How to Request a Record

Monroe County Public Library (MCPL) is a public agency. Access to library public records is governed by Indiana Code 5-14-3. In accordance with the Code, any person may inspect and copy the public records of Monroe County Public Library during Library Administration business hours.

The library has established procedures to provide fair access to its open records and to manage requests efficiently.

Requests must be made in writing using the Request to Inspect Public Records Held by Monroe County Public Library form and must identify "with reasonable particularity" the record being requested. An individual may fax, mail, or bring the request form with him/her to the Downtown Library, or he/she may fill out the form in Administration. Requests will be directed to staff designated by the library as being responsible for public records release decisions.

Administration (Business hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.--5 p.m.)
3rd Floor, Downtown Library
303 E. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington IN 47408
(812-349-3050; Fax 812-349-3050

Designated staff will contact the individual making a written Open Records request within seven days of receipt of the request to set up an appointment for reviewing records or to deny the request. Denials will be made in writing or by fax. A request that is broad or vague, or that is for records in active use or storage, may cause a delay in producing the documents.

Which Records Are Public and Which Are Not?

Most records maintained by the library are open to the public. Under Indiana Code 5-14-3 some records may be specifically exempted. The Library Board has passed a resolution exempting "library or archival records which can be used to identify any library patron..." Records exempted from public disclosure are governed by Indiana Code 5-14-3. When in doubt about the access to records of the library, the library counsel may be contacted.

Reviewing Records

Records must be reviewed in the location set by the library. An individual may copy records, but may not remove documents or add documents to those provided for review. The library has responsibility for protecting the security of public records in its custody, and may require that a staff member be present during any inspection of records or copying of records.


A fee of $.10 per page will be charged to all persons desiring to make copies or prints of the library's public records. No color copying is available at the library. Payment must be paid at the time copying is done. Fees are governed by Indiana Code 5-14-3-8 - Fees; copies.

Additional Information

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