Adult Basic Literacy

This collection of resources is designed to support adult learners in improving basic literacy skills. Each book is selected to enhance vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and critical thinking. 

Compiled by:
Audra L.
The Active Reader: Foundation

Linda Kita-Bradley
VITAL 372.4 Kit
Series: The Active Reader

The Active Reader provides balanced, integrated instruction for beginning readers. This reading workbook provides the foundational skills for adolescents and adults who are beginning readers. Find all six books in the series here.

Challenger 1

Corea Murphy
VITAL 428.6 Cha
Series: Challenger

This eight-level program is ideal for adult learners from beginning reading through to preparing for the GED. The Challenger method focuses phonics, controlled vocabulary, and sequential skill development. Find all eight books in the series here.

Common Core Skills and Strategies for Reading Level 3

Saddleback Educational Publishing
- Publisher
VITAL 372.4 Com
Series: Common Core Skills and Strategies for Reading

130 reproducible lessons individually aligned to the CCSS—each lesson contains a discrete alignment at the bottom of the page, a scope and sequence chart, and an answer key. Find Levels 3–8 here.

Journey to Success Level 2
VITAL 428.4 Jou
Series: Journey to Success

The Journey to Success series builds adult learners' skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. The easy-to-follow lessons feature a variety of contextualized nonfiction and fiction reading passages. Find the Journey to Success Level 2 teacher's guide here.

Practical Reading 1

Elliott Quinley
VITAL 428.43 Pra
Series: Reading in Context

The reading in context lessons (16 in each work text) feature a two-page reading selection followed by four pages of correlated exercises.

Reading Fiction 1

Stephen Feinstein
VITAL 428.43 Rea
Series: Reading in Context

Content includes lessons on elements of fiction, novels, short stories, and narrative poetry.

Reading for Survival in Today's Society

Elsa Woods, Beverly Lancaster
VITAL 372.43 Woo

Combat functional illiteracy with real-life materials such as ads, signs, schedules, contracts, and applications in ready-to-reproduce form. The new second edition deals with everyday issues from finding a job to dealing with the government. 

Reading and Learning: a Handbook for Adults

Pat Campbell
VITAL 428.4 Cam

This handbook uses illustrations and easy-to-read text to explain how students can become better readers. Students will also learn about the factors that contribute to reading difficulties. 

Reading Nonfiction 1

Stephen Feinstein
VITAL 428.43 Rea
Series: Reading in Context

Content includes lessons on biographies and autobiographies, science and technology, history and geography, and historical speeches. 

Real-World Reading 1

Bonnye Wier Cavazos
VITAL 428.4 Cav

Real-World Reading 1 offers strategies for reading various types of print materials found in the real world. 

Voyager: Reading and Writing for Today's Adults: Foundation
VITAL 428.4 Voy
Series: Voyager: Reading and Writing for Today's Adults

A four-stage program that utilizes contemporary content and instructional approaches to teach the reading, writing, critical thinking, and communication skills that adults need in today's world. 

Teaching Adults: a Literacy Resource Book

Terrie Lipke
VITAL 374.0124 Tea

This go-to guide for adult literacy tutors and teachers offers essential background on characteristics of adult learners and advice on how to meet the diverse needs of learners.

Teaching Beginning Readers

Pat Campbell
VITAL 428.4 Cam

The primary focus of this manual is dedicated to describing instructional activities, many of which are geared towards educators who work in a one-to-one tutoring situation, however, the activities can be modified for classroom instruction. 

TUTOR: a Collaborative Approach to Literacy Instruction

Judy Cheatham, Ruth Colvin, Lester L. Laminack
VITAL 372.0124 Che

This is an essential resource for new tutors who want to be successful and effective teachers for adult learners.