MCPL Library card


A Monroe County Public Library card provides students with free access to top-quality online resources. eLibrary resources can be used to help with homework assignments or support independent learning.

For access to all eLibrary resources get an MCPL library card.


Grades K–6

From encyclopedias, eBooks, and information about world cultures, to animated picture books and audiobooks—outstanding, relevant resources are at your fingertips. The Library provides online resources for age-appropriate reading and reference materials. Access to text, video, audio, and animated picture books means different learning styles are accommodated. Some resources include translation features to support the needs of English-language learners.


Grades 7–12

You’re not just preparing for graduation. You’re preparing for college, the job market, and self-sufficiency. The high-quality reference and learning resources available through the Library allow you to learn the critical skills needed for living, learning, and working in the 21st century.



Grades K–6:

Angelica Candelaria
Children’s Services Manager––Downtown Library
acandelaria [at] (subject: eLibrary%20Access%20for%20Schools)

Grades 7–12:

Sam Ott
Teen Services Manager––Downtown Library
sott [at] (subject: eLibrary%20Access%20for%20Schools)