The Housemaid

The Housemaid (2010)

Currently I'm a little in love with pretty much anything coming out of South Korea. Whether it's Thirst, The Host, Oldboy, or 3-Iron, I love pretty much everything I see. South Korean directors manage to make some of the most deliciously weird movies I've seen. The latest batch of weirdness comes courtesy of The Housemaid, the latest from Sang-soo Im.

The Housemaid tells the story of Eun-yi, a housemaid and nanny working for an upper-class family. While caring for their daughter and tending to the pregnant mother, Eun-yi gets drawn into an affair with the man of the house. It's the setup for any number of erotic thrillers and the movie travels that path right up until the end. I'm not really spoiling things by telling you that things go quite far off the tracks from anything you might expect from this genre. Especially the last shot. I still am not quite sure what to think of the last shot. Such delicious weirdness.Aside from that, and like a lot of my other South Korean favorites, it is beautifully shot, the crisp cleanness a stark contrast to the story, and well-acted. Well worth your 2ish hours. Take a look and check it out in our catalog!

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