lagoda, Indiana and helped to organized the public library there. She arrived at the Monroe County Public Library in 1924 and started her vigorous program of reform and expansion. In 1925 she began giving library books to the local schools and initiated a book service to hospitals in 1926. In addition, she envisioned a branch library in the west part of Bloomington, but it was delayed until many decades later.

Miss Ashby retired in 1964 and passed away in 1976. She devoted her life to libraries and was fondly remembered by all.

For additional information on Miss Ashby, please visit the Indiana Room.