"Predictable books are those which, by virtue of the book's pattern, children can successfully anticipate the next word or next sentence. Their predictability encourages participation and engages children's minds. Often, these books make heavy use of rhyme or repetition." - Ready for Reading (Juvenile Parent/Teacher Resource Room - J 372.58 Bi)

Compiled by:
Children's Services Staff
Chain or Circular Stories
Beautiful Bananas

Elizabeth Laird
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej La)

On her way to her grandfather's house with a bunch of bananas, Beatrice has a series of mishaps with jungle animals who each substitute something new for what she is carrying. 

Because Amelia Smiled

David Ezra Stein
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ste)

A little girl's smile as she skips down the street in New York inspires a neighbor to send cookies to her grandson in Mexico, and the goodwill soon spreads around the world.


Don't Slam the Door!

Dori Chaconas
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Cha)

A cumulative, rhyming tale of a slamming door which wakes a cat, setting into motion an absurd chain of events and resulting in chaos. 

Higher! Higher!

Leslie Patricelli
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Pat)

One child. One swing. An obliging dad. The inevitable plea to go "Higher! Higher!" Add Leslie Patricelli's wildly expressive illustrations, and an everyday pastime reaches new heights of humor and whimsy. How high can it go? Higher than a giraffe? Taller than a mountain? Is Earth the final frontier? The creator of a popular series of board books rises to the occasion with an ingenious picture book of very few words that expresses the giddy glee of being pushed in a swing. 

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

Laura Joffe Numeroff
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Nu)

Chaos can ensue if you give a moose a muffin and start him on a cycle of urgent requests.

The Mitten

Jan Brett
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 Mitten Bre)

One by one, animals in a snowy forest crawl into Nicki's lost white mitten to get warm until the bear sneezes, sending the animals flying up and out of the mitten.

Red Sled

Patricia Thomas
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Tho)

 A boy and his father lift one another's spirits by going sledding on a winter's night.    

Round the Garden

Omri Glaser
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Gl)

Traces the journey of a tear as it falls to the ground, evaporates, reappears as rain, and waters a garden to make an onion grow to produce more tears.     

The Stonecutter

(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 Stonecutter Dem)

A stonecutter wants to be everything he is not and has to learn the hard way that what he really wants to be is exactly who he is.     

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears : a West African Tale

Verna Aardema
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 Why Mosquitoes Aar)

Reveals the meaning of the mosquito's buzz.

Cumulative Stories
The Apple Pie That Papa Baked

Lauren Thompson
(Juvenile Picture Book -- Ej Tho)

When a doting father decides to make an apple pie for his beloved daughter, an enjoyable day is had by all, including the hungry farm animals who hover nearby in the hopes of getting a slice of the pie.

The Bag I'm Taking To Grandma's

Shirley Neitzel
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ne)

In cumulative verses and rebuses a young boy and his mother have different views on how to pack a bag for a trip to Grandma's.

Hattie and the Fox

Mem Fox
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Fo)

Hattie, a big black hen, discovers a fox in the bushes, which creates varying reactions in the other barnyard animals.

Jack's Garden

Henry Cole
(Juvenile Picture Books Nonfiction - Ej 635 Co)

Cumulative text and illustrations depict what happens in Jack's garden after he plants his seeds.   

Mr. Gumpy's Outing

John Burningham
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Bu)

Mr. Gumpy accepts more and more riders on his boat until the inevitable occurs.

The Squeaky Door

Margaret Read Macdonald
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 Sqeaky Door Mac)


When Little Boy is frightened by a squeaky bedroom door, his grandmother brings in various animals to help him feel secure enough to sleep. 

Too Much Noise

Ann McGovern
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 It Could Mcg)

Peter complains his house is too noisy so the wise man advises him to obtain some rather unusual house guests.

What Did You Put In Your Pocket?

Beatrice Schenk de Regniers
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej De)

Two groups of animals tell each other about the food and other things that they put in their pockets.

William's Winter Nap

Linda Ashman
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ash)

A cozy winter bedtime story, featuring a boy and animal characters, that touches on the concept of hibernation

Repetition and Pattern Stories
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Bill Martin
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ma)

Children see a variety of animals, each one a different color, and a teacher looking at them.    

Good Night, Gorilla

Peggy Rathmann
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ra)

An unobservant zookeeper is followed home by all the animals he thinks he has left behind in the zoo.    

Goodnight Moon

Margaret Wise Brown
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Br)

A little bunny bids goodnight to all the objects in his room before falling asleep.   

Have You Seen My Duckling?

Nancy Tafuri
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ta)

A mother duck leads her brood around the pond as she searches for one missing duckling.    

I Kissed the Baby!

Mary Murphy
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Mu)

Various animals tell how they saw, fed, sang to, tickled, and kissed the new duckling.  

I Went Walking

Sue Williams
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Wi)

During the course of a walk, a young boy identifies animals of different colors.     

Is Everyone Ready For Fun?

Jan Thomas
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Tho)

Chicken's cow visitors try to jump, dance, and wiggle on his couch, which is much too tiny for such exuberant activities.     

The Little Red Hen

Paul Galdone
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 Lit Gal)

The little red hen finds none of her lazy friends willing to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour, but all are eager to eat the cake she makes from it.  

Moo Moo, Brown Cow

Jakki Wood
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej 510 Wo)

Readers learn about numbers and colors as a lively kitten visits the barnyard asking mother animals about their babies. 

Owl Babies

Martin Waddell
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Wa)

Three owl babies whose mother has gone out in the night try to stay calm while she is gone.     

The Three Bears

Paul Galdone
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 Three Bears Gal)

Three bears return from a walk and find a little girl asleep in baby bear's bed. 

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Paul Galdone
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 Three Billy Goats Gruff Gal)

Three clever billy goats outwit a big ugly troll that lives under the bridge they must cross on their way up the mountain.

What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

Steve Jenkins & Robin Page
(Juvenile Picture Books Nonfiction - Ej 573.87 Je)
Who Took the Farmer's Hat?

Joan L. Nodset
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej No)
Wiggle, Waggle

Jonathan London
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Lo)

Describes how various animals walk, from the wiggle waggle of a duck to the boing, boing, boing of a kangaroo.