Games for Kids

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What are your favorite games to play on the Web? In addition to Tumblebooks, here are some of our top picks...


All Kinds of Fun

  • Discovery Kids - Games
    Fun facts, cool videos and creative games about science and animals for kids K-8.
  • Funbrain
    Brainy games and some just for fun, for kids in pre-K through grade 8.
  • PBS Kids: Games
    Variety of games for pre-K and older kids.
  • Professor Garfield 
    Comics, music, art and other activities for kids K-8.

Be Creative

Reading Games on the Web

  • Catch It! from BrainPop Jr.
    Grab the words that rhyme with the word "go."
  • Wacky Web Tales
    You provide the words to create your own funny story.

More Fun Reading Games ...



Games for Preschoolers


Games for School-Age Children