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New Leaf New Life

Address1010 S. Walnut, Suite H
P.O. Box 7071
Bloomington, IN 47407

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New Leaf – New Life is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization that offers services to inmates in the Monroe County Jail during incarceration and after release. Applying the philosophy of therapeutic justice, we encourage personal growth and self-advocacy, helping inmates make a successful transition back into the community and family life.

Year Established2005
Incorporation StatusIncorporated
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Project HOPE

AddressBloomington, IN

HOPE is designed to alleviate the cycle of recidivism by reducing the challenges ex-offenders face. The purpose of HOPE is to apply evidence based practices to provide services and supports that empower ex-offenders to identify and initiate a career path, achieve a recognized certificate or degree, and secure and retain employment in their chosen occupations. Through mentoring and peer support groups, participants will build a social network to help them navigate the complex challenges of returning to their communities, including reuniting with family and obtaining stable housing, physical/mental healthcare, substance abuse treatment etc... Project staff will provide wrap around services to help participants overcome barriers to completing training and securing employment.

ContactJennifer Fillmore (Project Manager)
Jennifer.fillmore [at]
812-355-6310 ext2439
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