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Counsel in the Court

AddressJustice Building
301 North College Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47404-3843

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Law students who conduct interviews and do forms for people for family law. A lawyer oversees the work, double checks the forms, and gives advice to walk-in clients. People who want help should bring all documents they have connected with their legal problem for maximum efficiency

ContactDiane Walker (Program Director)
dist10probono [at]
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Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) - Monroe County

AddressMonroe County Division of Family Resources
1711 N College Avenue, Suite 101
Bloomington, IN 47404

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The Monroe County Division of Family and Children Division of Family Resources: receives applications and approves eligibility for Medicaid, Food Stamps, cash assistance via Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and childcare.

Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning: Administers Medicaid programs including the managed care system for Hoosier Healthwise participants. Performs medical review of Medicaid disability claims.

Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services: Manages the delivery of services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Oversees the First Steps rehabilitation program for children from birth to age three.

Division of Mental Health and Addiction: Support network of mental health care providers.

Additional Contact1-800-403-0864
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Family Readiness Group Headquarters

Address3380 S. Walnut St.

Bloomington, IN 47401

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The Family Readiness Group is led by volunteers along with the Commander and the core values of the Indiana Army National Guard will provide support, comfort, and inspiration to military members and their families.

ContactLinda Hubbard (Chairperson)
lindah587425 [at]
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Family Solutions

Address1180 S Liberty Drive Suite 120
Bloomington, in 47403

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Family Solutions is a private, not-for profit community based agency developed to provide counseling and supportive services to children and families who are at-risk for experiencing out of home placement or have had children removed from the home

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Indiana Department of Child Services

Address1783 W. 3rd Street
Bloomington, IN 47404

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The Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) protects children from abuse and neglect. DCS does this by partnering with families and communities to provide safe, nurturing, and stable homes, with the hopes that children will thrive from safe, caring, supportive families and communities. Child Protection Services (24 hrs hotline) 812-336-6641 National hotline 1-800-800-5556

ContactSteven Vaughn (Director of Local DCS Office in Monroe County)
steven.vaughn [at]
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Indiana National Guard Family Programs

Address2002 South Holt Road
Indianapolis, IN 46241

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Family Assistance Centers are established in times of contingency call-up, mobilization, and large-scale deployment to provide support and assistance to service members and their families.

ContactMargaret Amos
mrgaret.amos [at]
812-847-9894 ext. 21
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Monroe County CASA, Inc.

Address201 N. Morton Street
Bloomington,, IN 47404

Monroe County CASA, Inc. is a non-profit organization that recruits, trains and supervises court appointed volunteers to advocate for children who are involved in the court system due to abuse or neglect. Volunteer advocacy is based on the belief that all children are entitled to a safe and permanent home.

ContactKristin Bishay (CASA Director)
info [at]
Additional Contact1-800-800-5556
Year Established1983
Incorporation StatusIncorporated
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Safe Families For Children

AddressP.O. Box 3174
Bloomington, IN 47402

 Through Safe Families for Children, a parent can arrange for their child to stay with a screened, trained, and supervised volunteer family while they are in a crisis. Volunteer host families open up their homes to care for the child while the parent is connected with resources to get back on their feet. Loss of housing, hospitalization, unemployment, and lack of family support are among the many reasons parents decide to use Safe Families. The placing parent maintains full custody. We are committed to reuniting families as soon as possible.

Safe Families' objectives are to prevent child abuse and neglect, deflect children from entering the child welfare system, and support and stabilize families. This is accomplished through the extended family-like support of our host families.

ContactMeghan Garcia
mgarcia [at]
Year Established2014
Incorporation StatusExempt
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Susie’s Place Child Advocacy Center

Address365 S Parkridge Drive
Bloomington, IN 47404

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At Susie’s Place Child Advocacy Center, we play a critical role in the investigation of child abuse and neglect.

We provide forensic interviews for children in a child-friendly center for the investigation of alleged crimes against children

ContactLynn Clinton
lynn [at]
Additional Contact 812-822-1570
Year Established2009
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Villages of Indiana, Inc.

Address2405 N. Smith Pike
Bloomington, IN 47404

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The Villages, Indiana's largest not-for-profit child and family services agency, serves over 1,200 children and their families each day. Their vision is that every child will flourish in a healthy, nurturing, self-sufficient family and are committed to finding every child a safe, permanent and nurturing home.

ContactThe Villages in South Central Indiana (Region 2)
Additional ContactToll Free number
Incorporation StatusIncorporated
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