Outreach Van Services

The Outreach Van provides Library materials to residents of assisted-living and senior-living facilities. Its lobby stops and deposit collections help meet the needs of patrons who cannot access our other offerings.

Lobby stops are browsing collections brought biweekly to serve residents with limited mobility. Using rolling carts, Library staff set up a temporary mini-library in the lobby or activity room of facilities and check out materials directly to patrons.

Deposit collections can be separate from lobby stops or an additional service. Library staff deliver bags of books and other materials to sites biweekly or monthly. These facilities then establish their own method of distributing and using materials.


COVID-19 Outreach Van Service Information

We are in direct communication with assisted-living and senior-living facilities staff regarding services for individual locations. For further details, please email Chris Jackson or call (812) 349-3174.


Are Outreach Van stops open to the general public?

Generally, no. Unlike Bookmobile stops, which are open to everyone, Outreach Van patrons typically must be residents, staff, or approved guests of the facility being served, in accordance with the policies of each specific site.


What materials are provided by the Outreach Van?

  • Popular books (many in large print)
  • Audiobooks on CD
  • Playaways
  • DVDs
  • Music CDs

All materials are regularly rotated to ensure variety. Staff can obtain any circulating item in the Library's catalog for patrons.


What facilities offer lobby stop service from the Outreach Van?


Van Stops Schedule


Can my facility request service?

Yes, though we prioritize locations served so that we impact as many patrons as possible. Contact our Outreach Services Manager at (812) 349-3103.