Citizenship Preparation

Citizenship Preparation

Do you have what it takes to pass a United States citizenship test? If you are new to the United States, or want to brush up on your knowledge, these books are for you! Learn about the process for becoming a U.S. citizen and review American history and civics core concepts.

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Compiled by:
Bethany Turrentine
American Government: Congress

John Perritano
LIBERTY 328.73 Per

Congress has a specific role in U.S. government. But what is it? How does it work? And how can you get involved? This handbook illustrates all aspects of the lawmaking branch. (Intermediate level)

American Government: Foundations

John Perritano
LIBERTY 320.4 Per

Foundations explains the beginnings of the American political system, including historical background. Chapters introduce the concepts of a federal republic, with relevant and engaging and graphics. (Intermediate level)

American Government: Office of the President

John Perritano
LIBERTY 352.23 Per

This short handbook details the specific jobs of the president, including chief of state, chief executive, and commander-in-chief, plus the role of the president's cabinet and the limited powers of the office. (Intermediate level)

American Government: Political Parties

John Perritano
LIBERTY 324.273 Per

Political Parties are not mentioned in the Constitution. How did they come about? Why are they important? This handbook examines the two-party system in the U.S. and how it evolved. (Intermediate level)

American Government: Supreme Court

John Perritano
LIBERTY 347.7326 Per

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial court in the U.S. It has the final say on whether laws violate the Constitution. This handbook defines the role of the court and how it is essential to the rule of law. (Intermediate level)

American History 1: Discovery—1877

Saddleback Educational Publishing
VITAL 973 Ame

Discover early American history with this workbook that includes short reading passages, maps, graphics, and primary sources excerpts to explain historical facts, concepts and ideas. (Intermediate level)

American History 2: 1870—The Obama Presidency

Saddleback Educational Publishing
VITAL 973 Ame

Explore American history with this workbook that includes short reading passages, maps, graphics, and primary sources excerpts to explain historical facts, concepts and ideas. (Intermediate Level)


John Perritano
VITAL 323.623 Per

A brief introduction to American citizenship for new immigrants; part of the Welcome Newcomers series. (Beginning level)

Citizenship Passing the Test: Civics and Literacy

Lynne Weintraub
LIBERTY 323.623 Wei

Teaches students words that must be pronounced correctly in spoken answer, words key to recognizing and understanding oral civics questions, words found on the official spelling list are identified, students can review the official USCIS test questions. Book + CD. (Intermediate Level)

Citizenship Passing the Test: Literacy Skills

Lynne Weintraub
VITAL 323.623 Wei

Essential topics and key points covered by the 128 USCIS civics study questions. Teaches sounds and names of letters, simple spelling patterns and sight word recognition, and modified dictation writing activities. Book + CD. (Beginner Level)

Citizenship Passing the Test: Ready for the Interview

Lynne Weintraub
LIBERTY 323.623 Wei

Details on how to prepare for various interview situations and answer questions from the N-400 application; vocabulary and communication skills are reinforced. Book + CD. (Intermediate Level)

The Great American Citizenship Quiz

Solomon Skolnick
VITAL 323.623 Sko

Provides the core questions and answers about our history that anyone seeking citizenship needs to know—plus much more. (Advanced level)

Immigration Made Simple: An Easy-to-Read Guide to the U.S. Immigration Process

Barbara Brooks Kimmel, Alan M. Lubiner
342.082 Kim

Everything you need to know about U.S. immigration rules and regulations. (Advanced Level)

New American

P. J. Gray
VITAL 323.623 Gra

The story of a French woman becoming a US citizen with definitions and tips; part of the Welcome Newcomers series. (Beginning level)

Pass the New Citizenship Test (Third Edition)

Angelo Tropea
VITAL 323.623 Tro

Includes 100 civics questions and answers, reading and writing, 100 civics cards for practice, and link to free online 100 civics cards with audio. (Intermediate Level)

U.S. Immigration Made Easy

Ilona M. Bray
342.082 Bra

Avoid traps that might destroy your chances of navigating the US immigration system with this comprehensive guide. Includes detailed descriptions of application processes and an immigration eligibility self-quiz, which helps match your background and skills to a likely category of visa or green card. (Advanced Level)

Voices of Freedom: English and Civics for U.S. Citizenship

Bill Bliss
LIBERTY 320.473 Bli

Prepares students for the civics and English requirements of the new U.S. citizenship test; also serves as a basic course for students enrolled in adult EL/Civics programs. Book + CD. (Intermediate level)