Big Bad Bubble

The Big Bad Bubble by Adam Rubin

Everyone knows that monsters are scary, but what scares a monster? Bubbles that’s what! Rubin’s picture book humorously depicts monsters dealing with their own problems when the bubbles invade. One monster, after a bad bubble experience, is convinced all bubbles are scary and out to get all monsters. This monster creates a panic in the monster world, which will be unendingly funny to young readers, as these big monsters run, hide, cower, and otherwise embarrass themselves trying to flee the bubbles. Eventually, the monsters are able to gather their courage and learn that the bubbles are not as scary as they once thought, and in fact, can be fun.

While the book is filled with drawings of monsters, they are in the vein of those from Where the Wild Things Are and so should not alarm more sensitive readers. The brightly colored monsters and amusing narrative style will delight both children and parents alike. Overall, this charming picture book deals with fear vs. reality, but also shows monsters as silly and scared, which could help young children dealing with a fear of monsters. A well rounded and engaging book that should not be missed. Suggested for ages 4 – 8 who enjoy laughing and monsters. 

Horror    Picture Book