Green Lantern

The Green Lantern

For some reason The Green Lantern was panned by most critics and many comic book fans. For my part I don't understand why. I've long awaited a movie version of The Green Lantern and this film fit the bill as far as I was concerned.

This was The Green Lantern I grew up with and with a touch of camp added. Yes, I know I'm old. I watched the Adam West Batman when it first aired. Growing up The Green Lantern was one of my favorite super heroes. I liked him better than Superman or Batman. I mean he had a power ring that turned whatever he thought of into reality, albeit a green reality. How cool was that? So why did this film not work for so many people? I think it's because most people thought it would be different. Maybe it seemed lame to some to build a giant Hot Wheels track to save a falling car. Yes it was hokey but, that's exactly the type of thing Green Lantern did in the comics. I remember one comic where he produced the cartoon stereotype of a one-ton weight to fall on an opponent complete with the words "One Ton" on the side. I didn't really expect the movie to be different. It wasn't and I was glad of it.

The Green Lantern features Ryan Reynolds as cocky test pilot Hal Jordan who is given "the ring of power" by the former Green Lantern for this part of the galaxy just before he passes on. Finding out that he has just been drafted into a galaxy wide police corps he is a little overwhelmed and lacks a desire to really become involved in their fight. When the battle comes to earth and corps leaders decide that loosing earth to save the galaxy might be the best strategy, Hal comes around because now it's really personal. It's fun, good for a few laughs. It's not Citizen Kane, or even Iron Man, but I thought it was well put together and entertaining.