Crossroads [Motion picture : 1986]


There is a legend about blues guitarist Robert Johnson- that he sold his soul to the devil for the ability to play blues guitar like no other. Is it true? Perhaps, perhaps not; it's a legend that surrounds other bluesmen and many a struggling musician has gone in search of "the crossroads" to see if they can also have the skills and influence of Robert Johnson. Crossroads is not about that search,

but the search for a missing song, a search for redemption and a young man's desire to be the best without paying "the dues."

Eugene, played by Ralph Macchio (the original Karate Kid), is a classically trained guitarist who wants nothing more than to be a bluesman. He wants to find a missing song recorded by Robert Johnson, so he can learn it and become a famous bluesman. Willie Brown, played by Joe Seneca, is an aging bluesman nearing the end of his life who wants nothing more than to return to the crossroads to try to get his soul back before it is claimed. Willie lives in the nursing home where Eugene works. Together they escape on an adventure of discovery, cons, and music. In the end there is a battle between good and evil, guitar against guitar. I'm not a fan of Ralph Macchio. To use the words of Willie Brown, he's a little too "white bread" for me. In this story he works. He seems to really be playing the guitar parts, his fingering was well coached. Not surprising, since the coach was none other than Steve Vai and much of the guitar work was in reality preformed by him. What he didn't play was performed by Ry Cooder. With those two at work the soundtrack couldn't help but be awesome.

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