Food to Eat From a Human Skull

Cooking Zines

Cooking Zines

Looking to change up your cooking routine? Add some new recipes to the ol’ repertoire? Some new culinary delights would be nice! You could turn to a conventional cookbook, but you’re likely to only find conventional foods there. No, what you need is something a little more cutting edge, a shake up in your giddy-up, some unconventional food for these unconventional times; what better place to look for this than in that most unconventional format: zines!

Vegan Pho : a recipe
Phở, the delicious Vietnamese soup, has a umami depth of flavor that is usually achieved with meat, and veg/vegan options often are not as rich. But, fear not non-meat-eaters of the world, Juli Jump Rope has a recipe to make this noodle dish with out pho-ail! 

Food to eat from a human skull
Travelkid delights in this handwritten zine of vegan recipes. Including iconic recipes such as “Weer Baffles” to make after a heavy drinking or a “Condom Mint Sandwich” of bread and vegenaise, these recipes are sure to saturate the mind and body.

Comestible summer 2016

Grow, Explore, Eat: More than just a cookbook this zine is organized around these three concepts and includes articles on the process of growing food and processing it, and how different factors impact this process. The final section includes a variety of delightful recipes! 

The Best of Vegetables From Amish and Mennonite Kitchens

In this short but full anthology, vegetarian recipes such as “Crispy Topped Cheese Potatoes” and “Candied Sweet Potatoes” are bound to satisfy.

Bananarchy now! : the further vegetarian adventures of SoyBoi and friends 

Join Milo and friends as they explore unique and interesting vegetarian and vegan recipes! Including such things as “Banana Soup”, “Block Rockin’ Beets”, “Paneer Fritters”, and, our personal favorite, “Emily D’s Red Lentil Lunch for Librarians.” These recipes are all relatively simple, with easy instructions on how to prepare and cook - so please, pick up this zine and enjoy new recipes today!

Check out a cooking zine today! Maybe you’ll be inspired for your next great culinary masterpiece. It's always awesome to discover a new and delicious recipe!