Homework Help for Tweens


Whether you need to solve a math problem, complete an assignment, write a report, or do a presentation, these resources can help you find the right information.

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We also provide homework help for teens.


Homework Resources

eAccess for Students
Use these popular, free resources in the classroom or for independent study. 

Brainfuse HelpNow
Brainfuse HelpNow is an all-in-one suite of tutoring services designed for a wide range of academic needs—whether it’s tackling a tough homework problem, mastering a particular topic, or writing a paper. The Brainfuse full-service test center offers practice tests for all levels in math, reading, and writing as well as college preparatory tests, including the SAT. Live tutoring sessions are available daily 2–11 PM EST.

Research Center
See our Research Center, a resource created for Tweens, for more sources to help support youth with research or other information gathering assignments.

Writing a Book Review
See our page on Tips for Writing a Book Review for help brainstorming what to include in a book review.

Generates answers to math problems and explains how to solve them.

From the Information Please almanac, this site features its own Homework Center with resources divided by subject matter, and other useful online tools, such as atlases, conversion calculators, and more.